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Bigerati - Ogilvy Asia Pacific


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Bigerati -- The most explosive stats in May, compiled by Ogilvy Asia Pacific

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Bigerati - Ogilvy Asia Pacific

  1.  Bigerati: The most explosive stats from the last month <br />May 2011<br />
  2. China’s Internet population has soared to 477 million, which is over 100 million more than the amount of people in the United States. 66% of users access the Internet on a mobile device. <br />Source: Forbes, Xinhua<br />l<br />
  3.  Only four countries in the entire world have average peak Internet connection speeds of 30 mbps or more – South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Romania. Taiwan has the fastest growth (increasing 24% last quarter). The global average is 2 mbps. For instance, a one hour television program would take less than eleven minutes to download in South Korea and take three hours to download in a country such as the United Kingdom, which has an average connection speed.<br />Source: Akamai’s State of the Internet Report<br />
  4. Lady Gaga has over 10 million Twitter followers, making her the world’s most popular microblogger. However, Chinese actress Yao Chen (who uses China’s SinaWeibo platform) comes in third with 8.3 million and counting. While the numbers are similar for now, look for the top Weibo users to pass the Tweeters in the near future.<br />Top Ten Twitter Users<br />1. Lady Gaga (10.3m)<br />2. Justin Bieber (9.8m)<br />3. Barack Obama (8.1m)<br />4. Britney Spears (7.9m)<br />5. Kim Kardashian (7.5m)<br />Top Ten SinaWeibo Users<br />1. Yao Chen (8.3m)<br />2. Little S (7.5m)<br />3. Tsai Kang-yung (6.8m)<br />4. Zhao Wei (6.6m)<br />5. Ho Kyung (6.1m)<br />Source: Twitaholic, BloggerInsight, Sina<br />
  5. There are 156 million Facebook users in Asia. The Asian nation with the highest amount of users is Indonesia, with 36.5 million. It is followed by India (25.6), the Philippines (23.4), Malaysia (10.4), and Taiwan (9.4).<br />Source: Social Bakers<br />
  6. Social networking is also huge in the Philippines, where 95 percent of people with Internet access use a social network. Facebook is the country’s most popular website, more than even Google, and has a penetration rate of 93.9 percent. This surge is largely because of the success of social gaming. 54 % of social networking site users cite gaming as the primary reason they log on. <br />Source: 24/7 Wall Street, The Philippine Star <br />
  7. 8 out of 10 Facebook users in China are male. <br />Source: Penn Olson<br />
  8. 43% of Chinese enterprises have a website or online shop, and the amount of online shoppers has grown by 49% in the last year<br />Source: The People’s Daily<br />
  9. The Chinese online gaming industry is expected to grow 21% to US $5.8 billion in 2011, largely due to the success of social gaming. The industry has grown by over 500% in the last five years.<br />Source: VentureBeat, Xinhua<br />
  10. Asia is now the world’s biggest smartphone market. The industry has doubled in the last year and now accounts for 40% of the world’s smartphone sales. Worldwide, 1.1 billion smartphones will sell in 2015 if the industry maintains it rate of growth.<br />Source: Canalys<br />
  11. However, feature phones sales (let alone ownership) still outnumber smartphones four to one. The growth of the mobile industry is being driven by demand developing world, fuelled by India and China in particular. These two countries collectively added 300 million new mobile subscriptions in 2010 – that’s more than the total mobile subscribers in the US.<br />Source: The International Data Corporation (IDC)<br />
  12. India “only” has 500 million mobile phone users<br />Source: TRAI<br />