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WASSUP - The Cultural Trends Report published by Ogilvy Asia(November 2011)

Ogilvy & Mather's Cultural Insights Trends Report - November 2011.

A brilliantly insightful report on what's hot, new and exciting across Asia.

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WASSUP - The Cultural Trends Report published by Ogilvy Asia(November 2011)

  1. 1. WassupIssue 6 November 2011
  2. 2. WassupThe cultural trends magazine fromOgilvy & Mather Asia PacificEdited & designed by Kunal SinhaEditorial assistant: Madhumita BhattacharyyaCorrespondents:Elaine Dai (Beijing)Neha Punjabi (Mumbai)Donnah Alcoseba (Makati City)Wine Chua-Leonardo (Makati City)Tania Chan (Singapore)Shun Man Lee (Singapore)Naoko Ito (Tokyo)Azusa Fukai (Tokyo)Siddharth Roy (Colombo)Mei Wu (Taipei)Caryl Heah (Kuala Lumpur)Beatrice Yong (Kuala Lumpur)Josephine Phang (Kuala Lumpur)Zubair Siddiqui (Karachi)Serena Park (Seoul)Timothy Sarker (Dhaka)Naima Hamid (Dhaka)Tari Rusbianti (Jakarta)Astrid Savitri (Jakarta)© Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, 2011
  3. 3. As Steve Jobs gets going with his Great Gig in the sky, we set about askingtechnology creators in Asia what they saw as the big changes that we shouldanticipate. It all seems to be headed in one direction: faster, thinner, more.Which for us, in the world of brands and marketing communications,represents an opportunity. An opportunity to disrupt things, with contentand creativity.Just to make things interesting, almost to remind ourselves that there isindeed a world out there that’s not so twenty-something, gadgetry-obsessed, we spoke to senior citizens. They provide a fascinating perspectiveon the changes that are gripping Asian societies. These are stories ofadaptation and fortitude.In this last issue of 2011, we thought it would only be appropriate to askeach country what their top brands were, and what are the big things theyanticipate in 2012. Once again, the Asian diversity is revelatory.Over these six issues of Wassup, we hope we’ve been able to stimulate you,and would like to continue to hear from you …
  4. 4. 14 countries.20 correspondents deeply immersed inpopular and leading edge culture bring youCultural Insights that will make a worldof difference to your business SOUTH KOREA BANGLADESH PHILIPPINES SINGAPORE INDONESIA SRI LANKA THAILAND MALAYSIA PAKISTAN VIETNAM TAIWAN JAPAN CHINA INDIA
  5. 5. contents Look who‟s talking:Technology creators in Asia Knowing me, Knowing you: Senior citizens Playing on my iPod Rage against Waiting list Tense about Top brands of 2011 Most anticipated in 2012
  6. 6. Look who’s talking Technology creators in Asia
  7. 7. Look who’s talking …Chamara Peiris, CEO, International Operations at XitebWe had a chat with Chamara Peris, the user-interface lead,information architect and designer who is particularly interested inweb standards, accessibility, usability and search engineoptimization. Here’s what he had to say about Sri Lanka’s techfuture…What are the biggest challenges currently facing Sri Lankawith respect to technology?We are facing issues with broadband. Affordable broadband is notstable and stable broadband is very expensive. Then there arelanguage issues. There are lot of people who are talented andcommitted but they have language barrier which prevents themfrom learning new things.Most local customers are afraid to implement new technology asthey think it will cost a lot. There arent proper places to educatecustomers.In addition, freelancers are ruining the market. People who areworking in the industry are over-positioned due to social media.Accessibility and usability of technologies are still ignored. For Any other ideas on whereexample, as a tax payer, how many government websites are technology is headed?accessible to the people? Specially to people with differentabilities? The web will boom in Sri Lanka very rapidly. Social mediaWhat technological changes or innovations and new services usage is increasing and Sriare you anticipating in the coming year? Lankan companies will adopt it soon. But we still need properAugmented reality is the next big thing. From mobile to real-time. education and industrialFrom web to big screen. training for employees. At theHTML5 will change the way world is using the web. moment, there isn‟t a singleFacebook will be the best tool for businesses in the coming years, reputed institute teaching webwith lots of features and benefits. design.Mobile money. Very soon the world will say goodbye to plasticcards. The government has taken positive steps to layer fiberHow do you feel about a post-Steve Jobs era in technology? optics around the island andI think the world will still love Apple products as the company has replace the old copper cable.touched the market. It has always addressed simple but critical So hopefully, in a few years, wethings when it comes to laptops, mobile phone and portable music. will get all our voice,It has addressed usability and accessibility issues very broadband and TV throughintelligently, which will keep them safe for the next 10 years. Even they have SIRI to stay competitive. I think you will get SIRI oniPods and MacBooks as well, which will change how the world is Finally, we need properusing these devices. We might miss the awesome way in which language training. SpeakingSteve Jobs presented products, but with the structure Apple has, it English in our way isntcan still come up with creative ways to do things as its employees working. We have to learn itthink differently. I have a faith in Apple, maybe because I am an perfectly to compete withApple user myself and I admire Steve Jobs a lot. India.
  8. 8. Look who’s talking …BANGLADESH The Steve Jobs fan believes there are many people who think like Steve Jobs but to beWe interviewed our very own techie Yousuf Kamal, creative like him is nearly impossible. He wasthe senior IT executive at Ogilvy Dhaka. a visionary. Yousuf still hopes that the flow of Apple products will be unaffected. TheYousuf feels Samsung‟s new phone, Skin, will be the biggest change in the coming year will benext big hit. It is supposed to bend like the human cloud computing. There will be a web-basedskin. OS, and all the work that one does will be in a cloud where it will be secure and the need for a hard drive will vanish. He also thinks 3D technology will evolve to a new level where no glasses will be required. It will feel as though the viewer is a part of the image.MALAYSIA Calvin Tee, WebMeet Wu Han, chief designer, and Calvin, web Applications Managerapplications developer, with Mindvalley. Withpresence in 22 countries, Mindvalley is an Wu Han, Artist-in-Internet marketing and publishing company Chiefthat specializes in self-development programs.Wu Han is also the founder of Webcamp, acommunity of individuals with a keen interestin the online economy, meeting on a monthly Both feel that most Malaysian consumers arebasis to share information and ideas. highly digital and tech-savvy. But the country has a lot of catching up to do when it comes toCalvin feels that the strength of Steve Jobs was infrastructure and companies. “E-commercein how he made Apple products mainstream hasn‟t picked up yet in Malaysia, largelyby adding a “human touch” to technology. because of lack of secure payment gateways,”“You know you‟ve made it when you go to a says Calvin.hotel lobby and see two old ladies playinggames on their iPad,” said Calvin. But Wu Han The duo predicts that phones and tablets willbelieves that in Steve Jobs‟s absence, the continue to dominate the future, and they arefloodgate of innovation will be opened in the looking forward to the iPhone 4S because of itstechnology space. “So far, the attitude was, new features (i.e. voice recognition), which„Let‟s see what Jobs will do‟. Now it‟ll be more, present opportunities to change the landscape„Let‟s see what I can do.‟” of marketing and information gathering..
