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Weekend in Boca VII - Lindsay J.K. Nichols - “21st Century Information Scaffolding for Social Change”


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Presentation by Lindsay J.K. Nichols, Marketing and Communications Team Senior Director, GuideStar USA, at the 2014 Office Depot Foundation Weekend in Boca Civil Society Leadership Symposium

How can stronger information systems support innovation in the nonprofit sector? Lindsay J.K. Nichols will highlight the data we have at our fingertips and the challenge of making it meaningful. She will also discuss the basic building blocks that facilitate better access to and understanding of nonprofit data — and how a nonprofit can use its own data to better connect with supporters and the philanthropy community at large.

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Weekend in Boca VII - Lindsay J.K. Nichols - “21st Century Information Scaffolding for Social Change”

  1. 1. 21st Century Information Scaffolding for Social Change May 3, 2014 Lindsay J.K. Nichols (@lindsaynichols) GuideStar (@GuideStarUSA) #ODFWIB see IP note on final slide
  2. 2. 1. How stronger information systems support innovation in the nonprofit sector 2. The data we have at our fingertips 3. Making that data meaningful 4. Basic building blocks that facilitate better access to – and understanding of – nonprofit data 5. How YOU can use your own org’s data to better connect with supporters
  3. 3. Art by Banksy The two elephants in the room… E1: Some nonprofits are better than others (they create more social or environmental impact per dollar) E2: Some donors are better than others (their donations create more social or environmental impact per dollar)
  4. 4. volatile uncertain ambiguous complex #ODFWIB @lindsaynichols @guidestarusa
  5. 5. vision understanding agility clarity #ODFWIB @lindsaynichols @guidestarusa
  6. 6. 8
  7. 7. Information about… Organizations (e.g., Nurse- Family Partnership is currently serving 22,795 babies and their mothers in 40 states across the U.S.) Resources (e.g., The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation made a 5- year, $10 million grant to Nurse-Family Partnership in 2007) Interventions (e.g., regular nurse visitation for new mothers their babies leads to a .2 point increase in math & reading GPA in grades 1-6) Issues (e.g., 50% of children from at-risk backgrounds are below the basic level for reading and math skills
  8. 8. #ODFWIB @lindsaynichols @guidestarusa
  9. 9. 15
  10. 10. A nonprofit’s investments in training, planning, evaluation, and internal systems—investments in itself—are how are how a nonprofit sustains and improves its impact on the world.
  11. 11. Low Pay, Make Do, Do Without Culture Underfunding of Overhead Funder Unrealistic Expectations
  12. 12. Coverage from 144 Outlets 11 Blog Posts
  13. 13. 20
  14. 14. Money for Good 21 Only 1/3 of donors research ~5% research to find the best nonprofit
  15. 15. 22 Money for Good II
  16. 16. #ODFWIB @lindsaynichols @guidestarusa
  17. 17. The FREE GuideStar Exchange Basic information such as contact information, mission statement, etc. Financial Information Impact and effectiveness information
  18. 18. 25
  19. 19. 26 IRS, GuideStar Exchange, Other Partners GuideStar Clients and Partners
  20. 20. GuideStar Data about 1.5M 501c3 nonprofits *IRS *GuideStar Exchange *DonorEdge Community Foundations 8 Top Donor Advised Funds: *Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund *Schwab Charitable Gift Fund 20 Donation Portals Processing $150M+ annually: *Network for Good *JustGive 5 Major Online Destinations: *Facebook Causes *Search Engines 10M annual visitors to 70K social media followers 140,000+ nonprofit reviews from beneficiaries, volunteers: *GreatNonprofits Impact assessments about 600+ nonprofits from 5 Expert Partners: *Philanthropedia, GuideStar *GiveWell *RootCause Data Coming into GuideStar: Data Reaching: •Easily maintain your organization’s profile reaching 110+ leading and reputable websites and private networks •Manage your brand on GuideStar’s extended network 100s of other clients and partners
  21. 21. Bronze-levelbenefits • Participation widget • Promotional tool kit • Nonprofit alerts • First access to GuideStar webinars Silver-levelbenefits •Bronze-level benefits plus •FC’s Foundation Directory Online and in-person grantseeker trainings discounts •Free VolunteerMatch premium recruitment tools for 1 year • exclusive technology tools Gold-levelbenefits • Bronze- and silver- level benefits plus • 1 free seat (annual subscription) to GuideStar Premium ($1500 value)
  22. 22. 1. What is your organization aiming to accomplish? 2. What are your strategies for making this happen? 3. What are your organization’s capabilities for doing this? 4. How will your organization know if you are making progress? 5. What have and haven’t you accomplished so far? – A framework for advancing strategic thinking. – A standardized method for sharing concise information with key stakeholders and the public. 29
  23. 23. Benefits Include: • Encouraging people to invest their money, time, and attention in effective organizations. • Highlighting the difference your organization makes. • Sharpening your approaches. • Positioning your organization to work with and learn from others. 30
  24. 24. Claim Your GuideStar Exchange Form 31#ODFWIB @lindsaynichols @guidestarusa
  25. 25. Individual Reviews Yelp-like reviews written by individuals in the community Collects individual reviews and provides a 1-5 star rating for each organization 32
  26. 26. 33
  27. 27. #ODFWIB @lindsaynichols @guidestarusa
  28. 28. Celebrate Your Success 35
  29. 29.
  30. 30. 37
  31. 31. Evolving the definition of transparency: - Timely - Interactive - Inclusive - Comprehensive Next Impact Call: May 12, 2014, 2-3 pm ET - Financials - Programs - New developments - Failures
  32. 32. #ODFWIB @lindsaynichols @guidestarusa
  33. 33. Know Your Donors
  34. 34. Closing thought #1: Data ≠ numbers. Closing thought #2: It’s time we acknowledge the elephants. Closing thought #3: Donors care. Closing thought #4: It’s not about us.
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  36. 36. Questions?
  37. 37. Licensing The (1) text and (2) basic graphical representations in this presentation are under a Creative Commons Attribution license. The photographs and other copied images are not, as I do not have rights to them. Lindsay J.K. Nichols GuideStarUSA @GuideStarUSA +GuideStar GuideStar GuideStarUSA GuideStar The GuideStar Blog: