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Introducing cvm...


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Presentation of cvm, a tool for automatically managing your C/C++ dependencies : libs, tools and even the compiler, automatically installed with specific versions and modes (debug/release). Inspired from those great ruby tools : RVM (Ruby Version Manager) and "bundler"

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Introducing cvm...

  1. 1. Tribute to rvm Introducing cvm The best way to manage your C++ applications dependencies Offirmo, 18/01/2013
  2. 2. cvmC++ Version Manager a tool to automatically manage your C++ applications dependencies
  3. 3. Once upon a time……there was a programmer……who was developping an honest C++application…
  4. 4. His C++ app was not standalone…His app was based on a C++ lib called :He was using of course.He was also unit-testing using : UnitTest++…and using cmake to build. (and gcc of course)
  5. 5. One day, the app got (somewhat) ready to go inproduction. The programmer set up a clean linuxbox and began installing his app… (Note : its a server app) Then the troubles arrived...
  6. 6. ● Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (at that time, and make a better example ;)● Clean, no packages installed● Current situation :
  7. 7. ● My app : git clone ● So I need git : sudo apt-get install git● Need gcc & co. : sudo apt-get install build-essentials● Need wt : sudo apt-get install witty witty-dbg witty-dev● Need Boost : sudo apt-get install libboost-dev● Nedd UnitTest++, which has no packet : wget … make (yes, its a very simple lib)● Need cmake : sudo apt-get install cmake● Lets compile : cmake ../xyz make Fail !!!
  8. 8. ●First cmake cant find UnitTest++ that I installedmanually in a custom dir, so : export … (have fun with pathes)●Then cmake of Ubuntu 10.04 is too old for myapp, I need to install latest from source : wget … ./bootstrap --prefix="…" make Pain !!! make install● Default Wt is also too old : Pain!!! git clone … cmake ../… -PREFIX … -DCONFIGDIR … make Fail !!! make install --> but FAIL because Boost is too old !● So for Boost : ... Well, you get it…
  9. 9. Pain ! Fail ! %$# ! Completely value-less task !Utter loss of time and energy !Unworthy of us programmers !
  10. 10. proposed solution : the cvm toolsudo apt-get install gitgit clone git:// cvm(add cvm/bin to the path) cvmgit clone git:// myappcvm new myappcd myappcvm set_compfile Installation ofcvm updatecvm upgrade dependencies Done !mkdir ../buildcd ../build App buildcvm_exec cmake ../myappcvm_exec make
  11. 11. The magic…● The app provides a «component file» listing its dependencies : (simplified) # As far as I know, no particular gcc version is required require compiler.gcc require lib.std # need a recent version require lib.UnitTest++, version : 1.4+ # need a recent version require lib.Boost, version : 1.51+ # need a recent version require lib.Wt, version : 3.2.3
  12. 12. The magic…● Then cvm automatically setup the environment so that all dependencies are met ! cvm set_compfile Set the « component file » cvm update compute dependencies cvm upgrade (who needs what, which version) Install everything needed : - use apt-get if possible - download and build from source else
  13. 13. The magic…● Of course, cvm must know about the components : ● corresponding apt packets ● download url ● how to build them ● ...● So cvm has a database of components
  14. 14. Does it ring a bell ?● Other languages have such a tool for a while ● ex. ruby "bundler"● Its a shame that C++ still didnt have it ! ● Fixed ;)
  15. 15. More awesomness...● cvm installs everything in user-land ● No need to be admin (except for apt-get install)● cvm doesnt mess with the env vars ● set them on demand, hence the cvm_exec wrapper● cvm can ensure exact components versions ● Perfect for production environment● cvm can maintain separate sets of components ● So you can have different versions of the components for different apps/versions
  16. 16. More awesomness...● cvm has more nice features ● Not listed here for brievity, see «bonuses»● cvm is easy to install ● Just bash scripts !● cvm is totally free ● Copyfree license, do whatever you want with it !
  17. 17. Current status● cvm works (at last for me on my machine ;)● It is still rough : ● compfile syntax still in progress ● multi-users usage needs to be enhanced ● only 16 components at this time (jan-2013) ● But easy to add some ! ● Code and architecture would benefit from a little cleanup to ease contributions● Comments and suggestions are welcomed !● Fork me on github ! (doc on internals coming soon)
  18. 18. One more thing...● Why c.v.m. ? ● Because of rvm (ruby version manager)● Like rvm, cvm is meant to play with multiple compilers : gcc 4.7 (for C++11), clang... ● This feature is not available yet (jan-2013)
  19. 19. Thank you !
  20. 20. Bonuses
  21. 21. Dependencies handlingOf course, cvm computes dependencies recursively andresolves them.Example 1 : My app --> Boost 1.49+ My app --> Wt 3.2.3 --> Boost 1.41+ --> Latest known Boost newer or equal to 1.49 will beinstalledExample 2 :My app --> Boost 1.40 (exact version)My app --> Wt 3.2.3 --> Boost 1.41+ --> Error ! cvm cant resolve those conflicting requests
  22. 22. The real dependency graph of my app is : The orange parts are non-trivial to install on my target OS (no correct packet) While developping, I installed everything by hand when needed. Then I forgot about it...
  23. 23. The corresponding compfile is…## C++ VM component set definition## see Thanks to this file and the C++VM tool,## all exact dependencies are installed.cvm_minimum_required_version 1.0# As far as I know, no particular gcc version is requiredrequire compiler.gccrequire lib.stdrequire lib.UnitTest++, version : 1.4+# need a recent versionrequire lib.Boost, version : 1.51+# sqlite is an optional dependency of Wt. We want a decent versionfor some bugfixesrequire lib.sqlite, version : 3.7+# exact version of Wt + ensure that sqlite is built beforerequire lib.Wt, version : 3.2.3, require : lib.sqlite
  24. 24. Additional features● cvm automatically set env vars needed byautotools and cmake, so they correctly find themanually installed libs (over the system one)● cvm can automatically detect headers for libsthat dont provide a «make install»● cvm automatically creates a folder with allheaders so you can provide it to your IDE codeindexer (ex. Eclipse)● cvm try to save resources by caching commonresources : downloaded archives and sourcecode (src not duplicated if out-of-src build isavailable)
  25. 25. Links :●●●● credits :●● wikipedia