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The Key Differences Between Introverts And Extroverts

Here are some of the key differences between introverts and extroverts that every leader should know.

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The Key Differences Between Introverts And Extroverts

  2. 2. Recharge by being social. Recharge by spending time alone. EXTROVERTS INTROVERTS
  3. 3. Enjoy group conversations. Enjoy one-on-one conversations. EXTROVERTS INTROVERTS
  4. 4. Have more friends, but the bonds are less strong. Have closer relationships with a few friends. EXTROVERTS INTROVERTS
  5. 5. Speak more. Listen more. EXTROVERTS INTROVERTS
  6. 6. Easily accept change. Struggle with change. EXTROVERTS INTROVERTS
  7. 7. MADE WITH Discover the 3 crucial mistakes that every leader makes with introverts and how to fix them. See the mistakes INTROVERTS MISTAKES
  8. 8. Get distracted easily. Deep focus for a long time. EXTROVERTS INTROVERTS
  9. 9. Are more open. Are more reserved. EXTROVERTS INTROVERTS
  10. 10. Open up to anyone. Open up to a few people. EXTROVERTS INTROVERTS
  11. 11. Make decisions quickly. Reflect before making decisions. EXTROVERTS INTROVERTS
  12. 12. Love getting attention. Are not interested in getting attention. EXTROVERTS INTROVERTS
  13. 13. Are fine working in open spaces. Like working in 
  14. 14. Speak up in meetings. Share ideas when prompted. EXTROVERTS INTROVERTS
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