Smart mobility in the B2B marketplace


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The possibilities enabled by the new medium of smart mobility matches perfectly with the challenges B2B business face. Capitalizing on these opportunities, B2B brands are using smart mobility to unlock incredible business value across the entire customer lifecycle. View the presentation by Mobile@Ogilvy to learn more.

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Smart mobility in the B2B marketplace

  1. 1. Hidden in Plain Sight: How mobile is quietly revolutionizing the B2B worldJeff Stokvis Martin LangeDirector, Digital Strategy Executive Director, Digital StrategyOgil! & Mather Worldwide Ogil! & Mather WorldwideMobile@Ogil! Practice Member Mobile@Ogil! Practice Leaderjeff.stokvis@ogil!.com Mobile@Ogil! martin.lange@ogil!.com
  2. 2. #at’s new? Smart mobili$. Mobile@Ogil!
  3. 3. Smart means power. A lot of power. First Laptop, 1983 5 MHz Smartphone (Galaxy S3) 1500 MHz Today’s Laptop (Macbook Air) 1700 MHz Mobile@Ogil!
  4. 4. Smart mobili$ is becoming omnipresent. Revenue from iPhone Q4 Revenue from Apple iPhone Q4 2011: Total Microsoft Revenue 2011 Q4 2011 $24.4 $20.9 billion $24.4 billion billionSource: Business Insider, company filings, CQ4 2011 revenue. Mobile@Ogil!
  5. 5. Smart mobili$ is global 35%Nearly50% of American and Western of phones in urbanEuropeans are using smartphones China 23% of phones in urban India Mobile@Ogil!
  6. 6. Entering the landscape are4G LTE networks that candeliver data speeds beyond homebroadband. Mobile@Ogil!
  7. 7. New form factors are quickly evolving. First 6 Quarters Cumulative Unit Shipments: iPod vs. iPhone vs. iPad 40,000,000 units iPad iPhone iPod Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6Source: Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2011. Mobile@Ogil!
  8. 8. Many refer to smart mobili$ as a new channel.It’s far more. It’s an entirely new medium. •  GPS  Loca)on  Services   •  Wireless  4G  broadband  faster  than  home   •  Mo)on  and  orienta)on  sensors   •  Touch  screen  interfaces   •  Video/s)ll  cameras  &is new medium is enabling a broad landscape of creativenew ways to engage audiences with interactive, relevant digitalexperiences at any time and place. Mobile@Ogil!
  9. 9. &e buzz in smart mobili$ swirls around B2C. Mobile@Ogil!
  10. 10. From games… Mobile@Ogil!
  11. 11. …to social check-ins… Mobile@Ogil!
  12. 12. …to magazines andnewspapers on tablets. Mobile@Ogil!
  13. 13. But smart mobili$ is unlocking remarkable value in the B2B marketplace. !e elephant in the room. Mobile@Ogil!
  14. 14. But, the possibilities enabled by the new medium of smart mobili$matches perfectly with the challenges B2B business face •  Mul)ple  decision-­‐makers  and  influencers   •  Longer  sales  cycles   frequently  on-­‐the-­‐move   •  Mul)ple  in-­‐person  touchpoints   •  Complex  products  requiring  deep  educa)on   •  Robust  service  and  support  needs   Mobile@Ogil!
  15. 15. Mobile advertising actually draws as high or higher engagement among B2B targets Consumer Packaged Goods 32% Automotive 26% B2B 25% Retail 25% Finance 24% Entertainment 19% Engagement Rate of Mobile In-App Rich Expandable Banner Ads Worldwide, by Industry, Q1 2011Source: Medialets, “Data Spotlight: Benchmarks for In-App Mobile Rich Media Ads – Q1 2011”, June 2011. Mobile@Ogil!
