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OEC Webinar: Air Quality & Your Health (Part 1) - David Celebrezze


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OEC Webinar: Air Quality & Your Health (Part 1) - David Celebrezze

  1. 1. Air Quality & Your HealthSession IJune 21, 2013Thank you for joining us. We will begin in a moment.Please check your speakers/phone connection.If you experience any problems, please let us knowby typing in the chat box.Follow the OEC on Twitter: @OhioEnviro.The hashtag for this webinar is #OECwebinar
  2. 2. David R. CelebrezzeDir. of Air & Water Special ProjectsOhio Environmental CouncilErica FettyEnvironmental SpecialistOhio EPASarah VanderWielenMeteorologistOhio EPAAir Quality & Your HealthSession IJune 21, 2013David Stukus, MDAssistant Professor of PediatricsSection of Allergy and ImmunologyNationwide Children’s HospitalEvelyn EbertAir Quality Program CoordinatorMORPC
  3. 3. Agenda-Session I 10:30-10:40 Welcome/intro (OEC) 10:40-10:45 What is ozone and PM2.5 pollution? (David R.Celebrezze, OEC) 10:45-11:15 Where does it come from and how is it tracked?(Sarah VanderWielen, Erica Fetty, Ohio EPA) 11:15-11:45 What are the health implications? (Dr. DavidStukus, MD) 11:45-12:15 What are air quality alerts, what do they mean,and how are they determined? (Evelyn Ebert, MORPC) 12:15-12:30 questions and answers
  4. 4. Agenda-Session II (June 28, 2013) 10:30-10:40 Welcome/intro (OEC) 10:40-11:00 Air Quality impact on the environment (OEC) 11:00-11:45 Air Quality and the federal government(American Lung Association of the Midland States) 11:45-12:15 What you can do to reduce pollution 12:15-12:30 Questions and answers
  5. 5. Ohio Environmental CouncilThe OEC is the Ohio’s most comprehensive, effective andrespected environmental advocate for a healthier, moresustainable Ohio.Our experts work daily to restore, protect, and strengthen thequality of life for families and communities—from the air webreathe and the water we drink to the food we eat and naturalresources we enjoy.Please join us! OEC members: Receive great benefits Become part of the community working to restore, protect, andstrengthen the quality of life for families and communities inOhio.Become a member today at
  6. 6. What is ozone pollution?Nitrogen oxides (NOx) + VolatileOrganic Compounds (VOCs) + hot,long summer sun= ozone pollution.
  7. 7. What is PM 2.5 pollution?"Particulate matter," also known asparticle pollution or PM, is a complexmixture of extremely small particlesand liquid droplets.Particle pollution is made up of anumber of components, includingacids (such as nitrates and sulfates),organic chemicals, metals, and soil ordust particles. US EPA
  8. 8. What is PM 2.5 pollution?Can occur year-roundCan be blown for dozens orhundreds of miles.Ex. puff of exhaust from a diesel truck inLA can end up over the Grand Canyon.Smog, including PM 2.5obscures the SmokyMountains
  9. 9. What is PM 2.5 pollution?Particulate matter 2.5 micrometers indiameter.
  10. 10. Where does it come from and how is it tracked?Erica FettyEnvironmental SpecialistOhio EPASarah VanderWielenMeteorologistOhio EPA
  11. 11. What are the health implications?Dr. David Stukus, MDAssistant Professor of PediatricsSection of Allergy and ImmunologyNationwide Childrens Hospital
  12. 12. What are the air quality alerts, what do they meanand how are they determined?Evelyn EbertAir Quality Program CoordinatorMid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
  13. 13. Questions and Answers!
  14. 14. EvaluationsPlease take a moment to give us your thoughts viathe evaluations. Our funding depends on it, and wewant to know what went well and what can beimproved.