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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Get up early and go to bed early to keep fit
  2. 2. Eat too little food or too much food
  3. 3. Take regular exercises to keep fit
  4. 4. Take a cool/cold shower to keep fit
  5. 5. Eat fast food and unhealthy food
  6. 6. Never smoke
  7. 7. Eat too many sweets
  8. 8. Clean your teeth every morning and evening
  9. 9. Eat healthy food
  10. 10. Wash your hands before you eat
  11. 11. headachestomachache
  12. 12. fair blonde dark curly straight
  13. 13. wide narrow
  14. 14. big smallstraight turned-up
  15. 15. plump thin
  16. 16. Listen to one’s chest Take one’s pulseand lungs and temperatureCough ImmediatelyTake one’s pressure Medicine for a headacheTo be broken Take a medicineBreak one’s promise Feel some painBreak the lawRegular-regularly Have a pain in …