Data Audit – Global Logistics Company


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Our global logistics client was challenged by its inability to support their communications initiatives leveraging established campaign systems. Their existing marketing infrastructure was not well designed to support targeted campaigns, and due to the complex nature of their data and systems our client had limited visibility into their campaign performance tracking and advertising spend.

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Data Audit – Global Logistics Company

  1. 1. Global Data & Analytics Data Audit - Global Logistics Company Ogilvy & Mather
  2. 2. Data Audit and Global System Enhancements Global Logistics Company Business Challenge A global logistics company has a well established and data systems tracking every tracking detail. The challenge for the marketing organization was the lack of availability of data which could be used for marketing and communications. In the past data was never taxed to produce real-time communications and standard performance based reporting. Due to the complex structure of the data and systems the ability to shift the culture to track all advertising spend was difficult and non- intuitive. Solution Ogilvy was selected to provide a comprehensive review of all current data systems and processes that are used in the campaign strategy, execution, and measurement and reporting of UPS communications. The project was split into two phases, to provide a clear and distinct delivery time-table. The first phase consisted of information gathering, stakeholder interviews within both the marketing organization and IT. The second phase focused on the standardization of global data processes for the creation of a central dashboard that supports the global brand platform and can accommodate all current and future campaigns. Specifically: • Outline the project objectives, methodology and structure of the whitepaper for the reader • Provide a solid foundation of knowledge that will form the basis of any recommendations in chapter three • Create an easily accessible and holistic description of UPS data use that will prove indispensible in the future • Deliver a comprehensive set of ideal, but implementable, recommendations that will improve the use of data in UPS campaigns in line with current high-level objectives • Justify these recommendations against the bottom line by outlining the business case in each case and using past case studies • Explore in depth the recommendation for a centralized reporting dashboard: to develop the business justification, the key characteristics and a roadmap to completion. • Implement the recommended solution. Results Provide a detailed and applicable overview of all relevant systems for the purpose of executing and tracking marketing investment performance. Designed an enhanced campaign selection process and measurement structure with a specific focus for a global implementation. Provide direct recommendations for software vendors to realize the data structure solution. The enhanced system would provide the ability for marrying top-level communications objectives (core metrics) with real-life possibilities.