  9. 9. Look who’s talking …SHANGHAIKevin Zhang is a graphic user interface designer There is a lot of change happening amongin a software development company in Shanghai. Chinese consumers today. Kevin thinks they areHe has been working in the field for more than becoming more sophisticated and demanding infour years and never stops loving what he is doing. terms of user experience now that they have been“Good UI design includes interaction design, introduced to products such as the iPhone and theinformation architecture and information design, iPad. “As the market develops and consumersso a good UI designer needs to study various become more sophisticated, we‟ll be seeing morethings including marketing, engineering, project and more touch screens, at which point yourmanagement and psychology. Right now I am computer just becomes a giant cell phone. But wepretty good at the graphic design part but not should really look into strong UI design influencevery good at user interaction. However, I am from our neighbors, such as Japan and Korea.studying so hopefully I will be able to deliver Most Chinese users grew up with Korean andbetter work in the future,” Kevin said. He thinks Japanese cultures, so some of them arethat compared to western countries, China still particularly attracted to cute things, because it‟shas a long way to go in terms of UI design since familiar.”most local designers are not well-trained, don‟thave the deep knowledge that good designrequires.Kevin is a big fan of Steve Jobs and Appleproducts. “I will always remember the day I gotmy first Apple computer. I was still in college; itwas such an fascinating experience when I firstused it,” Kevin recalls. He thinks Steve Jobs had aprofound impact on the way consumers use andperceive technology today. All userinterface/experience designers around the worldknow how Apple products changed theirprofession. “But I believe there are many peopleinspired by him who will follow the way heworked and the spirit that he created.”
  10. 10. Look who’s talking …TAIWANVincent Chen has been working as an engineer in amobile phone manufacturing company for the pastfive years.“Unless we have a wiz such as Steve Jobsto create a new market, in the next three to fiveyears all we can look forward to are combinations orimprovements on existing elements to be applied tothe existing digital devices,” feels Chen.He thinks that being thin will remain the trend forcell phone design over the next three years.However, what is defined as thin in the future mightnot be exactly the same as now.Redefine “thin”Thin mostly meant "carry-on" in the past, but for thenew generation, thin is being “too thin to feel". TakeSamsung for example, with its plans to introduce amobile phone with a screen as thin as a sheet ofpaper within two years.Indeed, the screen known as Creaseless AMOLED isnot only lightweight, but can be curved. That willgive product designers more room to play, andallow users to use cell phones in their owncomfortable way.If technology continues to evolve, perhaps laptopswill be replaced by dual touch panels in the future.“Like the product in the film Real Steel, combiningthe advantages of a traditional laptop and tablet PC,the keyboard appears merely when needed, justlike in the iPhone.”
  11. 11. Look who’s talking …Chirag Rathod is a techies techie. He works at Oracle inBangalore, India, and is currently creating a software productcalled Jdeveloper. One of his recent acquisitions is the Kindle 3.He also owns a Panasonic Lumix LX5 camera, a Nikon D40 SLR,an iPod Shuffle to give him company on his runs, a Dell Latitudelaptop, a Garmin forerunner 305 (a GPS sports watch), a 21-geared Track 7.1 IFX commuter bike and an iPad 2.He is now looking forward to buying an iPhone 4S or Galaxy S2.Chirag does not change his phone to get the new software,which he downloads himself; it‟s the new hardware he is after.Currently he is excited about the NFC (near-fieldcommunication) chip, which is like a swipe card paymentgateway. He believes it has the potential to replace his wallet.The iPhone 4 is a disappointment to some, he adds, as it doesnot have NFC.In the post-Jobs era, Chirag thinks that for at least two years,Apple will be delivering products that Steve‟s mind hastouched. The way release cycles go, Steve must have leftsomething in the two-year developmental cycle, he feels. Whathappens after that is anyone‟s guess. But Chirag thinks that aftera point, the leader being the be all and end all of a company isa facade. There are many smart people working under him; hejust takes a call on what gets thrown out and what appearsbefore the public. People like Jonathan Ive, who Steve alwayssupported, has been with Apple for almost 20 years and is stillon board.The only thing he feels might change about Apple is thesecretive approach towards new launches. He hopes Applealso decides to launch products in India at the same time as inthe US.The most anticipated new product might be the Apple TV, butwhat Chirag thinks would be really cool is an actual televisionfrom Apple, which would have everything, including theInternet and connectivity with your hard drive – all without thewires. Knowing the way Apple designs are, it will look like apainting on the wall, says Chirag. Just like its uni-bodyaluminum Macbook Pro.This doesn‟t mean Chirag is only positive about Apple. Read hispost to know why:
  12. 12. Look who’s talking …SEOULKyungjune Lee (right) is CEO of NomadConnection, a media solution provider,currently servicing the #7 Android mediaplayer Zimly (, which wasdesigned and crafted for Android devices.Lee sees the long-term trend in IT as beingdominated by a rapid growth of theFacebook ecosystem. Currently, Facebookworks mainly by connecting people,performing a socializing function only. Butthe movement is towards expanding therange of products and services providedthrough Facebook. For instance, morepeople will listen to music and consumeother content directly through theFacebook platform. Related functions andthe companies providing them may beeventually absorbed into Facebook. Thiswill allow users to easily identify whattheir friends are listening to, viewing orreading.In terms of devices, more content will bedistributed more easily through tabletcomputers, which will accelerate thegrowth of this market. Distribution and JAPANsale will be much easier via tablet devicesthan on mobile phones, which will fuel a Tomotaka Takahashi, 36, is a roboticist anddramatic growth of the market of tablet founder of Kyoto Universitys ROBO-GARAGE,devices such as the iPad. which started in 1999. Inspired by his childhood obsession with Astroboy and other fictional characters, Takahashi decided to study robotics after completing a sociology degree. Takahashi prefers to work on smaller robots, as they are easier to handle and people have more realistic expectations of them. Unlike machines, which are cold and uninviting, humans can relate to robots because they have bodies like humans or animals, which opens up new possibilities for communication, which Takahashi believes is their greatest strength. Creating a number of humanoid robots entirely by himself, from concept through to production, Takahashis designs have been featured in art exhibitions celebrating Astroboy, and was selected amongst Time Magazines Coolest Inventions of 2004. His work has also been used in promotions for Bandai, Panasonic and Pepsi.
  13. 13. Look who’s talking …PAKISTANSheikh Danish Ejaz is a graduate from theUniversity of Staffordshire in computing andIT and has been working in the advertisingand digital industry since 2004.What are the biggest changes this year intechnology?This has been an interesting year, withgrowing penetration of iPods and GalaxyTabs, and BlackBerry also coming up withnew products. Companies are focusing onproviding more personalized and portabledevices, with a focus on small size anddurability. This gives people the opportunityto communicate with each other throughmore than one channel. It leads us to createsocial media, now an integral part of ourlives. Earlier, companies were fighting overthe best phone but now the war is for the bestsmart phone. The biggest war is now the OSwar, and surprisingly with growth of 16 percent market share (Jul 10 – Jul 11), Androidseems to be booming. But after the iPhone 4S What are the most anticipated new products oflaunch, the numbers need to be reviewed. 2012?What is the best selling brand in Pakistan People are anxiously waiting to see Google‟s newin 2011? OS along with Windows 8. A lot of Apple fans are already waiting for iPhone 5.Talking about just one product will not be fairto other brands. In the technical world, I see What should be expected in the post-Steve Jobspeople moving towards Macbooks and era?iPhones with another segment becomingAndroid savvy, but, overall, Samsung is now Steve jobs did an amazing job in setting theone of the best-selling brands at both the direction for the company towards innovation. Ithigh-end and low-end. will be tough for the company and the fans initially to get back on track but I believeWhats your personal favorite? eventually Apple will live up to expectations. As for other companies, they are catching up andIn computers I am looking forward to getting trying to take advantage of this tragedy to rise tomyself a durable and reliable Lenovo laptop. the top. Samsung was close and ended up with aI love my new HTC phone. lawsuit. Let‟s see what others come up with.
