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5 Tips on Twitter: #Live Storytelling w/ Patrick Stewart at #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes


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5 Tips on Twitter

From Cannes 2014 Twitter #LiveStorytelling Panel + Patrick Stewart

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5 Tips on Twitter: #Live Storytelling w/ Patrick Stewart at #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes

  2. 2. TWITTER: #LIVE STORYTELLING it’s all about immediacyPeople today are excited by the immediacy of events, says comedian Chris Hardwick, and by being able to connect to each other instantly. Leslie Berland of Amex (Sir Patrick’s warm-up act) spoke about how Amex is building immediate engagement through hashtag purchasing. One tweet, and your item is delivered. No more pesky shopping! 1
  3. 3. TWITTER: #LIVE STORYTELLING it’s not only aboutyouSocial media is just that—social. As Berland pointed out, when you use Twitter as brand medium, you have to remember that it’s not about advertising. It’s about community building. Shopping is a social experience generally. We tend to talk about what we buy. But the transaction is generally just one-on-one. Amex wanted to socialize that and to connect a person’s Amex identity with her Twitter identity. By making commerce into a conversation, a simple purchase became, “so much more.” We’re still wondering, “more what?” 2
  4. 4. TWITTER: #LIVE STORYTELLING lift and shift, baby!Sir Patrick Stewart (who entered stage left to a roar of applause) is only 2 years into having a Twitter identity. And yet, he says, “It has changed my story. I have always enjoyed wackiness and silliness, but I got stuck with these characters who were so serious.” While Captain Picard and Professor Xavier may have eclipsed Sir Patrick Stewart’s love of irreverence, Twitter liberated it. Animated by the bromance with Ian McKellan, Stewart used Twitter to liberate his silly side. The two iconic British actors tweeted out pictures and messages that entertained them (all to promote two fairly challenging plays on Broadway) and in so doing changed the impression that the world had of them. This is brand lift and shift in action. 3
  5. 5. TWITTER: #LIVE STORYTELLING engage (of course.)The single greatest disappointment was that Stewart never uttered the word “engage.” Nevertheless, that was the idea that underlay everything. As a result of Stewart’s engagement with his audience, he now gets calls for comedic roles. In fact, he’s taking the leading part in an upcoming television comedy— something he’d never thought he’d do. But there’s a smaller, more meaningful side to it as well. As a result of his Twitter presence, Stewart can now have an ongoing dialogue with “a million strangers.” 4
  6. 6. TWITTER: #LIVE STORYTELLING storytelling retweetedStorytelling is the world’s oldest profession says our own @ThamKhaiMeng, and he’s right. We’ve been telling stories since the days of Homo Erectus. But the rules have changed for Homo Twitter. Story may have first been an oral tradition, but technology changed things. We became receivers of story, not participants in it. And we now think that’s the norm, but, says Twitter, the real norm is what’s being liberated by technology today. Storytelling is reverting to its live, participatory roots, and we need to relearn how to fashion a story that needs an audience to complete. 5