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Ogone Mpuru Old Mutual recommendation letter


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Ogone Mpuru Old Mutual recommendation letter

  1. 1. To whom it may concern: 01 March 2016 Re: Ogone Mpuru Ogone has been part of the Old Mutual IT team in Bloemfontein as a temporary staff member since September 2015. After the initial training and on boarding phase, Ogone was ready, with minimal assistance, to execute on projects. Ogone is hardworking and ambitious. He is keen to learn new skills, as seen in his willingness to acquire additional qualifications. He is a well-spoken young man and knows what he wants from life. He is reliable and takes his responsibilities very seriously and delivers quality work. Ogone will be an asset to any team that he forms part of in the future. Regards Jaco Botha IT TEAM LEADER (EUC) CFP® Retail Affluent Operations Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA) Limited Licensed Financial Services Provider +27 (0)51 505 2175 (telephone) (email) +27 (0)82 804 0419 (cell) Licensed Financial Services Provider