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Carrie Bradshaw is Back: Sarah Jessica Parker + Cosmopolitan #CannesLions 2014 #OgilvyCannes


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From Cannes 2014 Cosmopolitan Panel + Sarah Jessica Parker

Published in: Marketing, Design, Lifestyle
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Carrie Bradshaw is Back: Sarah Jessica Parker + Cosmopolitan #CannesLions 2014 #OgilvyCannes

  1. 1. insights from aconvowith COSMOPOLITAN: 5 carrie bradshaw isback In Cannes, she dishes about the show, the prospects for another movie, and her new clothing line
  2. 2. COSMOPOLITAN: FASHION, SEX, CELEBRITY & CHARACTER doinga brand rightPlaying Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City required 100 hours of wardrobe fittings with legendary stylist Patricia Field. Spending that much time with Field and other designers drew Parker into fashion, and in March she launched her namesake label, SJP, in association with George Malkemus III for Nordstrom. She described the undertaking as an exercise in discipline, in that she had to make sure every item preserved her identity. (She was wearing a hot pink pair of SJP stilettos.) 1
  3. 3. COSMOPOLITAN: FASHION, SEX, CELEBRITY & CHARACTER thetwitter conundrumParker’s introductory leap on social media came while sitting on the board of the New York City Ballet. She saw its power immediately, but remains conflicted even as she launches her own label. “I feel like I need to respond to every single solitary plea for a retweet or a birthday wish… I’m hurting the feelings of everyone I don’t.” Parker also has issues with “responding to tweets that aren’t friendly.” By contrast, “the easy child to parent is Instagram,” which provides an unambiguously pleasant experience. 2
  4. 4. COSMOPOLITAN: FASHION, SEX, CELEBRITY & CHARACTER athird satc movie?When asked if there would be a third film— following the successful first film and the flop that followed—Parker said there is a lovely story developed, but she hasn’t had a real conversation about another movie with the creator, Michael Patrick. Stay tuned. 3
  5. 5. COSMOPOLITAN: FASHION, SEX, CELEBRITY & CHARACTER knockingthe imbalanceParker suspects that if she saw raw data, she’d be stunned by lack of progress in Hollywood, where women deliver only 23% of dialogue. On the other hand, Parker is encouraged by what Lena Dunham has done with HBO’s Girls. “Woman want to tell more intimate stories,” she says, “those stories of nuanced characters aren’t big box-office draws.” Parker’s latest effort? A soon-to-launch new HBO show, “Into the Fire,” about married women in their 40s who have affairs. 4
  6. 6. COSMOPOLITAN: FASHION, SEX, CELEBRITY & CHARACTER nailthe timingHBO pointedly launched the Sex and the City pilot on June 6, 1998, at 9 pm—when other networks were largely showing reruns. The cable powerhouse then kept the show locked into that time slot. The strategy behind this? New Yorkers were home from the Hamptons by that hour. 5