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Ohio Osteopathic Association | 2013 MENTOR HOF


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Eighteen physicians were inducted, May 18, 2013, into the new OOA Mentor Hall of Fame.

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Ohio Osteopathic Association | 2013 MENTOR HOF

  1. 1. CAREERS IN OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE:The OOA is proud to induct its firstclass into the Mentor Hall of Fameand announce the recipient of theGeorge L. Eckert, Jr., DO, Mentor ofthe Year award.Mentor & Networking ReceptionSaturday, May18, 2013 • 6:15-8:30 pmColumbus Hilton at EastonRegent Ballroom
  2. 2. John R. Alway, DODayton • Otolaryncology – Facial Plastic SurgeryDr. Alway has been my key mentor…supporting meand making graduation a reality. He has organizedrotations at other prestigious institutions to fill insome weaker points in our specific programs. Theseinstitutions are so impressed with the quality of theENT training program that Dr. Alway has built.
  3. 3. Gregory P. Bloxdorf, DOCleveland • Family MedicineIn all of the years that I have been at St. John’s there isno single person who has devoted more effort to thestudents, interns, and residents than Dr. Bloxdorf. Heis my role model for how an Emergency Departmentphysician should be.
  4. 4. Joni S. Canby, DOYoungstown • Obstetrics & GynecologyShe is the perfect role model for a compassionate,knowledgeable, and professional doctor. From my one-month rotation with her, I amassed as muchinformation as I learned in my previous five monthscombined. Not only did she teach me techniques,procedures and surgeries, but she taught me empathy,compassion and the business of medicine.
  5. 5. Constance P. Cashen, DOToledo • General SurgeryDr. Cashen models not only exemplary medical careand decision-making, but also excellent bedsidemanner and patient care. She is trusted by hercolleagues, loved by her patients, and looked up to byher residents.
  6. 6. Richard M. Garwood, DOCleveland • Family MedicineDr. Garwood has been a team player ever since hisdays playing basketball at Catholic University inWashington, DC. This fact is important as itillustrates how he continues to emphasize theimportance of team as a cardinal rule in our FamilyMedicine residency.
  7. 7. Byan T. Grischow, DOColumbus • General SurgeryDr. Grischow is brilliant, highly proficient, andconfident. He treats every patient as a family member.He gave me his time and uninterrupted attention, andwas readily available for patient case discussions andacademic principles. He has had a major influence onme, helping to clarify my vision to become a surgeon.
  8. 8. Dennis E. Kane, DOCleveland • AnesthesiologyI was able to turn to Dr. Kane for advice, direction,and career opportunities. He patiently listened,questioned my career goals, and ultimately directedme towards a career in radiology (not his specialty).His slogan “My door is always open” is proof that heis available for all students and residents.
  9. 9. Louis D. Leone, DOChardon • Family Medicine/Sports MedicineAs a clinician, Dr. Leone demonstrates compassionwhile working with learners, staff, and mostimportantly, patients. He is encouraging to learners atall levels. He is caring, respectful, and thoughtful. Heis the very definition of integrity.
  10. 10. Andrew C. Liu, DOCleveland • Pulmonology / Critical CareDr. Liu’s scope of training is outstanding and heexpects nothing less of his residents and students. Heis an amazing physician who cares about each personhe teaches.
  11. 11. Eric E. Mast, DOSandusky • Family MedicineHis passion for teaching comes across in everything hedoes. He is a constant advocate for osteopathicprinciples and manipulative techniques. He challengesstudents (one of his favorite phrases is “Let me playdevil’s advocate”) and teaches them the finer points ofpatient care.
  12. 12. Ronald J. Russ, DOHudson • Family MedicineDr. Russ believes in a hands-on approach tolearning…he would allow me to diagnose, discusstreatment plans and perform OMM. He models asuccessful work/family balance and is active in thecommunity, coaching sports and offering a free sportsphysical program every year.
  13. 13. Dawn L. Sammons, DOAthens • DermatologyDr. Sammons’ passion for dermatology is infectious.During my first year of medical school, she gave acrash course in skin disease during our Infection andImmunity block. I felt inspired by her enthusiasm andpassion about her field. It gave me hope that I, too,would feel the same way some day.
  14. 14. Philip A. Starr, III, DOWarren • Family MedicineDr. Starr has shown an abundance of compassion andfriendship not only to his patients, but also to theresidents, students, and staff. He is a wizard at OMMand encourages it in clinic in order to ensure patientsexperience the highest standard of care.
  15. 15. David L. Tolentino, DOCleveland • Family MedicineHis kindness and patience display his genuineconcern…a hug, kiss or sitting to hold hands with anelderly woman who has just lost her husband are notuncommon occurrences in his clinic. I have found afriend and mentor to whom I will forever be connectedand grateful.
  16. 16. Shannon Campbell Trotter, DOColumbus • DermatologyDr. Trotter shared her passion for unifying the field ofdermatology and the osteopathic profession--includingOMM. She brings sunshine to our profession andwithout her guidance, I really do not know where Iwould be today.
  17. 17. Geraldine N. Urse, DOColumbus • Family MedicineHer perpetual thirst for knowledge, in addition topersonal and professional achievement, is inspiring.She always maintains an open-door policy. Shenurtures the concept of our residency being part of herextended family by providing encouragement, openingher home for social gatherings, and filling ourmailboxes with homemade sweet treats.
  18. 18. Michael Valle, DOCenterville • NeurologyHe is a man who takes interest in his residents toproduce not only great neurologists but greatprofessionals. He exemplifies a model physician…kind,caring, brilliant and always willing to take time tomake sure his patients understand the disease processand treatment plan.
  19. 19. Charles E. Wilkins, MDYoungstown • Internal Medicine / GeriatricsHis strong personal commitment, compassion, andunderstanding with his patients show in the trustingrelationships he has with them. Though not trained asan osteopathic physician, he understands, respects,and encourages use of OMM.