  16. 16. &e App store isn’t just for Angry Birds. &e Business category recently was shown to be the fastest growing section of the Apple app store at 186% increase YoY. 70% of executives under 40 use branded B2B apps.Source: Distimo, iPass, Ovum, Yankee Group, Forrester Research, Comscore 2010, Google and Forbes Insights, "B2B Trends in Mobile & Online Video,” 2010 Mobile@Ogil!
  17. 17. And tablets aren’t just for couch surfers. 92% of Fortune 500 companies are deploying or testing the iPad 47% of business stakeholders sueyed see demand for sales force automation applications on tablets In 2015, In 2010, 16.1 million tablets were shipped. 147.2 million tablets are expected to ship. = share bought by businesses worldwideSource: Apple 2011, Dimensional Research 2011. BusinessWire 2011. Mobile@Ogil!
  18. 18. We set out to learn more. Mobile@Ogil!
  19. 19. Capitalizing on these opportunities, B2B brands are using smartmobili$ to unlock incredible business value across the entirecustomer lifecycle •  Improved  brand  awareness  and  posi)oning   •  Greater  product  innova)on   •  Increased  sales  efficiency  and  effec)veness   •  Stronger  customer  loyalty   •  Incremental  sales   •  Improved  opera)onal  efficiency  &e pace of change is rapid, and some B2B brands are movingmuch quicker to strategically invest than others, achievingsignificant competitive advantages against slower moving brands Mobile@Ogil!
  21. 21. 1 MOBILIZING MARKETING“Mobile plays a huge role in the first 80% of the funnel” - B2B Stakeholder Mobile@Ogil!
  22. 22. IBM Seer Wimbledon App Mobile@Ogil!
  23. 23. “We could use Augmented Reality totell our story – if you point your phone or your tablet device at a car or a hospital or a bank there are plenty ofgood stories to tell about IBM’s role in these businesses and products.” - Bill Bodin, CTO of Mobili$ at IBM Mobile@Ogil!
  24. 24. Pioneer Farm Progress App&e DuPont Pioneer Farm Progress Show iPad allowed reps to access customer-specific sales materials on- demand at one of the the world’s largest trade shows. Mobile@Ogil!
  25. 25. IBM Mobile Banners Mobile@Ogil!
  26. 26. 2 MOBILIZING THE ENTERPRISE “Work is not a place, work is something you do” - B2B Stakeholder Mobile@Ogil!
  27. 27. Smart Mobili$ delivers: Sales Efficiency and EffectivenessTablets are transforming the power of in-personinteractions for a number of reasons: Increased field Increased win selling time: -  Better interpersonal language and venue Decreased admin time: rates: 28% flexibili$ Decreased sales cycle 26% 24% -  Portabili$ and instant-on 23% -  Highly engaging, incorporates real-time data -  Fluidi$ for customized leave-behinds -  Order co-creation and faciliation -  Enhanced collaboration Mobile@Ogil!
  28. 28. Regulated industries are strong adopters – especially pharmaceuticals. Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez recently stated that the Apple iPad offers the drugmaker “game-changing” technology that will enable sales reps to save 250 hours annually and allow “the field force to make an incredible 35,000 additional customer visits each year.” Mobile@Ogil!
  29. 29. Dynamic Conversation Starters Mobile@Ogil!
  30. 30. Dynamic Conversation Starters Mobile@Ogil!
  31. 31. Cisco Small Business Solution Finder“How do you sell to both a partner and a partner’s customers? By enabling them with tools and content thatproperly represents our brand and makes them more efficient in their communications to their clients.” - SteveLau, Cisco Mobile@Ogil!
  32. 32. Cisco Small Business Solution Builder“How do you sell to both a partner and a partner’s customers? By enabling them with tools and content thatproperly represents our brand and makes them more efficient in their communications to their clients.” - SteveLau, Cisco Mobile@Ogil!
  33. 33. IBM bCase • !at is it? iPad powered sales enablement tool for Business Partners to enhance face-to-face client meetings • !at a seller can do: – Create quick and impactful presentations on the fly – Effectively develop and present a business case while on the move with slides that include key customer questions, pain points and solutions – Reference to enablement assets that include case studies, whitepapers, videos and solution documentation Mobile@Ogil!
