LaMP: Rare Coastal Wetlands on Lake Erie


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Rare Coastal Wetlands on Lake Erie

Lake Erie Management Plan Public Forum 2009

Dr. James K. Bissell
Director of Conservation

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LaMP: Rare Coastal Wetlands on Lake Erie

  1. 1. Rare Coastal Wetlands on Lake Erie Lake Erie Management Plan Public Forum 2009 Dr. James K. Bissell Director of Conservation
  2. 2. Dead Pond at Presque Isle State Park Mixed Emergent Marsh Restored through removal of reed grass (Phragmites australis) Twig rush
  3. 3. Great Lakes Greater Bur-reed Marsh Historically dominated all native emergent coastal marshes along Lake Erie.
  4. 4. Greater bur-reed (Sparganium eurycarpum)
  5. 5. Black Tern The probability for Black Terns to nest within a marsh is 80% higher in bur-reed compared to cattail.
  6. 6. One of the most serious threats to Lake Erie Marshes Narrow-leaf Cattail
  7. 7. Purple loosestrife another serious threat
  8. 8. Pickerelweed/Bur-reed Emergent Marsh free of invasive plants at Big Pond, Presque Isle.
  9. 9. High Quality Lake Erie Marsh Presque Isle State Park
  10. 10. Leafy tussock sedge at Dupont Marsh
  11. 11. Palustrine Sand Plain Communities are absent from protected bay shores and inland pond shores during years with very high lake levels such as 1973, 1985, 1986 and 1997.
  12. 12. Presque Isle State Park, PA Pond 16 in 1986 Volunteers removing reed grass at Pond 16 in 1995
  13. 13. Palustrine Sand Plain below was covered by 2 ft. of water in 1986. Smith’s bulrush East Harbor State Park 1988 Presque Isle 1988
  14. 14. Low umbrella-sedge One of several rare species that emerges along Sandusky Bay and Presque Isle when Lake Erie drops.
  15. 15. Wapato Least spikerush Two PA Endangered species, least spikerush and wapato, found for the first time at Presque Isle during the very low lake levels of 2000 and 2001.
  16. 16. Bushy cinquefoil Endangered in Ohio and PA.
  17. 17. Restoration of River Floodplain through Canary Grass control Canary Grass is a serious threat to both coastal wetlands and all tributary rivers entering Lake Erie. (lower Ashtabula River)
  18. 18. Common Reed Grass (Phragmites)
  19. 19. Mentor Marsh Restoration
  20. 20. Mentor Marsh Restoration efforts between 2003 and 2009 has provided one of the more important migratory stopover sites for several species of rare sparrows.
  21. 21. LeConte’s Sparrow
  22. 22. Nelson’s Sharp- tailed Sparrow
  23. 23. Wheeler Creek Marsh at Geneva State Park
  24. 24. Erie Bluffs State Park Seepage Wetland