  14. 14. Look who’s talking …SINGAPOREChi Tran loves everything about technology -- innovation,social networking, mobiles and solutions. He closely watcheseverything to do with the subject. In 2012, Chi will be waitingfor the arrival of Google Wallet in Asia, which will allow him toshop without carrying his wallet. “This integration of consumerexperience is set to be of high priority among brands that arefighting for consumer attention and purchase,” Chi says.Chi feels that there is a big void to fill after the death of SteveJobs. However, he believes that the Apple founder‟s legacy willlive on; user experience will continue to play the lead role inmolding the technological landscape. Other brands will becatching up to fill that void. “We already see brands likeSamsung and Nokia digesting that shift in paradigm andchurning out great products.”One example is in the home technology space. With InternetTV, smart phones, smart fridges, and so on, it won‟t be longbefore consumers can stream TV programs onto their smartphones even if they are away from their TV sets. They‟ll beaccessing their smart fridge from their smart phone to sendthem a shopping list. “Digital is pervasive, and it‟ll be cool tosee more of us adopting new conventions and behavior withnew technologies.” YouTube Link for Multi-touch Interactive Screen Demo
  15. 15. Senior citizens in Asia
  16. 16. Knowing me, knowing youSINGAPORE“Live long, learn longer” is Yee Kit Hong‟s mantra. He is61, and is known among family and friends as Kit. Heleads a very active lifestyle; exercising, traveling, hiking,runs his own accounting firm and consults with non-profitorganizations. He lives with his wife and four children.Kit is a true nature lover. He enjoys long walks in parks orreservoirs to relax and wind down. He also takesoccasional trips with friends to Malaysia to visit the farmsand has even scaled Mount Kota Kinabalu last year. Helikes traveling and seeing the world.Kit finds young people these days less appreciative of things around them. “They are so distracted bymass media and consumer goods that they fail to enjoy the simpler pleasures in life. They also tend toview things with a short-term perspective and wants everything their way,” says Kit.To keep abreast of the rapidly changing world, Kit reads widely and also chats with his children aboutthe latest happenings so that they are in the know when they speak to their peers or business partners.Kit is not one to be stuck in the past, and technology is something he embraces. He has an HP laptop andiPhone with plenty of cool apps. Kit has been familiar with computers ever since the 1980s and hasupgraded with the times. But current technology, Kit feels, can drive people apart even as it brings themcloser. “People are more connected on virtual platforms while they lose the personal touch in face-to-face communications. It‟s just sad.”
  17. 17. Knowing me, knowing youPHILLIPPINESSonia Enage, 61, is a mother of two and thecurator of the National Museum. In her sparetime, she hosts cultural tours for visiting Italiansand teaches art to university students. Here, shespeaks about what it means to be a “seniorcitizen” today.Everyday joys“What makes me happy is the everyday chats Ihave with my two daughters. I think ours arerelationships that have grown so much throughthe years. Before, it was about me as their mom,telling them what to do. Now, there is a mutualrespect and understanding. We can talk as Redefinition of quality timeadults.” Sonia believes that the joys in her liferight now have little to do with acquiring things, Sonia doesn‟t feel that quality time with familyas it used to be 10 years ago. Now, it‟s all about and friends has been taken away by well she is able to nurture relationships. Rather, it‟s been redefined. “Before, quality time meant sitting down for all three meals with myThe impatient digital world husband and daughters. Today, I feel that technology like cell phones allows us to developA few months ago, she was turned down for a stronger personal relationships because I havefreelance writing job because she had no access to them every minute of the day.”working knowledge of the Internet, and didn‟tuse social networking sites. Despite stating her Favorite young personintention to take a certificate course on usingonline platforms, the company decided to hire a “Of course, it would be my daughter. I am soteenager with little writing experience but who proud of her. I look at her and I am remindedwas digitally-savvy. Sonia marvels at how analog that I never had it so good.” For Sonia, herskills are rapidly becoming irrelevant, and how daughters are many things she wanted to be andmuch one can get left behind because of hopes she can still be – brave, full of life,technology. generous and thoughtful.Through her course, she is learning the basics of They are her biggest supporters in learning newthe Internet – writing an e-mail, searching for technology – painstakingly going throughinformation on Google, finding her friend‟s Facebook albums with her so she can see theiralbums on social networking sites. “It still feels family photos from a recent vacation. By nextawkward for me, like I‟m too lazy to get out of my year, Sonia‟s goal is to open a Facebook accounthouse and actually meet a friend and talk to her. and master the technique of uploading albumsBut I see the convenience of it.” herself.
  18. 18. Knowing me, knowing youMALAYSIAFor Mr and Mrs Azmeer, health is of utmostimportance. Both work to ensure they are ashealthy as possible; bad health can be costly: notjust financially, it would also rob them of theirindependence.They both agree that Malaysia has changed a lotsince they were young. Back when they were inschool, there was a lot less racial polarization – One negative social value they have seenthe three main races were treated equally and emerging is the shift from a „we‟ culture to a „me‟opportunities were merit based, unlike the racial culture. These days, people are a lot morequotas in place today. Peer groups were a mix of selfish, they feel. Also, people are a lot moreraces, visiting each others‟ homes freely, and “shameless” and openly do things that theyeven celebrating holidays together. would have been embarrassed to do, like getting divorced.Family dynamics have changed a lot. When theAzmeers were young, their parents were much Mr Azmeer is quite tech-savvy and uses themore hands off – children were essentially left to computer daily, typically for his duties as athemselves. However, when they became board member or for events that he organizes.parents themselves, they played a more active He is self-taught, but consults his daughter if herole in their children‟s lives. Another change has any questions. Mrs Azmeer does not use thethey have noticed is that children these days are computer at all. This, she says, is not out of fear,a lot ruder; growing up, they would never have but rather out of lack of interest. She relies ondared to talk back to their parents. However, one her daughter for any tasks that she needs donepositive family value of today is the shift from a on the computer, like banking or booking trips.stricter parent-child relationship to a closer, One of the good things about technology, shefriendly relationship. admits, is that it helps people keep in touch.
  19. 19. Knowing me, knowing youBEIJING “The work helped me gain an understanding of different cultures since we served people from soMr Liu is very content. This may be why he looks far many different countries. I am also glad that I wasyounger than his 62 years. He taught Chinese at able to contribute and participated as a Beijinger,”Beijing No.55 High School for 35 years. “When I he said.retired five years ago, I felt very upset that I had somuch free time. I loved teaching, and had almost no Mr Liu doesnt want to left behind by technology. Hetime to develop my own interests while I was learned how to shop online last year when hisworking. After I retired, I have taught myself new daughter taught him how to buy food and snacks forthings. I like being busy and I love talking to people,” Chinese New Year. He has since started purchasingsaid Mr Liu. food and small home appliances on morning My Liu goes for a walk in a park, and Mr Liu has one son and one daughter. His son is ahe carries his pet bird in a cage and talks with hissales manager at a foreign company and hisfriends who also keep birds. “There is a Chinese daughter works for a non-profit organization. Liusaying about birds singing and flowers giving their thinks his children have grown up in a very differentfragrance to describe beautiful days of spring. Thatenvironment and have different values compared to people of his generation. “When I started working,is how I feel every morning. It is fun to communicatewith other bird keepers about their problems and others were jealous of me because having apoints of pride.” After lunch, he goes to the Seniorteaching job meant being able to provide stability toCitizen Activity Center to play chess. Sometimes he my family. When my son was looking for job, I wasreads books on photography and practices on the able to get him one at my school but he rejected mynew camera his daughter bought for him as a New offer, as he thinks teaching is not as interesting andYear gift. “My birds are my models. It is a way of challenging as what he does now. Young peopledocumenting their growth. But I also love taking nowadays are less conservative, take more risk andpictures when I am traveling with my wife.” are more optimistic compared to my generation,” he said. He also thinks family values have become lessLiu, who is able to speak standard Mandarin, some important. “I lived with my parents so I could takeEnglish and has a deep understanding of Chinese care of them. Today my children have their ownculture, was selected as a senior volunteer for the homes and only visit once a month as they have2008 Beijing Olympic Games. children to look after and travel so much for work.”
