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The 7 Principles of Social Design - How to Make Content Shareable


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The 7 Principles of Social Design - How to Make Content Shareable

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by John Bell, Global Managing Director, Social@Ogilvy

Published in: Business, Technology

The 7 Principles of Social Design - How to Make Content Shareable

  1. The7PrinciplesofHowtoMakeContentShareableSocialdesignIt’s All Wordof MouthByJ ohnB e l l
  2. The7PrinciplesofHowtoMakeContentShareableSocialdesignIs the contentvaluable to the enduser in some way?Entertainment hasvalue, but so does utility.In either case, you needto understand what youraudience values ratherthan just assumingthey have an innatefascination in your brandtalking about itself.ValueExchange
  3. The7PrinciplesofHowtoMakeContentShareableSocialdesignIdeasDisruptiveWe stop to notice ideasor concepts that challengeour understanding of theway the world works. TheMuseum of Memory andTolerance in Mexico askedthe question “what iftweets that discriminatedagainst races and genderswere bullets aimed at theheart of Mexico?” A socialmedia fueled paint gunstained the word “Mexico”every time someoneposted a discriminatorytweet. This social data-driven demo shockedcitizens around the hatespeech going on aroundthem.
  4. The7PrinciplesofHowtoMakeContentShareableSocialdesignStoryGreatSo many of our decisionsare based upon emotionaldrivers, not the rationalfeatures and benefits of thelatest widget. Great storiesare not only dramatic, they arealso emotional. Our team inAmsterdam created a deeplyemotional story—for funeralinsurance, of all things—when they asked people toshare what they would wantto tell a loved one beforethey died. These stories areso emotionally touching, wewant to pass them along andreach out to our own parents,favorite aunt, or close friendto tell them how importantthey are to us.
  5. The7PrinciplesofHowtoMakeContentShareableSocialdesignFreshInterestWhat is new orinteresting about atopic? Finding that fresharea of interest when youare launching a productthat’s not as sexy as thenext Tesla Roadster isevery marketer’s job.People want news theycan share around thevending machine at workor via their Twitter handle.
  6. The7PrinciplesofHowtoMakeContentShareableSocialdesignProofSocialWhen we see othersdoing something, weare often more apt tomake that same choiceourselves. Why elsedo we have countersnext to Tweet icons orFacebook tallies thattell us how many othershave already thought thatcontent valuable enoughto share? The beauty ofFacebook advertisingis that the ads tell mewhich of my friends finda product interestingenough to “like” it.
  7. The7PrinciplesofHowtoMakeContentShareableSocialdesignI wrote a chapterin the ebook“Social@Scale.” SinceI participated andwas able to be highlycreative—those were mywords and thoughts—Iam now far more likelyto pass that contentalong. Nutella hasapplied that principleto its product label ascontent. In Belgiumand other countries,users can customize theiconic product label withtheir name in place ofthe logo and have thatproduct delivered.CreativeParticipation
  8. The7PrinciplesofHowtoMakeContentShareableSocialdesignSimpleAdvocacyWhen we make itsimple and thenactually ask people toshare, they aremorelikely to do so. Reducingthe number of buttonclicks it takes to sharea white paper is worthsweating bullets over.And don’t forget the ask.
  9. The7PrinciplesofHowtoMakeContentShareableSocialdesignLike most good suits, shareablecontent doesn’t come off the rack ready-made. But if you start weaving the fabricsof these principles together, trimminga little length here, broadening theshoulders over there, you can wind uplooking like a million bucks.
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