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JWTAction in Who's Who in Shopper Marketing


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JWTAction in Who's Who in Shopper Marketing

  1. 1. As seen in IN SHOPPER MARKETING AgenciesJWT/OGILVYACTIONSheila Hartnett, Chief Executive OfficerSheila Hartnett says she has learned to really at the edge of things.’ ”think about subsequent generations of To promote a New Balanceshoppers and what is happening culturally store opening in New York’s– from her days as a sales associate in the Manhattan borough, Ogilvy-Procter & Gamble paper products division Action created a game thatin the 1970s to CEO of JWT/OgilvyAction. was downloadable after scan- Like others of her generation, Hart- ning QR codes. Announce-nett is not assumed to be able to master ments on Twitter and Face-today’s personal technology – PCs and book divulged the locationssmartphones and tablets. But Hartnett of digital “batons” placedsays she recognizes that she needs to throughout New York eachknow what those subsequent genera- day for a month; players couldtions know as digital takes a bigger role in nab the batons by comingshopper marketing. within 100 feet of them, but Her children are “digital natives,” and other players could locate ba-increasingly so are the people who work ton holders and steal them iffor and with her. For instance, as she they got close enough. Batonguides her agency’s current project on holders could visit the newglobal sustainability with Unilever and store and trade them for a pair Photo by Steve HocksteinWalmart, the person she’s working most of shoes, and the person whoclosely with on a digital application is just collected the most batons intwo years out of college. the month won a solid gold baton worth in the 1980s, when she led a group that $20,000. changed the way Target sold cosmetics. “New Balance has always “Good shopper marketing is always“ If you look at retail marketing ... been about running,” Hart- grounded in insights around what we call it’s changing overnight because of the nett says. “We wanted to go the four truths – the brand, the shopper, back to the heritage, and at the retailer and the moment, which is re- marketers’ and retailers’ access to data.” the same time show how ally what’s happening culturally,” she says. futuristic and technologi- “If you look at retail marketing, there are “I’ve been initiated through my kids, so cally savvy New Balance is. We worked on so many things that haven’t changed in 20-now when I see really smart folks in their an out-of-store campaign to drive people plus years, but now it’s changing overnight20s who are true digital natives, I love to into the store, and combined it with expe- because of the marketers’ and retailers’ ac-pick their brain and I love to hire them,” riential and digital activation out-of-store cess to data. With the whole data and tech-she says. “And I’m usually the one saying, ‘I and in-store.” nology revolution, the retailers have beendon’t care whether they’ve got seven years Hartnett says she hasn’t forgotten ahead of the brands, which is very differentexperience, they’re brilliant and they’re what she learned in her days with Revlon from any other change I’ve seen.” © Copyright 2012. Path to Purchase Institute, Inc., Skokie, Illinois U.S.A.  All rights reserved under both international and Pan-American copyright conventions. No reproduction of any part of this material may be made without the prior written consent of the copyright holder. Any copyright infringement will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.