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Join the future of job hunting with our iPhone and iPad app.

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App guide

  1. 1. Print Apps handbook 1 >The future of jobhunting with ouriPhone and iPad appBecause we know that having aniPhone or iPad means you wantinstant, easy access to just aboutevery area of your life, we’vedeveloped a handy little app tocater for all of your job searchneeds.You can download the app forfree and use it to:• Search for office jobs• Find your nearest Office Angels branch• Keep up-to-date with the latest news• Receive career updates• Keep an eye on salary
  2. 2. Print Apps handbook 2 <>You can also search for yourdream job directly from the apphomepage by simply entering yourkeyword. And if you’re not surewhat job you want, but know theenvironment you want to do it in,it’s easy to browse jobs by sector.You can also use our whizzy littleapp to read more about the officejobs you’ve selected, apply fora role on the go, and use the‘favourites’ button to save thejobs and news that you want toread
  3. 3. Print Apps handbook 3 <>What’s more, if you see a rolethat you think your friends orfamily would be interested in, theapp lets you share it via email,Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.You can even watch our YouTubevideos on the move. Clever eh?Download the free app now toget instant access to the industry’sbest office jobs, and follow us onFacebook, Twitter and LinkedIn tokeep up-to-date with everythingthat’s hot and happening at OfficeAngels, and across the industry.It’s super easy, but if you haveany difficulties, get help on ourwebsite, go to