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BizExpress Plan Sponsorship


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BizExpress Plan book sponsorship. BizExpress classes are also available at

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BizExpress Plan Sponsorship

  1. 1. BizExpress Plan™ Sponsorship Package A GOAL “ WITHOUT A PLAN IS JUST A WISH ” JUNE 2009
  2. 2. BizExpress Plan™ We are partnering with entrepreneur- driven brands to distribute a book on how to write a business plan.  There is an increase in the number of educated professionals who are starting businesses.  We encourage business creation  We offer guidance and support  We provide access to lenders BIZEXPRESS PLAN™ INSPIRES ENTREPRENEURS TO: DEVELOP A ROADMAP
  3. 3. The BizExpress Plan is a Workbook to…. …help entrepreneurs write their business plan in less than 15 hours.  Entrepreneurs use the plan to: – answer questions as 2-5 word notes – revise answers into complete sentences – transfer content to our proprietary BEP Style Sheet – format and edit a professional-looking plan with our instructions – connect with our network of lenders who will review submitted plan synopsizes BIZEXPRESS PLAN™ INSPIRES ENTREPRENEURS TO: PLAN EFFICIENTLY
  4. 4. Build Brand Loyalty at Launch The BizExpress Plan™ simplifies the process of writing a business plan to answer the many challenges faced by small business owners.  Who will print my brochures?  How do I accept credit card  How do I setup an 800 line? payments?  Which newsletter template  Who will prepare my taxes? should I use?  How do I find quality vendors?  Where can I work?  Who will help me on a specific  Who has the cheapest office project? supplies?  How can I define my target  Who can I outsource to? market?  Who can I bank with?  What’s the cheapest way to effectively reach customers? BIZEXPRESS PLAN™ INSPIRES ENTREPRENEURS TO: CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES
  5. 5. Sponsors’ Lasting Impact Early support results in brand loyalty to help launch the business goals of hundreds, if not thousands, of entrepreneurs.  The BizExpress Plan™ is a workbook that users will keep as part of their company’s history  Users may publicly share it as they work on it at cafes, libraries and other public workspaces BIZEXPRESS PLAN™ INSPIRES ENTREPRENEURS TO: FORM COLLABORATIONS
  6. 6. Broad Distribution Sponsor supported BizExpress Plan books are distributed for free at entrepreneur-centric events.  Phase 1: Small business development centers, Largest Mixer™ events, chambers of commerce, community banking, etc. in LA & Orange counties  Phase 2: National distribution at large conventions and entrepreneur-based organizations BIZEXPRESS PLAN™ INSPIRES ENTREPRENEURS TO: ORGANIZE ACTION PLANS
  7. 7. BizExpress Plan™ Book A durable book that entrepreneurs will keep and refer to as they grow their business.  9” x 6”, portrait, ~140 pages, perfect bound  May be distributed with other promotional items such as an eco- friendly bag, bookmark, pens, and notebooks  Opportunity to be featured at large- scale entrepreneur events BIZEXPRESS PLAN™ INSPIRES ENTREPRENEURS TO: USE THEIR BUSINESS PLAN
  8. 8. Sponsorship Packages Personalized to reach your target customer at various locations. Advertisement-Based Packages Add-ons  Full-color advertisement on the Minimum quantities apply back cover of BizExpress Plan™ book. $10 per book. Minimum quantity 100.  Reusable eco-friendly bag with  Full-cover half-page sponsor & BEP logo. $3/item advertisement on the inside  Bookmarks with sponsor & BEP cover. $3 per book. Minimum quantity 100. logo. $1/item  Full-color advertisement on the  Signage opportunities at first inside page. $4 per book. designated entrepreneur-centric Minimum quantity 100. events. Prices vary BIZEXPRESS PLAN™ INSPIRES ENTREPRENEURS TO: CONCEPTUALIZE THEIR PRODUCT
  9. 9. Sponsor Encouragement Tailor advertisement to emotionally connect with entrepreneurs and measure impact with custom promotions.  Sponsor could use advertisement to share their message of inspiration and create a tool to measure their sponsorship return on investment.  A story about founders’ humble beginnings  Success stories from entrepreneurs who have used your product  Giveaway or company spotlight for entrepreneurs who respond to your promotion  Promotional code that can be redeemed online  Registration incentive BIZEXPRESS PLAN™ INSPIRES ENTREPRENEURS TO: USE ONLINE RESOURCES
  10. 10. Join our network Guided Business Plan Series and receive access to other sponsorship The BizExpress Plan is one of three opportunities courses to help entrepreneurs.  Layoff Bounce-Back Plan™ (LBP) helps the unemployed become self-employed. Recently unemployed can use the 90-minute class and free LBP Empowerment Guide to earn income while they search for a job.  Guided Business Plan™ is a 6-week online course catering to new entrepreneurs who want affordable guidance and support throughout the process of writing a business plan. BIZEXPRESS PLAN™ INSPIRES ENTREPRENEURS TO: ACT ON IDEAS
  11. 11. Reach 3,000+ Start Your BizExpress Connection potential customers at LA’s Largest Mixer The BizExpress Plan™ book is a on July 23, 2009 published book that is read, used, discussed and shared from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.  In addition to distributing the book at Largest Mixer events, we will identify other distribution locations to connect you with customers who need office services away from home  Share your interest and your personal BizExpress Plan business development specialist will contact you to setup a sponsorship package to connect you with loyal customers  Janine Robinson, Business Development Specialist, 888.523.5244 x703 BIZEXPRESS PLAN™ INSPIRES ENTREPRENEURS TO: REALIZE THEIR DREAM