What We Learned at CES and What Brands Have to Know – Day 2 Recap


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The 2013 International CES topped 150,000 attendees, covered 1.92 million square feet of exhibit space, unveiled 20,000 new products and showcased hundreds of speakers discussing the state of the technology industry in just four days.

But with all the hype, commotion and can-not-miss content flowing throughout the 4 day event, we wanted to find the answers to the one thing on the top of all of our minds, “What does all of this mean for my brand?”

Ogilvy & Mather broke down the 2013 International CES into bite size chunks of the most important brand takeaways and trends that you’ll find compiled within “What We Learned at CES and What Brands Have to Know – Day 2 Recap"

Co-authored by: Brandon Berger, Worldwide Chief Digital Officer and Matt Doherty, Associate Director, Global Digital Creative & Strategy

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What We Learned at CES and What Brands Have to Know – Day 2 Recap

  2. 2. BEND IT. FLEX IT. WRAP IT. TWIST IT. Flexible-display technology will cover more objects than just tablet and mobile devices moving forward. Imagine this tech covering your product. Your brands will have more addessable creative interactions than ever before.#2013CES - SAMSUNG YOUM
  3. 3. BIBBITY, BOBBITY, BOOP! What were once passive objects like your scale, juicer and vacuum cleaner are now quietly analyzing your every waking moment. These objects give us new data in behaviors and ability to reach the right audience effectively. Not to mention, new data will also make better products and services.#2013CES - WITHINGS WI-FI BODY SCALE
  4. 4. THOSE “DUH” MOMENTS We caught ourselves at CES going, “Duh. That makes sense.” Doking + Nokia have a concept tablet-auto integration. Sure it’s for auto-analytics but brands can get in here and provide a new auto-experience for the family from gameplay, content, location services, road offers, etc. Our mind was on fire.#2013CES - ZIGBEE RAPIDCONNECT
  5. 5. YOU HAVE NEW FRIENDS OUT THERE Objects in your day-to-day life can now text you via your mobile device (so yeah, it’s like when we learned about personification in 5th grade). Let’s swap in products and what we have on our hands is a new CRM opportunity with consumers that lets your brand “talk” directly to them.#2013CES - MONEUAL SMART COMMUNICATOR PLANT CARE
  6. 6. KICKSTART YOUR CREATIVE Remember that watch on Kickstarter.com that raised $10MM? Pebble announced a new watch at CES and is owning the smart watch category. We’re kind of wondering, why aren’t agencies and brands using the Kickstarter platform to tap right into a user base that can invest in the creative process?#2013CES - PEBBLE WATCH
  7. 7. CHIPS PLEAESE, HOLD THE DIP It’s all about the chip. Qualcomm’s release of the Snapdragon 800 is going to provide 75% more power. Chips like this change the type of content and services mobile devices allow us to provide. Unleash the Snapdragon!#2013CES - QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON 800
  8. 8. ANOTHER BACKEND SYSTEM? Home automation backend systems to be exact. Don’t fret! These backend systems are turnkey. They can sell your home product into multiple markets with a single connectivity solution. It’s going to make the connected home backend development process a breeze for us all.#2013CES - ZIGBEE RAPIDCONNECT
  9. 9. YOU’RE STILL PRINTING IN 2D? LOL. So 3D printing isn’t like, ya know... NEW. But MakerBot launched a “consumer friendly” 3D printer. We thought it would be a worthy checkout. This type of printing enables us to prototype for a brief, dream up new biz pitches and make something consumers can physically react to before production.#2013CES - MAKERBOT 3D PRINTING
  10. 10. “PUSHING” CRM Push notifications arent just a number. Theyre a new form of Social CRM that reminds us to take part in a mobile experience. Push notifications have become built into our lifestyle and serve as a mobile behavioral system.#2013CES - URBAN AIRSHIP