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A Custom Agency Model for Kimberly-Clark


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A Custom Agency Model for Kimberly-Clark

  1. 1. A Custom Agency Model for Kimberly-ClarkSeptember 21, 2011
  2. 2. The growing importance of shopper marketing•  Kimberly-Clark brands are an indispensible part of people’s lives — and corporately they recognized the growing importance of Shopper Marketing to help them stay there –  Improvement in private label product offerings –  Sales pressure caused by the proliferation of brands –  Retailers desire for brands to deliver unique offerings and programming that helped them stand apart from other outlets•  The ability for Kimberly-Clark to begin to deliver breakthrough brand ideas that changed shopper behavior and created profitable marketing partnerships between its brands and retailers was critical 2
  3. 3. Change comes from the top•  The changing in-store dynamics required a change from Kimberly-Clark as well, a dedication to incorporate shopper insights throughout every aspect of planning•  The North American heads of Marketing and Sales created a partnership to enter unchartered waters in order to Marketing Sales keep Kimberly-Clark on top — Marketing and Sales would work together towards a common goal of building brands AND driving retail Build brands and drive retail 3
  4. 4. Reevaluation of agency engagement•  A key piece of the puzzle in bringing their vision to life was having the right Shopper Marketing agency•  They needed an agency with the capability to develop and execute big strategic creative ideas grounded in shopper and retailer insights — ideas that would drive both Marketing and Sales goals, and executions that would excite not only the brand, but its consumers, shoppers AND retailers•  After evaluating their current agency engagements both on the Marketing and Sales side, they realized that the industry standard of having brand marketing and customer marketing agencies was only perpetuating the issue of having insights disconnected from activation and brand activation not in line with retailer activation•  They needed to find an agency partner that could do it all 4
  5. 5. WPP as a partner for change•  As a long standing partner of Kimberly-Clark, WPP began looking at its agencies for possible solutions•  WPP knew no single agency could do it all — and while they while it had all of the assets among its agencies, they Agency Agency weren’t connected, coordinated or integrated•  The same way Kimberly-Clark formed Agency a non-traditional partnership between Marketing and Sales, WPP challenged its agencies to do the same Agency Agency 5
  6. 6. WPP created a new shopper marketing agencyfor Kimberly-Clark OgilvyAction JWTAction Kantar Retail The Brand Union Mindshare Retail WPP looked to 5 agencies, with strengths in different areas, that together could create a best-in-class custom offering to Kimberly-Clark that was unparalleled in the marketplace 6
  7. 7. New agency solution supported K-C vision•  This custom solution leveraged the best of the best in every category, and put them under one leader and one single financial structure OgilvyAction JWTAction — a more efficient and effective agency model•  The lead Shopper Agencies, owned by Ogilvy and JWT, would be positioned to deliver Shopper Insights something no other in the industry could deliver Brand-Down –  OgilvyAction: Brand Building, Strategic Shopper Insights, Strong Analytics Retailer-Up –  JWTAction: Deep Field Infrastructure, Retailer / Channel Insights, Knowledge of “What’s Possible at Retail”•  It ensured that whether Kimberly-Clark was doing Brand down or Retailer up marketing — shopper insights were at the core creating more powerful and effective programs 7
  8. 8. New shopper marketing vision is making wavesin the marketplace Together, Kimberly-Clark and OgilvyAction/JWTAction took home an Effie for Best Shopper Marketing on the launch of U by Kotex Kimberly-Clark moved from #9 to #4 on the HUB Rankings of the top Manufacturers in Shopper Marketing, and the newly formed WPP Shopper Agency, OgilvyAction/JWTAction, made it onto the list as the #3 Shopper Marketing Agency“This solution helped us to best “In todays dynamic environment, “WPP’s solution for Kimberly-leverage our partnership with the WPP solution was critical for Clark gave us a dream team ofWPP and get the most from our us to get more integrated resources customized specificallystrong relationships with all strategies and flawless execution against our organizational needs.”agencies we work with.” that were successful for both – Anne Jones, VP Shopper – Tony Palmer, CMO, brand AND retail.” Marketing, Kimberly-Clark Kimberly-Clark – Don Quigley, President, Consumer Sales 8