  20. 20. Knowing me, knowing youJAKARTAToegiyono is a 68-year-old father of three daughters andgrandfather of three. By staying in touch with young people,he is in touch with the dynamics of today which he feels iscompletely different from what he experienced in his youth.Teaching has helped him keep on learning. After retiringfrom a public company, he became professor ofinternational management, business and politics, globaltrade and tourism at university. In his spare times he isinvolved in his church, and regularly takes part in walks andevents for the environment.Consumerism is what bothers Toegiyono most about today‟sworld; with people only bothered about how to spend andearn more. This leaves them open to corruption, bribery,and cheating, and measuring relationships in money terms.Working parents come home late at night every day andleave early in the morning. They have been substituting bybaby sitters, who are often not as educated and lackparenting skills. Electronic media, computer and games area child‟s companion even when parents are home.The variety of Indonesian culture and customs is vanishingdue to globalization. Bahasa Indonesia is used less and less,and traditional clothes are only worn for special events.Traditional puppets and musical instruments are beingneglected as well.Toegiyono feels that the best young role models of todayare Lionel Messi and the characters from the film LaskarPelangi, as they are an inspiration for everybody who wantsto achieve their goals.
  21. 21. Knowing me, knowing youTAIPEIXiu-Gin Hsu, 64, works in a hotel. She is past retirement age, and isnot the main breadwinner of the family. But like most babyboomers in Taiwan, she believes wealth is accumulated throughhard work and people should work till they are unable to do soanymore, so she plans to retire at age 65.Mrs Hsu cooks every weekend for her family, and often visits herhusbands relatives. She spends a lot of time on her family and feelsthat family is the most important thing in life. Family cohesion hasdeteriorated in Taiwan, she thinks, and she is worried about hermany friends who live alone and meet their family members oncein a blue moon.She is also very concerned about environmental issues. She thinksTaiwan‟s economic development has created too much waste, soshe sorts her garbage carefully and uses recyclable shopping bagsand tableware, and has asked her children and grandchildren to dothe same.Many Taiwanese women have jobs, and do not depend on theirhusbands financially, which Mrs Hsu believes is a great thing.With the exception of mobile phones, she does not like using techproducts because they are too complicated and aren‟t of much useto her.When it comes to young Taiwanese people, Mrs Hsu likes artistHan-dian Chen and golfer Yani Tseng, both of whom have achievedsuccess through hard work and are still very humble. Yani Tseng Han-dian Chen
  22. 22. Knowing me, knowing youCOLOMBOShirani Athukorala is a 70-year-old housewife wholives with her husband. She has two daughters andone son. All three children are married and havegiven her five grandchildren. Shirani owns a MarutiCar which she drives herself. Being around thegrandchildren is what keeps her happy.Shirani loves to help people. But sadly, shesometimes gets cheated, which really hurts her.She is very optimistic and believes that if we can‟tchange the world, the best thing to do is to go withthe flow.When she was young, she used to listen to the radioand the whole family enjoyed dinner together. She Shirani says she is not afraid of using technology ifhad a lot of siblings which resulted in many close she is told clearly how to use it. She uses a cellfamily moments, which is something she misses phone, though only to make calls. She uses email totoday. She sees the difference of today‟s write to her daughter who lives abroad. Shiranigeneration, especially through her grandchildren. remembers how when she was young, in theShe feels that everyone today is so busy with “courting stage”, she and her husband had novarious activities that they don‟t have time to spend mode of communication except for love letters,with their families. She sometimes wishes she could which she still finds more romantic than thego back to the old days but she is now used to the modern ways. SMS might be convenient and fast,hectic lifestyle. She sympathizes with her but the creativity and romance is lacking.grandchildren and wishes they had more time withtheir parents. The family moments which Shirani values so much are lost to the new generation. She agrees thatShirani is still a busy housewife as her husband is children now are much more advanced than thosestill employed so that they don‟t have to depend on of her generation as they are exposed to a lot oftheir children and burden them for their daily movies, television and technology, but they haveneeds. Shirani makes sure her husband is properly lost the appetite for reading.fed and looked after and the daily chores are takencare of. She manages to find time to watch some TV She likes the convenience and ease of modern life,and to do a little bit of sewing. Visiting friends, but believes it should be monitored. Shirani likes todriving around and traveling are what she does keep with the times and admires Indian actresswhen she is bored. She and her husband also visit Sonam Kapoor as her favorite young person andtheir grandchildren. role model for her daughter or granddaughter.
  23. 23. Knowing me, knowing youKARACHITell us about yourself…My name is Mehboob Khan. I am 63 years old. Ihave a beautiful wife and six children – threedaughters and three sons. Two of my daughtersare married. One lives in Dubai and one inAmerica. One son is married and lives inCanada now.I studied business and joined my father’sbusiness at the age of 19 and have beenworking since then.What keeps you busy now?My prayers keep me busy. My daily routineinvolves waking up early and reading thepaper with my breakfast. Then I follow up onthe business front over the phone. Then I watch How do you feel about the changes in socialTV; news channels mostly. After that, I get on or family values?the Internet and follow up on the USimmigration process, as I have applied for visas Today due to globalization, Pakistani culture isfor the family. In the evening I have a cup of tea largely influenced by western society. This iswith my wife and children in the garden. After due to the fact that many Pakistani are livingthat, I watch some more TV. I check Facebook abroad and they come back with this stay in touch with friends who are scattered Many restaurants from other countries havearound the globe and Skype with my daughters opened and are doing a lot business here,and son in Canada. I go for a walk at 7pm to the which opens new horizons for our people.park, then have dinner. I go to bed at 9pm after Media has played a wide role in bringing thishaving a cup of green tea as it helps with change. There are many international channelsdigestion. My future plan is to help settle the we can watch these days. The positive aspect isthree children I have living with me and then that the new generation gains knowledge,move to America permanently with my family. while the negative is that they are attracted to it and want to live in that way.What makes you happy? What values do you see getting lost?My childrens success makes me very happy. There are certain families that do not keep upWhat bothers you? with the values of living together and takingWhen I see my family in any sort of trouble. The care of old parents or younger siblings. Theycountrys current state also makes me sad. think it is not cool to live with their parents. With time I believe they will realize theAre you happy with the way things have importance of this value and by then I hope it’sprogressed with time? not too late to make amends.In my times there were no cell phones. Now, Who is your favorite 20-25 year old?even an eight-year-old has a cell phone and isup to date with technology. I try my utmost to My son Bilawal. He is 22. He is studying andstay in touch with new developments on the helping me out with my business. I am verytechnology front. My children are the best close to him. He reminds me of my relationshipteachers when I need help. with my father.
  24. 24. Knowing me, knowing you Japan‟s Genjiro Tagawa and his wife have been married for 41 years. Mr Tagawa retired two years ago and now has more time to spend with his wife. “I feel like we are starting all over again. I have realized how little time I have spent with my own wife.” His daily routine has changed since his working days when he would have a quick breakfast and rush to the station. Now he walks to the park for an hour‟s jog before breakfast – with his wife, of course. “I did not know what to do every day for the first couple of months after retirement. I just sat in front of TV for hours and got bored. My wife suggested jogging, which she has been doing for the past 10 years. I hesitated first, but I started to enjoy it. It is good for health and I have lost two kilos.” He also started cooking for the first time, and is now taking cooking class. “I never knew how hard and time consuming household chores were till I started seeing my wife doing them and I felt useless just watching. I also started worrying that if anything happened to her, I shouldAklima Khatun, who lives in Bangladesh, at least know how to take care of myself.”takes great joy in the Hindi shows shewatches, which keep her happy through the His wife Michiko Tagawa says, “I was very afraid of theweek. idea of my husband‟s retirement. I was worried about how I would deal with him all day long. But it turned out that heShe is grandmother to Nazia Islam, and she is not so bad after all!”is concerned about her granddaughter‟swell-being. To keep the home clean, In the aging society of Japan, seniors are one of the majorAklima hired a maid. She saves time by economic drivers and they are very active. Theypaying bills online. She keeps herself busy participate in sports, travel and learning new things. Thereby watching TV, helping out around the is also a rising trend of senior divorce, caused by difficultyhouse and gossiping with her friends over adjusting to each other after retirement.the phone or whenever they meet.She does not have a fear technology. “I wasborn in a world where there was notechnology available to me, so in a sensetechnology is younger than me. And if newtechnology comes and threatens my way ofliving, bring it on!” she says.The values of old that have been lostinclude a declining respect for elders,loyalty and commitment in terms of family.The new and emergent value that she lovesis openness to new ideas.Her favorite young person is hergranddaughter, Nazia.
