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OCHWW@SXSW Interesting Technologies


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The Ogilvy Commonhealth team experienced a vast array of interactive technology on display at SXSW 2015. Here is a snapshot of some of the most innovative technologies.

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OCHWW@SXSW Interesting Technologies

  1. 1. Interesting Technologies Matt Balogh | G. Kofi Annan | Martha Walz 2015 OCHWW @SXSW
  3. 3. THE MAIN EXPO HALL FROM ABOVE Three massive expo halls: Main Hall, Med Tech, and Gaming
  4. 4. 3D PRINTED EXCHANGEABLE PROSTHETIC In the same way NASA was able to email a wrench to space, the 3D printing movement is revolutionizing prosthetics and making devices accessible to more people.
  5. 5. A FULLER VR EXPERIENCE Addition of environmental sensors and haptic feedback is making virtual reality a more fully immersive experience
  6. 6. REMOTE VISION TESTING Portable technologies bring the full power of the optometrist’s office to you
  7. 7. HP SPROUT 3D MONITOR Advanced camera and projection technologies allow professionals to work across surfaces and in 2D and 3D spaces simultaneously
  8. 8. GOOGLE EARTH STORYTELLING Similar to the style that’s common with first-person shooter games, multiple video formats (e.g. first person view, documentary, panorama, etc.) and user-controlled interactivity are being used to breathe new life into digital storytelling
  9. 9. NASA SOCIAL COMMAND CENTER Mission Control for social media
  10. 10. IBM SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT CENTER The power of a sophisticated analytics engine, flexible and easy-to-setup views, and eye-catching visualizations showcased the ability to integrate enterprise data with social
  11. 11. LEVITATING PARTICLES USING AUDIO WAVES Tech that can move particles in space can provide a completely sterile environment for mixing and manufacturing pharmaceuticals
  12. 12. MIT HACKING MEDICINE FRAMEWORK “Hacking” is traditionally viewed as highly technical, but it takes diversity to succeed at innovation, especially in healthcare
  13. 13. A TRAILER FULL OF IOT The Internet of Things (IoT) was on full display
  14. 14. A REAL HOLODECK Star Trek tech has become reality
  15. 15. NASA USING OCULUS TO WALK ON MARS Virtual reality can put users on the surface of the red planet
  16. 16. IHEARTALIVE A quick calculation of your aortic stiffness as compared to other people of various ages and populations helps track your internal age rather than focusing on outward appearance metrics
  17. 17. LOOKING FORWARD TO 2016