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OCHWW @ Mobile Pharma Summit 2016


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On June 22 and 23, PanAgora Pharma hosted their annual Mobile Pharma Summit in New York City. Ogilvy CommonHealth's engagement strategist, Joe Youssef, gives a first-hand perspective on the most impactful moments of the summit and the opportunities for mobile technology in today's healthcare marketing landscape.

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OCHWW @ Mobile Pharma Summit 2016

  1. 1. OCHWW @Mobile Pharma Summit 2016 Top 5 takeaways for pharma industry professionals July 2016
  2. 2. 4th Annual Mobile Pharma Summit On June 22 and 23, PanAgora Pharma hosted their annual Mobile Pharma Summit in New York City. The event brought together more than 100 senior pharmaceutical executives to discuss the impact and opportunities of mobile technology on the healthcare industry.
  3. 3. After all the hype, the year of mobile has passed • The number of mobile users surpassed desktop users in 2014 • Mobile searches have now surpassed desktop searches in the United States • Over 100 billion app links have been indexed by Google; 40% of Android searches return app links Mobile experiences are table stakes and an expectation of consumers. If you’re not mobile, you’re behind
  4. 4. What drives consumer behavior is UNCHANGED How consumers respond to their needs is what has changed: • Consumers expect immediacy and personalization • They turn to mobile first for research • 90% of people start search and research on one device, then finish on another Lots of context clues are available for marketers to tap into and improve the mobile experience
  5. 5. Mobile makes it easier to personalize experiences Patients are categorized by their disease and treated alike by both pharma and healthcare professionals (HCPs) Mobile is EXPECTED by your audience and provides a real opportunity to individualize solutions Devices contain a breadth of information to enhance the experience: Content consumed Location data (real time and historical) Apps on the device and usage HIPAA-compliant solutions are available to capitalize on the wealth of indicators on mobile
  6. 6. Mobile allows for ongoing measurement Pharma • Return on investment (ROI) – Without the right KPIs, measurement can hinder innovation • Before measuring ROI, check diagnostic metrics first • Identify any breakdowns in user experience and ensure everything works as expected Patient • Manage their disease • Provide HCP feedback loop • Improve outcomes through pre-defined thresholds • Integrate with wearables KPI = key performance indicator.
  7. 7. mHealth: a great opportunity for pharma • mHealth paints a holistic picture of the patient and supports improved outcomes – Apps have to account for desired behavior change (habit vs one-time behaviors) • Interoperability is a must for mHealth apps when dealing with comorbidities – Connecting self-reported data provides HCPs a breadth of data not previously available By 2017, 50% of smartphone users will download a mHealth app
  8. 8. Thank You To continue the conversation: @joeyhealthcare