  25. 25. Knowing me, knowing youINDIASharad Malthankar, 65, is a father of threedaughters and a son. He took earlyretirement and is still leading an active life.He is an early riser and takes his morningexercise routine very seriously. Themotivation is not only good health, it‟s alsomeeting his friends!His two-hour morning ritual of reading thepaper (The Times of India) and one-and-a-half hours of morning puja (prayers) aresacrosanct. He recently became thechairman of his housing society and isenjoying new responsibilities. He also likesgardening and watching TV, especially thenews, discussion panels, regional TV seriesand travel shows. Some of his favorite topicsare politics, current affairs and stockmarkets..Finding old friends and exchanging ideas are what make Sharad happy. He also enjoys travelingand going on pilgrimage very much.His prime concern at the moment is his second daughters single status. She is 34, lives in Londonand has set a tough criteria for finding a match.Sharad believes technology – Internet, computers, mobiles – has changed the world we live in,transforming it into a village. He feels the change is all positive. He never felt intimidated bytechnology. He still fondly remembers the training programs he went through in the last fewyears of his work life. Now he checks e-mails, Googles to get information and browsesmatrimony websites for his daughter and Skypes with his cousin in the US. He even knows aboutGPRS maps on the mobile.The social and family values he sees changing fastest is the move toward nuclear families.Everyone leads hectic lives and has less time for affection, sharing and love.His favorite 20-25 year old is his son, Pranav. He is proud of his education and feels he is a caring,simple and thinking guy! Outside of his family, Abhinav Bindra‟s gold medal for India in theOlympics has done him proud.
  26. 26. * or at my favorite KTV parlor
  27. 27. Playing on my iPod* INDONESIAMALAYSIA Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks m/watch?v=SDTZ7iX4v TQ Ayu Ting Ting Alamat Palsu atch?v=pFlJ9kCX_oc Zivilia Aishiteru BANGLADESH "Jordan" m/watch?v=D3- by Buckethead. dvCXE-6E com/watch?v=OTcg 9JybEp8SRI LANKA Remake of "Ra Sihinen" by INDIA Shihan Mihiranga (Originally sung by Namal Song: Chammak Udugama). Challo Movie: Ra.One Singers: Akon, atch?v=lTOyahw-lJE Hamsika Iyer Link: com/watch?v=6FteXh p7MZY Song: Sadda Haq Movie: Rockstar Singer: Mohit ChauhanDigu Dasa by Romesh. Link : - com/watch?v=n6mrav=eGDmM_kw8qQ YuSELU
  28. 28. Playing on my iPod* TAIWANCHINA Hebe Zhang Jing “My love” “Looking For” om/watch?v=t3r7a_7L show/id_XMjk5NDAw qRA NTQ4.html SodaGreen Laure Shang Where Is My Soul “Love lonely” m/v_show/id_XM m/watch?v=AUv4_lsYb 6U ml JAPANPAKISTAN Bilal Khan feat. Zoe Skima Switch Viccaji “Hare Tokidoki Kumori” "Anjaane“ m/watch?v=NLwEUsJeJ tch/ HYPHILLIPPINES SINGAPORE Zia Quizon Above & Beyond ft Richard Bedford “Ako Na Lang “Sun & Moon” http://www.yout 5ykbAumD4 v=3kX1JeNhpqA Avicii SuperHeavy “Levels” “Miracle Worker” /watch?v=TnOjBX4veNI atch?v=MTF7T1Nw5OU&ob =av2e
  29. 29. What‟s making people really angry, and why?
  30. 30. Rage against This picture posted on a blog points to Rosmah Mansor (extreme right) and her jewelleryMALAYSIAAn Australian dailys report of MalaysianPrime Minister Najib family‟s shopping spreeduring his trip there for the CommonwealthSummit has been making waves in Malaysia.The report claimed that the Prime Minister‟s!/wife spent RM488,000 on pearls and their event.php?eid=220109671386805daughter spent RM195,000 at a departmentstore. This report comes on the heels of other TAIWANspending-related scandals related to thePrime Minister and his wife Rosmah Mansor. Three local dairy producers in Taiwan that controlThese include a RM74 million diamond ring, 80 per cent of the domestic fresh milk market havethe scheduling of an official trip to coincide all raised their prices on October 1, pushing thewith a personal engagement, and exorbitantly cost of raw milk up by 7.99 per cent. The highestpriced renovations to the Prime Minister‟s price rise was 27 per cent by one of the companies.residence. Stores in turn have raised coffee prices by 10 per cent, and the coffee chain Starbucks has evenThis report has sparked another round of raised prices for black coffee and fruit juice.intense chatter on social networking sites.Many are shocked at the family‟s lavish One office-goer said, “I understand that they‟relifestyle and speculate that the family has raising prices because the price of milk has risen.been misusing the public‟s hard-earned cash. But I don‟t get why that should affect non-milkOutraged netizens have demanded to know items.” Some people are also questioning whywhere the money is coming from and have coffee vendors have to increase prices so much.started a petition online calling for the Incensed by the hike, a “do not buy conveniencedeclaration of assets of all government store coffee on October 20” event was beingofficials. promoted on Facebook, which has attracted over 9,000 supporters.“Najib and his wife should not fleece thepeople. Officials are always trying to overstep Fair trade authorities have fined the three largesttheir boundaries, this is a clear abuse of dairy producers for price fixing. The fines of up topower and as a government staff, I am NT$12 million were announced on October 20disgusted with all the profligacy,” a following an investigation into the recent price hikegovernment employee said. for milk.
  31. 31. Rage againstMumbai and India have been enraged by thedeaths of Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandes,who paid with their lives for standing up to streetharassment by eve teasers.On the night of October 20, at about 11pm,Keenan and Reuben were standing in front of apaan shop along with five friends, including twogirls. They had just finished dinner at arestaurant in Andheri, Mumbai. A drunken mannamed Jeetendra Rana purposely fell on one ofthe girls (Keenans girlfriend) and passed anobscene comment. Keenan and Reubenconfronted the man. After a while, he came backwith around 15 men, armed with bamboo sticks, "We are supporting this movement. Hope it willsickles and knives. Seeing the mob coming, the bring about some change," said Sheldon Santos,boys sent the girls inside the restaurant. The Keenans brother. "We wanted to take it beyondboys took on the men unarmed. Keenan and venting. The campaign will be used to bring inReuben were stabbed, while the others were reforms so that such cases dont occur again,"beaten up. Keenan was pronounced dead after says Sagar Bekal, a group member.being taken to the hospital while Reuben latersuccumbed to his injuries. The team spent time outside spots where young people hang out together, collecting signaturesAs it emerged, a number of people were silent for a petition addressed to home minister R.R.spectators of the senseless violence. "People Patil seeking sections 354 and 509 of the Indianstood there watching...did nothing," said Penal Code be made non-bailable.Priyanka Fernandes, Keenan‟s girlfriend.Parents of the victims are asking what the The online campaign has seen netizens talkauthorities will do so that the sacrifice of their about eve-teasing and sexual harassment withchildren is not in vain. The police arrested 21 renewed interest. In the past, severalpeople in connection with the murder. Minutes movements, have addressed these issues. Someafter the murders, the perpetrators had of these online groups have been revivedapparently been shouting that they would get out following the Amboli incident. Bloggers haveof jail in no time. been posting tips, martial arts moves and other means to fight sexual harassment is publicThe outrage on the Internet has continued, with places.multiple discussion threads with users fromacross the country discussing everything from Netizens have now directed their ire at the policepolice protection and sexual harassment to and politicians after joint commissioner (crime)safety in Mumbai and self-defence tricks for Himanshu Roy, in an interview to a radiowomen. "Everyone has reached a point where channel, said, "We have 30 operators currentlythey are saying enough is enough. Were now and receive around 20,000 calls daily. Webrainstorming on how we can spread more understand that there is an urgent need toawareness," said Benjamin, Reubens brother. increase lines as well as operators and are in the process of doing so." In a country whereA networking community dedicated to Keenan politicians have hundreds of security personnel,Santos grew from 18,000 to 56,000 members in why are there are a paltry 300 staff to addresstwo days. The Zero Tolerance Campaign was the emergencies of all Mumbai, asked angrylaunched to take concrete steps about this public listeners.outcry.
