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Ogunte intro feb2013


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A brief overview of Ogunte, the organisation that accelerates women social entrepreneurs. How we do it and why we do it!

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Ogunte intro feb2013

  1. 1. building a better world powered by women.  
  2. 2. Women  social  entrepreneurs  are  good  for  themselves  and  their  en7re   community,  through  an  evidenced  mul7plier  effect  of  change.  
  3. 3. // Our mission. // We  are  here  to  help  women  make     a  posi1ve  impact  on  people  and  planet     by  enabling  them  to:     learn, lead, connect
  4. 4. We  offer  prac1cal  help:   Connectors  network   DIY  coaching  kits   Media  exposure   Start-­‐up  readiness   Speaking  engagements   Leadership  development   Angels  training   Professional  coaching  
  5. 5. // What our fellows say. //  “Oguntê  are  brilliant  at  providing  opportuni2es  for   women  social  entrepreneurs,  making  a  real  impact  on   the  world  at  large.      Without  this  support,  where  would  we  be?  ”    Benita  Matofska  |  CEO  The  People  Who  Share   Winner  Women’s  Social  Leadership  Awards  2013  
  6. 6. Inves1ng  in  women     is  smart  economics.  
  7. 7. // Who we work with. // We  work  with  women  driving  posi2ve  change     whether  they  are:   •   Launching  and  growing  social  businesses   •   Leading  social  or  environmental  campaigns   •   Working  within  the  corporate  world   •   Suppor7ng  others  with  skills  or  finance     The  network  counts  6000+  individuals  and  social   organisa7ons.  
  8. 8. “My  understanding  of  the  landscape   of  finances  available  for  social   enterprise  has  increased  enormously”   “My  confidence  has  grown  ten  fold     thanks  to  Make  a  Wave”  
  9. 9. // Investment & Startup Readiness. // Make  a  Wave:  Incubator  for  Women  Social  Entrepreneurs   •   For  women  leading  seed  stage  social  enterprises     •   6  to  12  months  access  to  angels  &  finance  organisa7ons,    peers  and  pipeline  of  support   •   Knowledge,  confidence,  competences  to  pitch  &  grow   •   Crowd-­‐funding  challenge     •   Business  support  teleconferences   •   Coaching,  mentoring,  networking  and  media  opportuni7es  
  10. 10. Donna  Morton  First  Power  Canada   Winner  People’s  Vote  2012  
  11. 11. // International Awards. // Since  2007,  the  Women’s  Social  Leadership  Awards   recognise  influen7al  women  leaders,  who  offer   sustainable  solu7ons  to  pressing  social  &   environmental  issues,  can  share  their  learning,  and   evidence  their  social  impact.     To  date,  we  count  137  finalists  from  23  countries.  
  12. 12. Oguntê Activist Angels said: “I  realised  that  my  'big  corporate'  experience  is     valuable  to  small,  emergent  businesses.”   “I  learnt  that  being  an  Angel  is  some7mes  about     valida7on  and  reassurance  too!”  
  13. 13. // Angels Development. // An  Ac7vist  Angels  Leadership  Development  Programme   •  Gives  angels  direct  personal  &  leadership  development   opportuni7es,  and  exposure  to  new  business  models   that  influence  people  and  planet.   •  Supports  angels  in  co-­‐designing  their  network   •  Grows  a  pool  of  angels  who  support  women  social   entrepreneurs  in  our  network,  with  social,  knowledge   and  financial  capital.   Activist Angels
  14. 14. We  believe  open  innova7on     can  change  the  world.  
  15. 15. // The Estuarians. //  Get  access  to  the  Estuarians,  our  social  entrepreneurs  in   residence  programme.    Estuarians  are  high  impact  women  social  &  environmental   leaders  with  great  communica7on  skills.      They  provide  ac7onable  business  intelligence  through   coaching,  facilita7on,  incuba7on,  talks.    For  organisa7ons  and  professionals  across  sectors.   The Estuarians
  16. 16. We  believe  in  posi1ve  social   impact  made  by  women   Do  you?
  17. 17. // Be involved. // •  Patron  the  Incubator  (mentoring,  sponsoring,  hos7ng)   •  Be  a  leading  Women’s  Social  Leadership  Award  partner   •  Include  Estuarians  into  your  corporate  responsibility   strategy   •  Aaend  Ac7vist  Angels  programme  and  be  part  of  our   Ac7vist  Angels  council  (as  an  individual  or  a  company)   •  Help  promote  budding  Women  Social  Entrepreneurs   •  Bring  back  new  networks  and  competences  to  your  work   place  
  18. 18. Talk to you soon… Servane  Mouazan,     Founder  &  Director  Ogunte  Ltd.   MA,  MAC,  FRSA   Execu2ve  coach,  Social  Enterprise  UK  Ambassador   hap://   Contact   e:       m:  07932982379   w:     t:  @ogunte