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Ft Tx Ftth Triple Play Solution Sun Ge9100


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Ft Tx Ftth Triple Play Solution Sun Ge9100

  1. 1. FTTx FTTH EPON Triple-play SolutionsEthernet + VoIP + CATV Total Solutions Ethernet + VoIP + CATV Solutions over Fiber 1SHANGHAI SUN TELECOMMUNICATION CO., LTD.E-mail: sales@suntelecommunication.cn
  2. 2. SUN Telecom’s SUN-GE9100 series OLT featured with high reliability, flexible, easy maintain. Itcan support 8 GEPON PON ports and connect 512 remote ONU mostly (by 1:64 splitter), andprovides 8 GE optical/electrical uplink interfaces. SUN-GE9100 OLT is an idea device applied toFTTB/FTTP/FTTH access solutions. SUN-GE9100-FTTx-FTTH-Triple-Play-OLTSpecifications Parameters SpecificationsSUN-GE9100-R Rack ChassisMain Card Slot Number 1PON Card Slot Number 4Fan Slot Number 1Power Module Number 2Dust Screen Number 2Dimensions: 2U, 19-inch, Depth: 41.9cmHot-swappable SupportWeight (kg) 18Working Temp. (°C) 0 ~ 50SUN-GE9100-M Main CardMain Function Layer 2 switch and managementUpstream Port Number 8Upstream Interface Type SFP 10/100/1000BASE-T orUpstream Interface Physical Type 1000BASE-SX or 1000BASE-LX 2SHANGHAI SUN TELECOMMUNICATION CO., LTD.E-mail: sales@suntelecommunication.cn
  3. 3. Function: Local management with CLILocal Management Interface (Console) Default speed: 9600bits/s Interface: RJ45Out Band Management Interface Physical Type: 10BASE-T LNK: Light on: link Up SNI Twinkle: Traffic FlowLED POWER Light On: Power is working FAN A,B,C,D: Light On: Fan is workingAlarm CRI, MAJ: Light On: Alarm is On Layer 2 Switch at Line Rate MAC Address Capacity: 16K RSTPSupported Protocols Link Aggregation (TRUNK) Port Based and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Rate limit on Broadcast and Multicast QinQSUN-GE9100-P OLT CardPON Port Number 2Size (mm) 145 (L)×253 (H)×24 (W)Weight (kg) 1 Interface Type: SFP Physical Type: 1000BASE-PX20 Ratio of Path Split: 1:64(Max); 1:32(20km)PON Port Parameters Port Speed: Symmetric 1.25Gbps Dynamic Distance Detection Precision: +/-16ns MAC Address Capacity: 4k LNK: Light On: ONU registeredLED PWR: Light On: Power is Working ONU Authentication (Based on MAC Address)Supported Protocols Downstream Encryption (AES-128) DBA 3SHANGHAI SUN TELECOMMUNICATION CO., LTD.E-mail: sales@suntelecommunication.cn
  4. 4. IGMP Proxy (IGMP v1/v2) ACLRelated ONU: SUN-GE9201 ONU SUN-GE9204 ONU SUN-GE9208 ONU SUN-GE9204R1 SUN-GE9204P2 SUN-GE9204P2R1Ordering Information: Part No. Description RemarkOLT Two 220VAC power supply, swappable fan,SUN-GE9100-R OLT Rack Chassis interchangeable dust screen, Max. support 4 SUN-GE9100-P OLT PON PanelsSUN-GE9100-M Main-board Support 8 Uplink portSUN-GE9100-P OLT PON Panel PON Card with 2 ports, without SFP ModuleSUN-GE9100-GS20D OLT SFP Module 1000Base-PX20, SC, 20KMSUN-GE9100-GE Uplink SFP Module 10/100/1000, RJ45SUN-GE9100-GS15U Uplink SFP Module 1000M, SC, 15KMSUN-GE9100-EMS Management App. Telnet, SNMPONUSUN-GE9201 1FE 100MSUN-GE9201G 1GE 1000MSUN-GE9204 4FE 4 100M PortsSUN-GE9208 8FE 8 100M PortsSUN-GE9201-FG 1FE+1GE 1 100M Port + 1 1000M Port 4SHANGHAI SUN TELECOMMUNICATION CO., LTD.E-mail: sales@suntelecommunication.cn
  5. 5. SUN-GE9204P2 Data + VoIP 4 100M Port + 2 POTS Port(VoIP), 20kmSUN-GE9204R1 Data + CATV 4 100M Port + 1 RF Port(CATV), 20km Data + VoIP + 4 100M Port + 2 POTS Port(VoIP) + 1 RF PortSUN-GE9204P2R1 CATV (CATV), 20km 5SHANGHAI SUN TELECOMMUNICATION CO., LTD.E-mail: sales@suntelecommunication.cn