  32. 32. Rage against CHINA On the afternoon of October 13 at a hardware market in Huangqi, Foshan city, Guangdong province, a car hit a two- year-old girl and didn‟t bother to stop. No passersby reached out to help, either, and as a result, another car ran over her. In seven minutes, a total of 17 people passing by failed to extend a hand or call the police, till the 19th person, a garbage scavenger, discovered her. But by that time, the little girl was already badly injured. The woman called for help, and the young girl‟s mother, who was in the area, immediately rushed over and took her to the hospital. The accident has been one of most hotly discussed topics in China of late, with people angered by the coldness of witnesses. The news video has received over 700,000 views on Chinese video-sharing website and has attracted over 6,200 comments. This news is also spreading on China‟s popular micro blogging service Sina Weibo in addition to receiving a lot of attention on major internet news portals and communities. One netizen commented on Sina Weibo: “Those people who walked by without offering help are animals. No, even some animals have compassion and would at the least stop to take a look. Those 18 pigs who walked by should also be arrested and taught a lesson with 15 days in jail. Instead it was the waste scavenger woman from another part of the country who had a conscience.” On October 21, the little girl died in hospital. Thousands of netizens, including Chinese celebrities, have been expressing their thoughts on this issue on Sina Weibo, urging people to be more helpful in future: “Don‟t be so cold, we should never let this happen again!” SRI LANKA Last month, the custodial death of an alleged convict saw wide-spread violence engulfing the locality of Dompe. Hearing of his son‟s death, the father of the man also suffered a heart attack. Public anger was further fuelled when police issued a statement that the “convict died after jumping out of a vehicle in an attempt to escape”. Local residents set fire to the police station and destroyed several vehicles. Special Task Force & Army reinforcements were called in to restore peace. Police atrocities have been on the rise of late. This comes close on the heels of a peaceful demonstration by workers of a free trade zone turning violent due to indiscriminate firing by police. Such acts of police brutality have Sri Lankans increasingly worried and angry.
  33. 33. Phone Fraud Rage againstSource : Stop phone fraud pretense selling mobile content.INDONESIAFeri Kuntoro, 36, lives in Jakarta, and is the first consumer to have complained to the police about hiscell phone service provider‟s alleged fraud. Feri subscribed to specific number, as advertised on TV,following instructions to get a chance at winning a BlackBerry. Since then, he was being billed US$ 20-22 every month. When he complained to the provider, he was instructed to deregister. When that didn‟twork and he continued to be billed, he finally went to the police.Since then, many people have come forward to report similar cases. They have turned to Facebook andthe media to talk about the issue. People are even more angry at the response from the communicationminister and the service provider. The ministry merely went on the defensive, and the company hidbehind claims that its services had government regulator approval.Consumers who reported fraud to the police were allegedly threatened. A movement was launched toboycott Indonesian phone cell providers. On October 15, Indonesian activists encouraged people toshut down their mobile phones for two hours.SINGAPOREOn August 8 2011, TODAY newspaper reported that a Chinese migrant family had complained aboutthe smell of curry being cooked by their ethnic-Indian Singaporean neighbors. After some mediation,the local family agreed not to cook curry when the Chinese family was home. This was the source ofmuch anger amongst the many Singaporeans who love their curries.Soon, Flor Leow, a Singaporean in her 40s, started the “Cook and Share a Pot of Curry” page. “Let‟s notargue, let‟s not quarrel, let‟s learn to tolerate” is her message. Her page went viral, with more than57,000 people pledging support and agreeing to cook curry on August 21. People clearly felt stronglyabout the issue as even the Facebook pages of the four presidential candidates attracted only a third ofthe endorsements garnered by the curry campaign!On August 21, Singaporeans and foreigners alike gathered to cook and share their curries.Singaporeans have embraced curry as the new national symbol, and Singaporeans have shown thatthey will stand up for what they stand for.
  34. 34. Rage againstPAKISTANPakistan Railway‟s failure to pay its pensioners took a deadly turn recently, causing outrage acrossthe nation. Retired employees of the public company were forced to line up for their pension nearthe Railway Workshop, Mughalpura, for days in the scorching sun, with no arrangements for drinkingwater or shade. Despite the conditions, they could not leave because they had not been paid theirpension for over three months and were desperate for money.Weakened by heat, Mahmood Khan suffered a heart attack while standing in line. Some of the otherpensioners rushed him to a nearby hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. The intolerableheat caused two other pensioners to faint, and their families had to rush over to take them home.The tragedy didn‟t speed up the payment process, however, and pensioners continued to suffer inthe heat for a few more days. The government announced it would pay compensation of PKR 500,000to Khan‟s family, which is can hardly make up for the loss they have suffered. BANGLADESH A number of investors in the Dhaka stock market are very angry at the huge losses they have suffered of late. Among them are those who have invested everything they had in the market, and now stand to lose it all. They are raising questions about the regulatory bodies entrusted with the smooth functioning of the bourse, and are wondering that when the market rises again, who will look after investor interests?
  35. 35. Rage againstPHILLIPPINESOn October 18, 19 government soldiersdied in an encounter with the Moro IslamicLiberation Front in Basilan, Mindanao. Thefallout of a feud dating back to the 1970s,there have been numerous rounds ofpeace talks about MILF‟s demands for anautonomous Muslim-Filipino nation, noneof which have yet borne fruit.Results of the investigation into theencounter have not been revealed to thepublic, but the government has called forcontinued talks and a hunt to find thoseinvolved in the attack. One section oflawmakers believes, however, that thegovernment stand reflects weakgovernance, and uncalled for concessionsto what are probably delay tactics of therebels. Rumors that the government hasgranted 5 million peso aid to MILF for aleadership training institute as part of thepeace talks have not gone down welleither.Lawmakers opposed to the current talkssuggest reintegration of rebel leaders viatraining in the national military academyand jobs or alternative livelihoods forrebel families instead of straight outgrants, as has been recommended in pastnegotiations.In a TV news poll on Tuesday November 1,86 per cent of Filipino viewers wereagainst the shape of the current peacepackage.
  36. 36. Waiting listTaiwan‟s first LPGA tournamentThe whole nation watched as Taiwan hosted its first everLPGA tournament in October. Eight of the world‟s top 10players will compete, including world number one,Taiwan‟s own Yani Tseng.Records were broken as Tseng returned for thetournament. Over the four days of play, 66,000 peoplewere at the Sunrise Golf Club to watch, including 28,000 onthe final day. These figures surpass previous highs forattendance at a professional sporting event in Taiwan.Taiwan readers line up to buy Steve Jobs‟s Chinese-language biographyThe Chinese-language version of Steve Jobs‟s biographywent on sale in Taiwan on October 24. People lined upoutside a major bookstore in Taipei at least an hour aheadof time to get their hands on a copy.Eslite, one of Taiwans leading bookstore chains, offeredfree gifts at 12 of its outlets on the first day of sales to thefirst 100 people who showed up dressed in blackturtlenecks, just like Jobs used to wear.The exclusive Taiwanese publisher of the biography said ithad planned to do a first print run of 100,000 copies, butdecided to go with 220,000 copies instead based on thewarm reception. Tokyo Sky Tree is an upcoming broadcasting tower in Sumida, Tokyo, with a restaurant and observation deck. It is set to be the tallest man-made structure in Japan, standing 634 m (2,080 ft) high. The project is being led by Tobu Railway and a group of six terrestrial broadcasters (headed by public broadcaster NHK). Construction of the tower is scheduled to be completed by February 2012, and will open to the public on May 22, 2012.
