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 +82 (010) 2672-9152 OGAN GUREL, MD 
> 30 Years of Healthcare & Life sciences Experience: Strateg...
1996 - 1999 Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School Boston, MA
 Clinical appointment: Intern (R...
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Gurel Resume 05-2015 v18


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Gurel Resume 05-2015 v18

  1. 1.  +82 (010) 2672-9152 OGAN GUREL, MD  > 30 Years of Healthcare & Life sciences Experience: Strategy, Technology & Research Strong Clinical & Scientific Background with Outstanding Academic Credentials Demonstrated Executive Management Ability and Thought Leadership EXPERIENCE 2015 – Campus D – Chief Innovation Officer Seoul, South Korea  Strategy, idea generation, startup support & mentoring, funding and research partnership development 2015 – DRB Holdings, Ltd – Senior Advisor for Innovation (이사) Busan, South Korea  Assigned to the Chairman’s office to supporting the R&D labs and business units with new business initiatives 2012 – SAIHST / SungKyunKwan University – Visiting Professor (초빙교수) Seoul, South Korea  Taught SAIHST Mini-MD; Protein electrodynamics / terahertz medicine research 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 2010 – 2015 Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) – Director (부장) Suwon, South Korea  Director in the Open Innovation Group; previously Management of Technology (MOT) & CTO Office  Expertise in Medtech, medical imaging, digital/mHealth & bio/health strategy, sensing & sourcing  Medical/clinical support for R&D teams; cross-functional research collaboration  Exceptional productivity: multiple research papers 12,13,14,15 and patents16,17,18  Internal (Samsung) and external (global) thought leadership 19 2005 – 2010 Aesis Research Group, LLC – Principal Chicago, IL  Consulted to the healthcare and life sciences sector (both corporate and investment)  Recognized globally as an industry thought leader 20,21,22  Served as Chief Executive Officer (2005 - 2006) for Duravest, Inc.  Interim management role overseeing subsidiaries in Montreal, Canada & Munich, Germany  Recruited world-class medical and scientific advisory board  Developed and implemented corporate strategy as global leader in convergent medical technologies 2001 – 2004 Sg2, LLC – Vice President & Medical Director Evanston, IL  Played key entrepreneurial role  Clinical lead on healthcare strategy engagements for hospital, health system and payer clients  Led research and content development  Developed the Impact of Change™ system, an innovative healthcare utilization database & forecasting engine 2001 Booz, Allen & Hamilton – Associate Chicago, IL  Developed healthcare B2B exchange database to determine industry success factors  Major Pharma: In-licensing strategy and alliance strategy  Leading Diagnostics company: business restructuring  Analysis of corporate innovation; developed benchmarking database 1997 – 2000 Independent Consultant – Various projects & clients Boston, MA  Monitored clinical trial sites; implemented clinical program management  Prepared market analyses, preclinical scientific papers, preclinical and clinical trial protocols RESEARCH & TEACHING 2012 - SAIT / SAIHST – Visiting Professor (초빙교수) South Korea  Taught Mini-MD, a comprehensive review of medicine for non-MD professionals  Micro-MD at SISA/SRA Silicon Valley (2/2013) and at Samsung Telecommunications America (8/2013) 2010 Firecracker (previously Gunner Training) – Editor-in-Chief, Premedical Programs Boston, MA  Led team of Harvard-trained physicians building ‘adaptive learning-based’ MCAT program 2002 - 2005 Roosevelt University – Adjunct Professor Chicago, IL  Taught Cellular & Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics & Mathematical Modeling; advised pre-medical students 1987 Institut Laue-Langevin – Visiting Researcher Grenoble, France  Neutron diffraction & difference Fourier analysis of membrane proteins (bacteriorhodopsin) 23 1983 IBM Yorktown Heights Research Laboratories – Research Assistant Yorktown Heights, NY  Robotics Laboratory of Dr. Russell Taylor; research in high-level robot programming languages SUMMARY present present present present
  2. 2. EDUCATION 1996 - 1999 Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School Boston, MA  Clinical appointment: Intern (Resident) in Surgery and Resident in Neurosurgery; passed USMLE Step 3  Academic appointment: Clinical Fellow in Surgery  Non-resident pre-medical tutor at Mather House (Harvard College) 1996 (MD) Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons New York, NY MD (Alpha Omega Alpha) and MPhil (Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics)  Structural biology research (“X-ray crystallographic studies of cytokines”) with Prof. Wayne Hendrickson 24  Additional graduate study in advanced mathematics and physics; ACA Pauling Prize Honorable Mention  Sciarra Prize for Excellence in Neurology; passed NBME Part I (> 99.9%) and USMLE Step 2 1986 Harvard University Cambridge, MA AB cum laude in Biochemical Sciences; Dean’s List all semesters  Senior thesis (“Molecular Dynamics of DNA”) with Prof. Martin Karplus (2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry)  Independent research (91r) in classical archaeology with Prof. David Gordon Mitten  Independent research (91r) in computer science with Prof. Thomas A. Cheatham  Westinghouse Science Talent Search winner (3rd place) for research in computer science; IBM TJ Watson Scholar  Varsity Crew (Major “H” varsity letter winner) SKILLS & INTERESTS Languages: Fluent in French and German; conversational in Korean (TOPIK Level 3 - Intermediate), Turkish and Russian Travel: Extensive European, Asian & Australian travel and work experience IT: Database design and implementation (Access, VBA, SQL, SAS), MS Windows & Office, UNIX, FORTRAN, HTML Interests: Classical piano, International Medical Relief work 25 and Writing (Waves)26 Athletics: Crew (1st place Head of the Charles), Running (NYC Marathon 3:06) Citizenship: U.S.+ F2-7 Korean long-term resident visa 1 “Terahertz spectroscopy of methemoglobin: implications for novel medical imaging and therapeutics,” SPIE Photonics West, Feb 7, 2013 2 “Terahertz Spectroscopy to Non-Destructively Probe and Modulate Protein Electrodynamics: Fundamental Basis for THz Medicine,” Bioelectrics 2013, Sep 19, 2013 3 “High-Resolution Broadly-Tunable MOPA-Based Terahertz Spectrometer to Non-Destructively Probe & Modulate Protein Electrodynamics,” IRMMW-THz 2013, Sep 5, 2013 4 “Real-time THz Imaging of Human Tissue Characteristics and Cancer Margins,” IRMMW-THz 2013, Sep 5, 2013 5 “THz Imaging of Alzheimer’s Disease: Spectroscopic Differentiation Between Normal and Diseased Tissues,” IRMMW-THz 2014, Sep 16, 2014. 6 “THz Spectroscopy & Imaging of Human Organ Tissues for Cancer Margin Assessment,” 2014 IEEE Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, Jul, 2014. 7 “THz Spectroscopic Response of Brain Tissue Exhibiting Alzheimer’s Disease,” 2015 IEEE Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, Jul 2015. [Accepted] 8 “THz Imaging of Human Lung and Small Intestine Tissues for Cancer Margin Assessment,” Trans on Terahertz Science and Technology. [Accepted with revisions, 2015] 9 “Protein Electrodynamics & Terahertz Radiation: The Future of Medicine?” 4th THz-Bio Workshop, Seoul National University, Feb 15, 2013 10 “Protein Electrodynamics & Terahertz Medicine,” French-Singaporean Workshop on Technologies & Applications of ultra-high frequency nano-systems, Nanyang Technological Univ, 16 Oct 2014 11 Recent research seminars: KAERI, the University of Southampton, The Ohio State University, Oxford University, ETRI, Martin Karplus Celebration Symposium, Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology, the University of Bristol 12 “SSA-MOA: a novel CTC isolation platform using selective size amplification (SSA) and a multi-obstacle architecture (MOA) filter,” Lab Chip, 12(16):2874-80, 2012 13 “A Trachea-inspired Bifurcated Microfilter Capturing Viable Circulating Tumor Cells via Altered Biophysical Properties as Measured by Atomic Force Microscopy,” Small, 9(18):3103-10, 2013 14 “Computationally Efficient, Real-time Motion Recognition Based on Bio-Inspired Visual and Cognitive Processing,” IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Sep 2015. [Accepted] 15 “Heterogeneity and Subtype Analysis of Senescent Cells as Demonstrated by a Novel Microfluidic Filter,” (2015) Analytical Chem. [Accepted, with revisions] 16 “Robots and methods of controlling the same” (US 20140277741 A1, CN 104042344 A, EP 2777597A2 A1) - Mar 18 2014 17 “Method and Apparatus for Generating Real Three-Dimensional (3D) Image” (KR 10-2014-0100702 Aug 5, 2014 + US patent pending) 18 “Two-dimensional terahertz spectroscopy for biomolecular characterization and identification” (KR 2015 & US patent pending) 19 Recent business presentations: 4th Mobile & Wearable Technology Healthcare conference, Singapore National Health IT Summit, International Federation of Health Plans, HIMSS APAC14, KAIST College of Business, Digital Health Assembly (Cardiff), Sungkyunkwan (SKKU) GSB 20 “Diabetes: Medical vs. Surgical Disease?” Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 2(1):135, 2008 21 “Nanomedicine: Issues of Privacy and Informed Consent,” Nanotechnology Law & Business, 6:45, 2009 22 “’Innovation’ Increases Patent Law Turmoil,” Wall Street Journal, Letter to the Editor, April 17, 2006 23 Popot JL, Engelman DM, Gurel O, Zaccaï G, (1989), “Tertiary structure of bacteriorhodopsin. Positions and orientations of helices A and B in the structural map determined by neutron diffraction,” J Mol Biol., 210(4):829-47 24 Xuliang Jiang, Ogan Gurel, Elizabeth A. Mendiaz, George W. Stearns, Christi L. Clogston, Hsieng S. Lu, Timothy D. Osslund, Rashid S. Syed, Keith E. Langley, Wayne A. Hendrickson, (2000), “Structure of the active core of human stem cell factor and analysis of binding to its receptor Kit,” EMBO J, 19:3192-3203 25 Gurel O, (1999) “When the world falls down on children,” Boston Globe, Letter to the Editor, Sep 6, 1999; CBS Radio interview Sep 4, 1999 ( 26 Waves (2009), ASIN B001RTS7LC; ISBN-10: 0-61-542255-1; ISBN-13: 978-0-615-42255-8 ( 1991 (MPhil)