Three Big Social Media Mistakes


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What are the Three Big Social Media Mistakes? Are you aware of these top social media mistakes even the pros make? Do you have a proper social media marketing plan that can help you succeed? Avoid these key blunders and achieve success with your social media today! Presented by Sanjay Dalal, Founder & CEO of oGoing, fastest growing small business social network

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  • Connect with Sanjay Dalal, Founder and CEO of oGoing at:
  • Three Big Social Media Mistakes

    1. 1. Three Big Social Media Mistakes
    2. 2. Sanjay DalalCEO / Founder oGoingConnect: Inc. 949-288-6880
    3. 3. Today’s Presentation• Understand Your Social Media Strategy & Plan• What’s Working, What’s Not and Why?• Avoid These Three Big Social Media Mistakes SOCIAL MEDIA MISTAKESOgoing Inc. 949-288-6880
    4. 4. oGoing – What’s going on?• Vision: Create the Next Generation Small Business Social Network• Mission: Best Social Networking Platform for Small Business Community• Key Milestones: • Ogoing is Live! Boost Your Small Business at: • Fastest Growing Small Business Social Network • Over 4,000 small businesses have joined since launch • Annual Purchasing Power of Ogoing small business network: $40000000 • Connect with Ogoing on: • Twitter: • Facebook: • LinkedIn: • Google+: Inc. 949-288-6880
    5. 5. Five Point Social Media StrategyFive Point Strategy1. Create a Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan! Focus2. Define S.M.A.R.T. Goals! Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely3. Learn and Listen to What Your Customers Are Saying / Doing4. Engage With Your Customers with Participative Social Media5. Evaluate and Analyze the Results versus Goals. Course correct Don’t Wander Around Like A Chicken With It’s Head Cut Off!Ogoing Inc. 949-288-6880
    6. 6. What’s Working, What’s Not and Why?What’s Working?• Great! Do More of What’s Working… Sweet SpotWhat’s Not Working?• Stop! Don’t Continue Doing. Determine the ReasonsWhy?• Analyze Why Something Worked and Something Did NotCourse Correct• Change the course often during the early going Be Nimble and Open to Change!Ogoing Inc. 949-288-6880
    7. 7. Three Big Social Media Mistakes1. Where’s the Focus? No Focus• Did you Create A Real Plan?• Time, Passion, Resources, Money• Doing Too Much? (Many Channels)• Doing Too Little? (Just A Profile!)Ogoing Inc. 949-288-6880
    8. 8. Three Big Social Media Mistakes2. Self Promotion 24 / 7• Do Not promote yourself 24 / 7• Promote your customers• Promote relevant information• Promote community causesOgoing Inc. 949-288-6880
    9. 9. Three Big Social Media Mistakes3. Lack of Engagement! One way• Social Media is a Two Way Street• Are You Asking Questions?• Are Customers Providing Feedback?• Are You Having Real Conversations?Ogoing Inc. 949-288-6880
    10. 10. Three Big Social Media Mistakes4. One More! Being Unrealistic• Social Media is NOT an End All• Be Real With Your Expectations• There are other Marketing Channels• Integrated Marketing ApproachOgoing Inc. 949-288-6880
    11. 11. Three Big Social Media Mistakes