  37. 37. Waiting listAfter many months of hoping and wishing for YouTubesensation Jayesslee ( grace us with a concert in Malaysia, the dynamic duofinally came to town in October. The Korean-Australiantwins Janice and Sonia Lee, commonly known as Jayesslee,have been rated as one of YouTube‟s top musicians sincetheir debut in 2008. The twins shot to stardom with theirtight vocal harmony and acoustic covers posted online.Jayesslee gained exposure in Malaysia late last year,going viral on social networking sites, and charming thehearts of Malaysians with their vocals, looks, and bubblypersonalities.Jayesslee‟s Malaysian fans attempted to create amovement earlier this year to persuade the twins to travelto Malaysia for a concert. Using Facebook as a platform,the petition was titled „10000 Malaysians would loveJayesslee to come to Malaysia‟. Other fans took topersonally writing letters and e-mails to the twins. Themovement failed at the time, but fans‟ wishes were finallyfulfilled with a cozy Jayesslee concert live in Kuala Lumpur. The fourth ICC World Twenty20 will be held in Sri Lanka between September 18 and October 7, 2012. This will be the first World Twenty20 tournament held in an Asian country, the last three being held in South Africa, England and the West Indies. The format will see four groups of three in a preliminary round. Fixtures were announced on September 21, when the ICC also unveiled the logo of the tournament, Modern Spin. The first World Twenty20, a biennial tournament, was hosted by South Africa in 2007, where India beat Pakistan in a thriller of a match. Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka in 2009, while England became the third World Twenty20 champions, beating Australia in the West Indies. Is it now Sri Lanka‟s turn?
  38. 38. Waiting listStar Alliance is offering Round The Worldfares which include 27 airlines flying to 1,160airports in 181 countries. The discountedeconomy class fare is a very reasonable RMB20,000, which has young Chinese hatchingplans to realize their “world travel dreams”.Gap year, or taking a year off to travel, isbecoming a trend among young people inChina. An increasing number of universitygraduates and even young professionals areputting their careers aside for long journeys toforeign countries. A big part of the attractionof a gap year is escaping the drudgery ofwork for new and exciting experiences. ManyChinese people grow up complying with theirparents‟ expectations, but with risinguncertainty, the youth is now making its owndecisions. For students, the choice to take agap year is a rite of passage to becoming astronger individual; for young professionals itis the opportunity to explore or refreshthemselves.That is what is fuelling the craze for the StarAlliance offer. In just three days, the messageof the promotional fare has been repostedalmost 40,000 times on micro-blogging siteSina Weibo, and has received almost 3,000 India was eagerly awaiting the biggest birth tocomments. A lot of netizens have shown strong hit Bollywood, with Abhishek Bachchan andinterests in purchasing the ticket. “We all Aishwarya Rai Bachchan‟s first baby on the way.should do this before the end of world comes Huge media coverage has ensured that thein 2012!” said one potential world traveler. baby will arrive under the glare of a million spotlights. Indians across the globe are speculating and latching on to any news related to the Big P (pregnancy). The baby finally arrived on November 15, trigerring a fresh round of media frenzy.
  39. 39. Waiting list has been looking forward to theSouth Asia Sport Festival, the 26th Sea Games,from November 11 to 22. Palembang, a cityon Sumatra Island, and Jakarta are to be thecenters of the event.There has been much trouble in the run up tothe games, chief among which was thebribery involved with the construction of theathletes‟ villages. Though some notedpoliticians were involved, the sport minister The wait is finally over -- Singaporeans no longerhas washed his hands of the matter. The have to spend all of their time in H&M every timevenues, not yet ready, have been in the they travel abroad, as the Swedish brand finallymedia spotlight, leading to fears of a threw its doors open in Singapore on September 3.possible delay in the schedule. Singaporeans have repeatedly demonstrated thatDespite all the chaos, the government and they don‟t mind a queue, and the result was morecommittee in charge of the event appear than 1500 people in line for the official opening,positive that the festival will be a success. with some die-hard fans camping from noon the day before. Some of those in line were genuine fans of H&M, but others were only there for the freebies - the first five to enter the store that day were to receive $250 gift cards, with $20 cards for the next 300. An obvious strategy to adopt, given that freebies will have Singaporeans happily queuing till no end! The massive crowds at the prominent location along Orchard Road simply meant more publicity for the store, which has three levels with a complete range of apparel and accessories for women, men and kids.
  40. 40. Waiting listGaming consoles such as Wii,Playstation 2 and 3 and the Xbox360 have taken the world by storm,and Pakistan is no exception.Pakistani men, young and old,have been spending hours ongaming consoles playing theirfavorite games. With the advent ofonline gaming with consoles suchas the Xbox 360, a virtualcommunity has grown around it.The latest fad is Call of Duty:Modern Warfare. The latest edition,Modern Warfare 3, is already ontop of every gamer‟s most wantedlist.And with competition in the form ofBattlefield 3 having released onOctober 25, Activision has been .preparing for war, advertisingMW3 across the world ahead of itsarrival on November 8. Bangladesh has been waiting for the release of Tritio Jaatra, the second studio album from rock band Nemesis. The event took place on Eid-Ul-Azha. The band delayed the launch, which was previously scheduled for Eid-Ul-Fitr, allegedly due to issues with its record label. Millions of Nemesis fans have been eagerly waited for their album. “Wait; if you wait you will have something GOOD to listen to,” said Nemesis to its impatient fans.
  41. 41. Waiting listNews that the iPhone 4S is already beingpre-sold in Singapore has rousedspeculation that pre-sales will begin inanother three to four weeks in thePhilippines. But that isn‟t soon enough forsome: many iPhone fans have putthemselves on the waiting list throughfriends and family in various countries inthe hopes of getting their phone soonerthan that. The Philippines is still reeling from the effects of Typhoon Pepeng, and scores of people are waiting for their share of relief items being distributed throughout the country. As usual, it is the far-flung affected areas directly hit by the typhoon that are the last ones to be reached by aid workers.Children peek through the gate of Angono High Schoolin Binangonan, Rizal, as they wait for relief goods fromthe Philippine Air Force. Photo by Mark Balmores
  42. 42. Tense about …
  43. 43. Tense about For thousands of home owners in India, who had taken home loans and were worrying about higher equated monthly instalment (EMI) outgo due to increasing interest rates, the National Housing Board (NHB) order for the waiver of prepayment penalty came as a brief respite. But the joy might prove to be short-lived as most housing finance companies (HFCs) plan to compensate for the revenue loss by levying higher interest rates or additional charges. HFCs have to maintain a net interest margin (NIM) of 230-250 basis points (2.30-2.50 per cent). ScrappingThere are few conversations amongst Malaysians the prepayment penalty would mean a 25-basis-these days that don‟t include the subject of the point hit for the companies that are already reelingrising cost of living. Prices in urban areas have under tightening margins due to rising interest rates,sky-rocketed and wage-earners are feeling the say officials in the housing finance business.pinch. The Economist Intelligence Unit hasreported that the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur Industry members feel that the waiver of the penaltyhas risen by nearly 25 per cent in the past two will only encourage borrowers to swap loans toyears and recent inflation statistics show that different banks and HFCs. Loan swaps usuallyfood and non-alcoholic beverage prices have happen when there are other players in the marketincreased to twice the global average. Urban offering lower interest rates. Since customerproperty prices have increased 40 per cent in acquisition and retention charges are also high, mostthe past year with the average price of a banks feel that it is only fair that they beresidential property costing nine times the compensated for the additional work through otheraverage urban household income. sources.However, even though prices have increased “A lot of work, time and effort goes into acquiring adrastically, wages have not increased to match it customer. There has to be some deterrent to prevent– from 2001 to 2010, wages have only increased accounts from being frequently switched from one2.6 per cent. One point of contention currently is company to another,” said Srinivas Acharya,the fact that with current salary levels, property managing director, Sundaram BNP Paribas Homeprices are well beyond the reach of today‟s Finance.youth. The battle for new customers has seen banks getThe government has been trying to tackle this creative. ICICI Bank and LIC Housing Financeissue by announcing specific measures in the launched teaser rates or hybrid rates where the2012 budget to lessen the impact of inflation. interest is lower than the industry average for theSome of the measures include one-off cash first two to five years, after which prevailing floatinghandouts to low-income households and rates apply. Though State Bank of India scrapped itsfinancial aid to civil servants. However, public teaser scheme a few months ago, HDFC launched asentiment remains doubtful that the measures loan that offered interest rates as low as 10.75 perwould solve the real problems. Furthermore, it is cent for the first three years.evident that the government‟s ability to improvethe situation will be a big factor in determining Many borrowers do not want an extension in theirwhether the party remains in power following loan repayment tenure and prefer to move to newthe upcoming general election. lenders offering lower rates.
