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Office 365 eradicates and surpasses outsourcing IT managment


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Cloud Power for Mid-Sized and Large Enterprises

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Office 365 eradicates and surpasses outsourcing IT managment

  1. 1. Cloud Power for Mid Sized and Large Enterprises Microsoft® Office 365 simplifies IT management, while raising the bar on enterprise productivity. Backed by powerful security features and performance reliability, Office 365 combines familiar Microsoft productivity, collaboration, and communication tools to support workers virtually wherever they are, on almost any device. And with a choice of deployment options, IT can continue to run some applications on-premises while moving others to the cloud, or migrate entirely to the cloud. 24/ 7 RELIABILIT Y NE X T- GENER ATION PRODUCTIVIT Y Office 365 runs on a global network of Office 365 services unite cloud-based data centers, well-protected by multiple services with the productivity tools people layers of security and a strict privacy use every day. The familiar Microsoft Office policy. Microsoft security practices take a experience comes from Office Professional risk-based, multi-dimensional approach Plus. Add to that Microsoft Exchange to safeguard data and services, defining Online, Microsoft SharePoint® Online, and security requirements and implementing Microsoft Lync™ Online, and people inside the corresponding controls. and outside your organisation can contrib- ute at the speed of business. ENTERPRISE- CL ASS SECURIT Y To protect the reliability of your cloud ser- ACCESS VIRTUALLY ANY WHERE “With Microsoft Online vices, Microsoft automatically stores data Email, documents, contacts, and calen- Services, we can cut in geographically remote data centers. In dars are readily available on a laptop, our data center costs addition, Microsoft offers a financially- smartphone, or browser. Office 365 is and gain rock-solid backed Service Level Agreement that compatible with most major web brows- guarantees 99.9 percent uptime. ers, Windows® and Macintosh operating disaster recovery, systems, and Windows Phone, Nokia, security, and server CLOUD SERVICES THAT KEEP YOU IN Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.1 management services. CONTROL Now we can focus on With Office 365, IT maintains control of WORKS WITH WHAT USERS our people and not our service configurations and user access, ALRE ADY KNOW technology.” while Microsoft takes over routine server Users can work with the same, familiar administration tasks, such as security up- Microsoft Outlook® and Office tools,2 — Craig Hergenroether, dates and system upgrades. In fact, your IT and most service plans also include Office Chief Information Officer team can segment specific administrative Web Apps, the only set of cloud-enabled Barry-Wehmiller Companies, tasks through role-based access controls, applications designed to work seamlessly Inc. and receive up-to-date information on with Office. service availability via RSS feeds and the service health portal. COLL ABOR ATION MADE E ASY From email and instant messaging to on-the-fly online meetings, people can For more information, contact your Microsoft collaborate like never before, managing account manager. You can also explore: projects, co-authoring documents, and communicating in real time. www.office365.com1 Access from mobile devices requires WiFi compatibility or depends on the carrier’s network availability.2 Available in select Office 365 service plans.This document is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.