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9 Principles of Work That Matter at #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes


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9 Principles of Work That Matter at #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes

  1. 1. challenge racial prejudiceHelp people examine themselves and see that there is good in everyone. 9Principles ofWork thatMatter 1 2 4 6 7 9 8 5 AspresentedbyThe Coca-ColaCompany’s JonathanMildenhall, VicePresident, GlobalAdvertising StrategyandContent Excellenceand IvanPollard,Vice- President,Global Connections. Don’tbe SeriousAll the time You can take a much lighter look and still be effective. be stubbornly OptimisticPollard said Coke “likes to help you say, ‘Yes,’ in the face of ‘No.’” Givepeople Reasontobelieve Allow the brand to be a source of hope. Defy gender StereotypesThat was part of the charm of the famous “Diet Coke Break” ads, which, when first aired in the mid-1990’s. Promote Real-world Stories Mildenhall said it elegantly: “Brands must behave well inside the communities they serve and engage in actions that genuinely improve that community’s well-being.” TakeASocial Stand No matter the size or the category, every brand should address a social issue in a way that is relevant. Rememberthegreater good “What unites the human race,” Pollard said, “is far stronger than what divides us. But, the cultural tensions that divide us have not gone away.” straddle BordersBring people together across what seems to be impenetrable borders. 3