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Ten Creative Ways VT Businesses Use Twitter


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Ten Creative Ways Vermont Businesses Use Twitter. Idea taken with permission from Matt McGee. Thanks Matt.
Jen Mincar
Mincar Consulting
Office Squared

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Ten Creative Ways VT Businesses Use Twitter

  1. 1. Office Squared presents
  2. 2. A Messaging Tool 140 Characters in length Used for Personal and Business Use Free Evolving
  3. 3. Erik Filkorn (media,community, government relations PR) and theand the VT Electric Co-op
  4. 4. The FarmhouseTap and Grill
  5. 5. New Product/Service /Classes Establish Authority/Promote website Create a Buzz Track an Event Communicate your goings on Spread Positivewebsite Promote Special Offers Customer Service/Relationship Blow your Customer’s Mind Spread Positive Endorsement Promote a Special Event/Cause
  6. 6. Jen Mincar @jeninvt Office Squared Coworking inVT 106 Main St. ~ Burlington ~VT 802.861.1002