Highlights from a Lowe Life: 5 Quotes from Rob Lowe #OgilvyCannes #CannesLions


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Highlights from a Lowe Life: 5 Quotes from Rob Lowe #OgilvyCannes #CannesLions

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Highlights from a Lowe Life: 5 Quotes from Rob Lowe #OgilvyCannes #CannesLions

  1. 1. from a lowe life highlights quotes from rob lowe with mcgarrybowen
  2. 2. mcgarrybowen | rob lowe on being a jack of alltradesLowe sees his life as a series of chapters: teen idol, Hollywood ingénue, TV lead, movie star, and bestselling author. “I try to do things that interest me, that are challenging and different… Making choices that are surprising and different is critical to keeping your brand alive.” As important as it is to challenge yourself, though, Lowe believes it is important to stay on-brand. “Don’t be like a comedian who stops being funny because they want to win an Oscar.” 1
  3. 3. mcgarrybowen | rob lowe 2 on thewestwing Lowe told Bowen that Aaron Sorkin actually wrote The West Wing two years before it was made; ever prudent, the networks sat on the script until the Clinton / Lewinsky scandal had passed. Lowe credits the mix of humour, drama and scope with the show’s success. Earlier this week, Downton Abbey executive producer Rebecca Eaton mentioned that showrunner Julian Fellowes was inspired by the interdependent character dynamics of The West Wing. This delighted Lowe, who is “obsessed” with the period drama.
  4. 4. mcgarrybowen | rob lowe 3 on competition Lowe recalled the arduous, unconventional audition process that led to him bagging the breakout role of Sodapop Curtis in The Outsiders. Francis Ford Coppola auditioned the young actors together, flouting all rules for working with minors to pit them against each other in a series of increasingly intense acting exercises. “At heart, I’m very competitive,” he says. “I think you need to have a competitive heart to get ahead.”
  5. 5. mcgarrybowen | rob lowe 4 on screwing up... and bringing itbackNever get cocky, Lowe advises. He got overconfident while starring in a play, and accidentally skipped five pages of plot-filled dialogue ahead. While the other actors on stage tried to figure out what the hell was going on, Lowe walked right up to the audience, took a lengthy pause, and then improvised his way back to the right scene, covering all of the necessary plot points in the process. Even Aaron Sorkin, who was in the audience at the time, didn’t notice. “If you own a moment,” he says, “no one’s gonna question you.”
  6. 6. mcgarrybowen | rob lowe 4 on authenticity “The only thing worse than being inauthentic is being faux authentic,” says Lowe, who has turned down scripts if the dialogue felt overly mannered or unrealistic. This is the main reason for the candour in his books. “For the love of all things holy, just write what’s real!” He shouts. “It has to be real, and not aping a cadence, style or convention that the industry has created… When it’s original, you know it, and the audience know it.”