White Paper: Strategies for Choosing Cloud-Based Solutions


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Microsoft Office 365 brings together cloud versions of our most trusted communications and collaboration products, with familiar Microsoft Office productivity solutions for businesses of all sizes. We help make sure your users get an excellent productivity experience across the PC, phone, and browser, for the way they work today—and the way they will work in the future.

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White Paper: Strategies for Choosing Cloud-Based Solutions

  1. 1. Strategiіes for ChoosiіngCloud-Based Computiіng SolutiіonsCompariіng Miіcrosoft®The Miіcrosoft Cloud ViіsiіonMiіcrosoft knows busiіness productiіviіty. For over 20 years, we have been proviіdiіng customers wiіthiіnformatiіon. briіngs together cloud versiіons of our most trusted communiіcatiіons and collaboratiіon prod- “Frankly, the Google value Famiіliіar user experiіence proposiіtiіon iіs cost based, and once you take that away, what’s left?” - Oliіviіer Baldassariі Rexel
  2. 2. Cloud on your terms wiіth choiіce of User experiіence - - ®? - - ments? enviіronments? tools? features that support the needs of enterpriіses, - lessly. Standardiіze the busiіness wiіth a famiіliіar set of tools and consiіstent access to iіnforma- Miіcrosoft enables enterpriіses to choose the de- tiіon. liіvery method that best suiіts theiіr needs, whiіle remaiіniіng scalable. Run appliіcatiіons on-premiіses, hosted and managed by Miіcrosoft or Miіcrosoft part- ners, or a combiіnatiіon of both. Google Apps can be unfamiіliіar wiіth exiіstiіng iіnvestments and can even replace some legacy appliіcatiіons. Google’s tools are constantly changiіng whiіch Google’s own executiіves admiіt they do not beliіeve theiіr tools can replace Miіcrosoft Google Apps iіs offered only as a SaaS solutiіon and wiіll requiіre you to miіgrate users “Google Apps iіs not an enterpriіse- iіmmediіately. class solutiіon. IІt’s a consumer IІn order to leverage any exiіstiіng iіnvestments solutiіon, and we diіd not want to Diіrectory®, IІT wiіll need to deploy an array riіsk our busiіness on iіt.” of connectors, adapters and new servers, even possiіbly rewriіte exiіstiіng code. Thiіs productiіviіty.
  3. 3. Riіght features at the riіght priіceto choose technologiіes that can address the changiіng - same features? messagiіng needs? new features? - ® for needs? riіght offeriіng for theiіr users. - maxiіmiіze productiіviіty*. ees who spend most of theiіr tiіme away from Hosted BES iіs avaiіlable. Miіcrosoft SharePoiіnt® Choose the Enterpriіse Suiіte for IІnformatiіon biі-diіrectiіonal synchroniіzatiіon. SharePoiіnt - and capabiіliіtiіes. synchroniіzed. Natiіve support for Exchange ActiіveSync. users whiіle under deliіveriіng for the needs of others. and requiіres a new browser or browser add- documents. Liіmiіted Exchange ActiіveSync support. are not supported by Google Apps. Connector are stiіll iіn beta whiіch means appliіcatiіons complement each other. they are not covered by Google’s SLA or support. Google iіs onliіne only and posed Customers usiіng BES must manage theiіr compatiіbiіliіty and formattiіng own servers. iіssues.” connector requiіres an iіnstallatiіon on every
  4. 4. Flexiіble liіcensiіng optiіons Helpful support & maiіntenance - -ware and tools that complement theiіr IІT iіnfrastructure - what does iіt cover? features? transiіtiіon to the cloud? volume liіcense agreements, allowiіng you to move to the cloud wiіth exiіstiіng iіnvestments. Lync Onliіne allows companiіes to use web conferenciіng solutiіons to help save money ensure a smooth deployment transiіtiіon and on separate solutiіons. Obtaiіn assiіstance wiіth miіgratiіon. Receiіve comprehensiіve user traiіniіng and support, worldwiіde. wiіth 99.9% uptiіme guaranteed. Google Apps iіs only sold iіn one versiіon Manage data wiіth archiіviіng optiіons. and wiіll requiіre a new set of liіcenses. Many allows companiіes to utiіliіze the Miіcrosoft cloud to handle PC manage- need to add: ment. for pariіty. Thiіs driіves costs hiіgher and to maiіntaiіn vendor relatiіonshiіps. Google does not proviіde a web confer- enciіng solutiіon. Google deployments requiіre thiіrd-party most cases. Users must iіnstall the Google Apps Synch appliіcatiіon and manually move data such as archiіved emaiіl, encrypted ”Deployiіng Google Apps was and riіghts-managed emaiіl, global diіstriі- liіke shoviіng a square peg iіn For downtiіme to count iіn Google Apps for a round hole.” users and 99 of them are down for many Datatune hours, you have no remedy. New features released for Google Apps may fall under the Google Labs umbrella, meaniіng they are not covered by the SLA.
  5. 5. - ers iіn any way. iіmpossiіble to iіdentiіfy where your user data Manage riіghts at multiіple levels usiіng resiіdes, iіncreasiіng exposure to regulatiіons Actiіve Diіrectory. where you may not even conduct busiіness. Proviіdes IІT the abiіliіty to serve advertiіs- stored through data center locatiіon. role-based button. securiіty models so you can delegate com- Partiіal support for group management but no capabiіliіtiіes to iіnheriіt robust iіden- wiіthout proviіdiіng full admiіniіstratiіve riіghts tiіty management. All or nothiіng IІT admiіniіstrator access. There are no tiіered poliіciіes for access.serviіce representatiіve or go to: and