  44. 44. Tense aboutDuring the financial crisis in 2008, high-techcompanies in Taiwan asked employees to takeunpaid leave instead of laying them off.In October 2011, this practice has started again.Some companies have been cutting back staff aswell. Eight firms in the industrial zone of theHsinchu Science Park have been encouragingemployees to take annual leave in a bid to lowerproduction amid slowing global demand. Aleading LED testing and packaging servicesupplier said that it will start an unpaid leaveplan from November to counter slowing globaldemand.Laborers in Taiwan have begun to feel uncertainabout their economic future once again. yj8IYEn8 The prolonged dry spell in areas of Sri Lanka including Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Matale, Batticaloa, Ampara and Moneragala districts has made it difficult for people to get drinking water. In Aralaganvila and Dimbulagala, there are villages where people flock to the well in the early hours to draw water. In other areas with only a few wells, the water level has dropped drastically, forcing villagers to walk for kilometers in search of water. Even in major water supply systems, flow has been restricted to a few hours a day. The water level has dropped to critical lows in the major tanks in districts such as Minneriya and Giritale. The delay of the monsoon rains is likely to have an adverse impact on yields in the 2011/2012 Maha season. In addition to the food costs going through the roof, north Sri Lanka is reeling and waiting for some relief – either from the government or the weather gods.
  45. 45. Tense about On the morning of October 6, 2011, co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs passed away, losing his fight against cancer. After the announcement of his death, more than 35 million Chinese paid online tributes to the creator of the popular iPhone and iPad digital devices. By 6pm, over 36 million microblog posts about Steve Jobs had been posted on Sina Weibo. Sina even created a new emoticon of Steve Jobs‟s face. Hundreds of Apple fans gathered in front of retail stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, where they set upDengue fever is a growing memorials filled with photos, flowers, and stickyepidemic in Pakistan. Due to high cost of notes on which fans had scrawled messages.treatment, the disease is spreadingrapidly. Already affected by floods and Apple products have soared in popularity amongsuicide bombings, Pakistan now faces an increasingly affluent Chinese consumers. Demandunprecedented outbreak of this deadly for white iPhones sparked a scuffle outside thetropical disease. In less than a month, 126 Beijing Apple Store in Sanlitun earlier this year. Inpeople have died and more than 12,000 have the quarter ended June 25, Apple said it sold $3.8been diagnosed with the virus, which has billion worth of products in greater Chinaspread rapidly through Pakistan‟s cultural (including Hong Kong); more than a six-foldcapital, Lahore. Dengue sometimes results in increase over the previous year. Apple alsofever, muscle and joint ache, but it can also be opened new stores in Hong Kong and Shanghaifatal when it develops into hemorrhagic fever last month.and shock syndrome, which is characterizedby bleeding and loss of blood pressure. There Some Apple fans are worried that Apple has lostis no vaccine, which is why prevention is its soul and are rushing to purchase the last Applecritical. products that Jobs has worked on. “I have to get the iPhone 5 as it is the final amazing art work ofAuthorities in Lahore have blamed the crisis Steve Jobs!” said one loyalist on Weibo.on prolonged monsoon rains and unusuallyhigh seasonal temperatures. But the localsblame it on inefficient government and longpower cuts. Lahore has the most number ofreported cases, and banners with giantmosquitoes and public warnings have beenhung across avenues and crossings in the city.The government is trying to reduce the spreadof the epidemic. The government of Punjabhas opened a hotline. Spraying teams havebeen organized to fumigate, spray and fogareas where the Aedes mosquitoes is thriving.Mobile teams operate around the clock totreat the affected in rural areas. In earlySeptember, the government of Punjabordered schools, colleges and universitiesin Pakistan to close down for 10 days forintensive spraying. Private hospitals haveagreed to provide free treatment to denguepatients.
  46. 46. Tense aboutThey say that during every Manny Pacquiao match,there is a dramatic decline in crime, traffic andfootfall in public places across the Philippines. Nosurprise, since everybody is at home glued to theirTV screens.The November 12 match of our national boxing heroagainst Juan Manuel Marquez had Filipinos holdingtheir breath in anticipation. Who cares if the finalverdict was controversial? Pacquiao won, didn‟t he!This is merely the latest round in an ongoing sportssaga. Seven years ago, Pacquiao managed to knockdown Marquez three times in the first round but wasunable to knock him out, ending the bout in a draw. Intheir second meeting in 2008, the two fought a closebout with Pacquiao winning the fight by one round ina judge‟s scorecard.At the Philippine kick-off, Marquez and his teammembers said Marquez should have won the previoustwo fights against Pacquiao. They left no room fordoubt about how they felt, wearing “We Got Robbed”shirts, referring to Marquez‟s close loss against theFilipino four years ago.This irked many Filipinos, further fueling a collectivedemand for national victory. And they got exactlywhat they wanted!
  47. 47. Tense aboutPeople have been tense about the Eid holiday and how to spend it. Eid Ul Azha is the festival ofsacrifice, and is one of the biggest religious celebrations in Bangladesh. People give cows, goats andeven camels for sacrifice in the name of Allah. With spiraling prices, people are worried that theywon‟t be able to buy a decent animal to sacrifice at a decent price.Then there is also the worry that they won‟t be able to get tickets to travel during the holidays due tothe rush. Both marriage and divorce cases have increased in the aftermath of the March earthquake in Japan. 43 per cent of women in their 20s say they want to get married even more after the earthquake. Unfortunately, this does not mean finding the perfect partner is any easier than before. OR On the other hand, divorce cases are also increasing. Although every relationship breaks up for unique reasons, many have reported that they began to reassess their lives and their values after the disaster, and began to question what and who is truly important to them.
  48. 48. Tense aboutFraudulent text messages to extort money have been doing the rounds in Indonesia. Sent by cybercriminal syndicates, many people have been cheated by these frightening texts. The messages,claiming that the recipient‟s child has met with an accident or has been kidnapped, were used toget parents to wire transfer large sums of money to unknown bank accounts.Even though the syndicate was finally caught by police, the SMS attack still appears now and again.It is a source of stress because the messages come from an unknown sender, and no one reallyknows how the criminals get hold of the phone numbers or personal information. “Mom, Dad, I am at police station now. I have to pay medical cost for the car accident injured party, 4 million, text to this number 085613734734, ask him the bank account number and please send the money now. Urgent. I‟ll call you back” “Send to Bank Rakyat Indonesia account name Johan Veronika No.011601051664507, tell me after you transfer the money, text me…” “Send the money through BRI account name Solvi Safitri Account number : 089501006526502. Call or text me after the transaction, my phone cell run out of battery.”

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