5 claves para internacionalizarse ing


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Presentación de Pablo Gómez, director de Oftex Internacionalización, en las jornadas "Bussines English Day" que tuvieron lugar en el Centro de Emprendedores de Alicante.

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5 claves para internacionalizarse ing

  1. 1. 5 keys for internationalization Speaker: Pablo O. Gómez Director OFTEX pgomez@oftex.es
  2. 2. 1.- Are we prepared to export?2.- Selection of foreign markets3.- Selection distribution channels4.- Five Risks5.- Where to find information? Tools.
  3. 3. 1.- Are we prepared to export? The Company. – Financial means, solid national market – Production Capacity. – Fulfillment of commitments. – Training of the personnel. – Involvement of the Directive Board.
  4. 4. 1.- And our product/service/business model? Is it prepared to be exported? Is it competitive? (Did the sales volume / return increase within the last 3 years? Does it have added value? Does it have something special that makes it different?) - Can it be adapted to the Target Market? (product, price, distribution channel y promotion)
  5. 5. Adaption to make it simple to the customer! Logistics. INCOTERMS. Customs duties. Languages and Culture. Promotion. Payment terms. Personal contact. Samples. First orders.
  6. 6. 2.- Selection of Target Markets by: - Proximity in kms (transport costs). - Cultural Proximity. - Language. - Size and Growth (Population and consum) - Wealth per inhabitant (per capita GDP) - Tariff barriers - Non-tariff barriers
  7. 7. 2.- Selection of Target Markets by (cont.): - Spanish Export Volume to the Target Country. - Export Volume to the Target Country from foreign competitors. - Risk quote of the country: Cesce, The Economist, Coface rating. - Number of Spanish banks in the country - Number of trade fairs for our sector. - Number of state-owned commercial offices and chambers of commerce.
  8. 8. 3.- Selection of distribution channel. - Importer - Distributor - Final customers - Commercial Agents - Piggy-back
  9. 9. 3.- Selection of distribution channel.Profile of the Importer-distributor (partner):  Experience in the sector. Age of company.  Size of the company: Volume of turnover. Number of employees. Number of persons in the commercial staff (intern + extern).  Covered Territory.  Products that are distributed.  Type of customer (wholesaler, retailers or final customers).  Segmentation of customers.  Margins to work with.  Solvency.
  10. 10. 3.- Selection of distribution channel.Profile of Agents:  Experience in the sector.  Age.  Sales Volume. Number of subagents.  Number of products/brands that he/she represents (national or foreign). Names. Are they complementary to ours?  Covered territory.  Type of customers (wholesaler, retailers or final customers).  Some names.  Segmentation of customers.  Commission basis he/she works with.
  11. 11. 4.- Risks of exportation (CDTRI): Payment Currency Transport Civil Responsability Non-fulfillment of comitments
  12. 12. 5.- Tools. Where to find information?-Survival Kit for exporters.
  13. 13. 5.- Tools. Where to find information?aduanas.camaras.org statistics ex-im Spainwww.icex.es Market Researchwww.icex.es (all our services, foreign trade, addressesof interest) Market Researchs, statistics, trade fairs,public organisms, sectorial asociations, etc.www.icex.es (red exterior) ofcomeswww.el-exportador.com (search) sectorials noteswww.camaras.org (plan cameral) commercial missionswww.export.gov (market research library)
  14. 14. 5.-Tools. Where to find information (cont.)www.kompass.com data base of companieswww.hemscott.com data base of companies RUwww.iucab.nl/nl commercial agentscomercialeswww.camaras.org (internationalization, information forinternationalization) online GuidesFuther: (converters, translators, maps, time zones,temperature, logistics, Economy newsletters, etc.)
  15. 15. Thank you! Pablo O. Gómezpgomez@oftex.es