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Happiness at-work-top-5-phone-apps


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Happiness at-work-top-5-phone-apps

  1. 1. Happiness at work Top 5 phone apps Lose the boredom with our top five phone apps And whilst we’re far too modest to add it to our top five, we have own Whether it’s a lengthy morning commute or a lunch hour devoid of fun, very own iPhone, iPad and Android apps which let you keep up-to-date there comes a time in everybody’s day when a distraction is quite simply with the very best jobs while you’re on the move. You can also use the app a must - and smartphone apps (or fancy iPad apps) are second to none to search for your nearest branch, and to get all the latest career tips from when it comes to whiling away the minutes. yours truly. Download it for free at We all have our favourites, but these are our top five: We wouldn’t be at all surprised if you had a whole range of amazing apps 1. Facebook: we’ll happily admit that the mobile app doesn’t provide the to keep you entertained, so if you’re in a caring sharing sort of mood, get Have hours of in touch and gives us some top app tips of your own, email us at smoothest of experiences, but we still persevere regardless. Because fun with our when you’re suffering from sardine syndrome on the dreaded public apps transport, nosing at embarrassing photos from the weekend provides some much-needed light relief. 2. Draw Something: ok, so this one has been big news since March, but we still love it. It’s like Pictionary, but more fun - and what’s not to like about that? Oh, and Stephen Fry raved about it on Twitter, so it must be good. 3. Evernote: if you want to be a bit more productive with your free time, Evernote is super useful for capturing inspiration on the go. You can organise recipes, snap photos of whiteboards and view saved web pages (to name but a few of its wonderful functions). Trust us when we say it’ll change the way you think. Deep stuff. 4. Instagram: if, like us, you’re incredibly snap-happy, you will love this app. You’ll love it so much that your snap-happiness will make the world a brighter place with a chorus of camera flashes. Instagram makes your pictures look oh so pro by transforming them with a snazzy filter. We’re well and truly in love. 5. Twitter: aside from following friends and celebs - which in itself is just plain brilliant - Twitter is great for keeping on top of the day’s headlines without struggling with the morning papers, or reading the whole kit and caboodle. Just follow whichever broadcasters, magazine or newspapers float your boat and you’ll have your very own personal news feed.Follow us