Phosphorous in Grand Lake St. Marys


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Grand Lake St. Marys and the phosphorous problem.
Presented at the Ohio Academy of Sciences, 2012.

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Phosphorous in Grand Lake St. Marys

  1. 1. Lake Improvement AssociationThe purpose of the Lake ImprovementAssociation is to promote closer fellowship andcooperation among farmers, landing ownersand park operators; to advance the generalimprovement of the lake, its shores, channels,creeks, landings, parks and land in order topromote good health, soil stability, and clean,wholesome recreation for the public andprivate use of the area adjacent to the shores ofthe Grand Lake St. Marys, located in Mercerand Auglaize counties in the State of Ohio.
  2. 2. GLSM has a problem…Too much phosphorus! 2
  3. 3. Grand Lake St. Marys Current Condition GLSM is very hypereutrophic : Hypereutrophic is defined by having Total Phosphorus (TP) > 100 mg/L Chlorophyll a (Chl) > 50 mg/L GLSM has summer TP that ranges from TP ~ 170 to 200 mg/L GLSM has Chl that can reach Chl ~ 250 mg/L 3
  4. 4. Sources of Phosphorus to GLSMExternal P Sources Include: Agricultural Landscape All land-uses including yards Infrastructure – roads/builds/homes Wildlife Streams and Rivers Atmosphere GroundwaterInternal P Sources Lake Sediments Lake Biota – fish, algae, plants, waterfowl 4
  5. 5. Ecological Sustainability of GLSM is DependentUpon External Phosphorus Load Reduction andContinued Management 6
  6. 6. Grand Lake/Wabash Watershed
  7. 7. Commission Members/Agency AffiliationTom Knapke-Facilitator Julie Miller-Auglaize/Mercer CVBKevin Bettinger-Ag Milt Miller-LDCKent Bryan-Celina Com. Dev. Ron Puthoff-Community Dev. ServicesJared Ebbing-Mercer Cty. Economic Tom Rampe-LIADev. Greg Schumm-LDC & WSU-LakeTodd Fleagle-St. Marys Economic Dev. CampusScott Fries-TruePoint Doug Spencer-Auglaize Cty. CommissionerTom Hitchcock-St. Marys Service Dir. Mike Sudman-Celina Water TreatmentGlenn Hux-Mercer Cty Civic PlantFoundation Jeff Vossler-LIABill Knapke-Cooper Farms Laura Walker-Grand Lake/WabashTim Lovett-LIA WatershedLinda May-Bruns Realty Jerry Will-Mercer Cty Pork ProducersBrian Miller-Grand Lake St. Marys Darwin Zeigler-St. Marys CommunityState Park Foundation
  8. 8. Collaboration of Public/Private Data Collection & Testing of Water QualityUniversities Company Partners Wright State University Battelle Institute Lake Campus Mad Scientists Heidleberg University KCI Ohio Northern University Bowling Green State University University of Dayton
  9. 9. Testing
  10. 10. Implementations1. Alum application 2. Dredging
  11. 11. Implementations3. Alternative and Beneficial Uses of Organic Waste ~ Create economic incentives to attract private investment & development4. Treatment Train Establishment &Monitoring Stations
  12. 12. Implementations5. Rough Fish Removal 6. Micro Nutrient Modification
  13. 13. Implementations7. Aeration & Circulation 8. Water Level Management ~ Sediment Collectors and Spillway Tubes
  14. 14. Prairie CreekTreatment PlanProject
  15. 15. Barnes CreekSediment Collectorinstalled in Barnes Creekon January, 12, 2011.
  16. 16. Southmoor Shores Airy Gator
  17. 17. Floating Wetland PlantingsSpearheaded by Grand Lake/Wabash Watershed
  18. 18. Over 5,000 floating wetlandplantings will be supplied and managed by volunteers in 2011!
  19. 19. Dredging on Grand Lake St. Marys
  20. 20. Rough Fish RemovalLocal Carp DerbyArrangements for fish disposalFirst tournament was held in June
  21. 21. Alum Treatment Project
  22. 22. FINANCIALS
  23. 23. Grants LeveragedEPA 319 (2010 $577,000, 2011 $500,000)SWIF ($60,000)ODA / USDA ($100,000)OEPA/ODNR--$5 million for Alum treatment
  24. 24. EXPENSES (as of 12/31/2010)Dollars Spent $468,583 Equipment 355,693 Infrastructure 47,153 Scientists/Consultants 65,142 Fundraising Costs 595
  25. 25. INCOME (as of 12/31/2010)Cash on Hand $ 44,652Pledges 146,000 Total Donated 659,235 In-Kind Donations 11,500 Grants Received 634,000Total to Benefit GLSM $1,304,735
  26. 26. Public Awareness Campaign