  34. 34. Driving Seice at UPS Worldport Mobile@Ogil!
  35. 35. Smart Seice Dispatch Mobile@Ogil!
  36. 36. Amtrak finds efficiencies via mobile Mobile@Ogil!
  37. 37. 3 MOBILIZING PRODUCTS & SERVICES “We see a huge difference from a year ago to today.It used to be that major companies were just testing out the waters, with a few apps. Now we have dozens apps in each of our major business units.” – Benjamin Pollack, Siemens Mobile@Ogil!
  38. 38. Providing utili$ for contractors. Mobile@Ogil!
  39. 39. Enabling smarter and better support. Mobile@Ogil!
  40. 40. Siemens Industry Seice App Mobile@Ogil!
  41. 41. Siemens Industry Seice App Mobile@Ogil!
  42. 42. So what? Mobile@Ogil!
  43. 43. Smart mobili$ delivers broad value.More frequent, richer engagement, earlier on in More qualified leads and an improved selling the customer journey environment for the brandMore efficient and effective in-person meetings Increased conversion ratesImproved collaboration and real-time solution Incremental revenue opportunities customization More efficient operations delivering better Lower costs and increased customer satisfaction seice to customers Improved product value propositions and New revenue opportunities and an edge against entirely new offerings competitive offerings Mobile@Ogil!
  44. 44. Smart Mobili$ and B2B – Developing a Mobile Strategy in 5 Steps1.  Define Business Ambition and Establish Objectives (“&e #y”) Understanding where you believe your overall business growth will come from will help you establish measurable, high-level objectives that you can use mobile to achieve.2.  Assess Your Market Landscape Take a look at your competitors to understand what they are doing in mobile. Is your brand a clear laggard in any area? Is your lack of presence becoming an obvious miss for your customers and therefore a liabili$?3.  Research Your Target Audience Needs You must understand in detail what the needs of your target audiences are and how they want to interact with your brand in order to develop mobile solutions for them.4.  Develop a Strategic Framework (“&e How”) Now consolidate the research into a comprehensive strategic framework that explicitly defines all of the ways your business investment in mobile can deliver on your business objectives.5.  Generate Tactics and Prioritize into a Roadmap (“&e #at”) With the strategic framework action plan in hand, you can now get down to generating specific, tactical mobile ideas for your business. You will then need to prioritize what should be started immediately and what should come in a later development phase. Mobile@Ogil!
  45. 45. Digital Strategy AIR Process Analyze Ideate RoadmapDigital Business &! Digital Market!Brand Audit! Trends Analysis! Digital Roadmap! Communications ! Digital Ecosystem! Blueprint!Digital Competitive ! Digital Persona!& Best Practices! Digital Governance! User Task Modeling! DO Brief!Customer Journey! Conversation Map! Success Metrics! Redstorming! Search Intent Modeling Consumer Intent Modeling! Mobile@Ogil!
  46. 46. How to unlock value for your B2B brand with smart mobili$: 5 key steps Mobile@Ogil!
  47. 47. #1: It’s moving fast – act now. Mobile@Ogil!
  48. 48. #2: Don’t just jump – invest with insight. Mobile@Ogil!
  49. 49. #3: Remember the “I” in ROI. Mobile@Ogil!
  50. 50. #4: Build experiences for people. Mobile@Ogil!
  51. 51. #5: It’s not just another channel, it’s a new medium -think outside the box. Mobile@Ogil!
  52. 52. Looking beyond: connected devices. Looking beyond – Connected Devices Mobile@Ogil!
  53. 53. &ank You!Jeff StokvisDirector, Digital StrategyOgil! & Mather WorldwideMobile@Ogil! Practice Memberjeff.stokvis@ogil!.com@JeffStokvis Mobile@Ogil!