Trimo Construction Firm Enhances Efficiency, Keeping Costs Low and Innovation High


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Trimo, one of the foremost European developers of construction solutions for steel buildings, wanted to boost its competitive advantage by helping its employees work more efficiently. The company upgraded to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 as the foundation for its corporate intranet. Now, employees can find information easily, collaborate with remotely located colleagues, and publicize the company’s customer successes with little assistance from the IT department. The solution has provided a development environment that Trimo uses to rapidly automate manual business processes. This and other efficiencies that the company has gained help both business and IT employees while keeping costs low in a challenging economy. The solution is highly reliable and is centrally administered by the IT department, using the company’s preexisting management software.

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Trimo Construction Firm Enhances Efficiency, Keeping Costs Low and Innovation High

  1. 1. Customer Solution Case Study Construction Firm Enhances Efficiency, Keeping Costs Low and Innovation HighOverview “Our SharePoint Server 2010-based intranet helps usCountry or Region: SloveniaIndustry: Construction avoid many annoyances and keep our business running smoothly, at a low cost, which is crucial in thisCustomer ProfileTrimo is one of Europe’s leading economy.”developers of complete solutions forsteel buildings, roofs, façades, steel Denis Stepancic, Research and Development Director and Chief Information Officer, Trimoconstructions, containers, and sound and Trimo, one of the foremost European developers of constructioninsulation systems. Trimo has a salesnetwork in 27 countries and production solutions for steel buildings, wanted to boost its competitivefacilities in Slovenia, Serbia, Russia, andthe United Arab Emirates. advantage by helping its employees work more efficiently. The company upgraded to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 as theBusiness SituationTrimo wanted to make it easier for foundation for its corporate intranet. Now, employees can findemployees to find and share information, information easily, collaborate with remotely located colleagues,so they could respond to customersmore efficiently. It also wanted to make and publicize the company’s customer successes with littlebetter use of IT department resources. assistance from the IT department. The solution has provided aSolution development environment that Trimo uses to rapidly automateAs the basis for its intranet, Trimo used manual business processes. This and other efficiencies that theMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2010, whichprovides an application development company has gained help both business and IT employees whileplatform, enterprise search, collaboration keeping costs low in a challenging economy. The solution isfeatures, and publishing capabilities. highly reliable and is centrally administered by the ITBenefits department, using the company’s preexisting management Greater employee efficiency Easier collaboration software. More IT resources available Streamlined environment
  2. 2. “We did not have a way Situation Document Format (PDF) files, to its more Trimo is one of the leading developers of than 20 European subsidiaries. “Ourto centrally search for construction solutions for steel buildings in subsidiaries need to be able to access all of Europe, including roofs, façades, steel this information in order to do businessinformation.” constructions, containers, and sound and with Trimo,” explains Stepancic. “And ourSlavko Kuznik, IT Project Manager, Trimo insulation systems. The company has a 50- employees, who are very dispersed year history of innovation in the industry. geographically, rely on the intranet to share Its most recent development is a product information that is essential to winning and called Qbiss by trimo, a modular, self- maintaining customer accounts.” supporting, insulated, and fireproof façade system for commercial buildings, hospitals, In addition to sharing documents and and schools. Trimo is a global company, information, Trimo had begun to use with 1,100 employees and subsidiaries simple forms enabled by the Microsoft working from 27 countries, and Office InfoPath information-gathering manufacturing facilities in Slovenia, Russia, solution. Employees could fill out an Serbia, and the United Arab Emirates. Trimo intranet-based form and submit it to their products are marketed in more than 50 help desk to report a technical issue. The countries worldwide. company also used a forms-based process to support its culture of innovation, From 1961, when the company was encouraging employees to submit ideas for founded, until 2007, Trimo grew in size new products or process improvements. every year. In 2009, as a result of the “These forms, though useful, were not challenging economic environment which automated with workflow,” explains slowed construction worldwide, Trimo was Stepancic. Forms had to be manually forced to reduce its operations by 20 routed to technicians in the IT department percent. Denis Stepancic, Research and or to management-level reviewers. “It took Development Director and Chief a lot of time and effort to see these Information Officer at Trimo, says, “But processes through to completion.” now, we see the light at the end of the tunnel.” To position the company for a Customer success stories, or references, are healthy rebound, Trimo began to develop submitted by Trimo employees across new products, such as Qbiss by trimo, and Europe, for each completed project. Each to maximize its opportunities, it forged reference includes a description of the entry into new markets, beginning to create project, diagrams, architectural drawings, solutions for the most demanding and photographs of the solution. Trimo architectural applications. It also set out to also relied on a manual process for maximize efficiency companywide. publishing references to its intranet and Internet site to share with employees, Trimo relied on a corporate intranet, which subsidiaries, and potential customers. included a partner extranet, and was built Stepancic says, “It used to take up to three on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. days to get a reference published. If a sales For four years, the company had used its person wanted to point to a customer intranet successfully to foster employee success, such as one for Qbiss by trimo, collaboration and to disseminate and it wasn’t on the site, it was not good marketing, sales, and technical engineering for the sales process. We rely on these information, including documents, references to win new business.” presentations, videos, and Portable
  3. 3. “With SharePoint 2010 Trimo also wanted to make it easier for capabilities in SharePoint Designer 2010. employees to find documents and Now, when an employee uses the web-Search, employees can information on the intranet. Some users based form to submit information about a stored files on local and network file shares, technical problem, the problem issee who authored a while others stored information on automatically routed to a help-desk teamdocument, when it was departmental intranet sites. “We did not member who helps the employee fix the have a way to centrally search for problem, and then marks the issue asmodified, what the topic information,” explains Slavko Kuznik, IT closed. Employees follow a similar process Project Manager at Trimo. Further, Trimo to submit innovative ideas to, and much more—at a lacked a standardized process for adding “With SharePoint Server 2010 automatedglance.” descriptive metadata to documents. workflow, the right person is alerted and “People conducted many searches, but can focus on the matter at hand,” saysSlavko Kuznik, IT Project Manager, Trimo without consistent tagging, the results were Stepancic. often unsuccessful.” Trimo also encountered problems when more than Publishing Web Content one user wanted to work on the same Trimo provides employees with a rich document simultaneously. “Users would be editing environment for creating their own confused when they found a document content through SharePoint Server 2010, locked for editing, which resulted in many which they can use to edit SharePoint sites calls to the help desk,” says Kuznik. as though they were editing a wiki. Trimo employees use this capability to publish Solution customer references, and, with inline In early 2010, Trimo decided to upgrade its editing, users can see a live preview of the intranet to Microsoft SharePoint Server changes they make. In addition, it is easy 2010. The company felt it could meet its for Trimo users to insert images into the goal of increasing employee efficiency by page they are creating. taking advantage of the product’s many enhancements, such as improved search, Finding and Working with Documents simplified publishing processes, and In the new environment, Trimo stores and automated workflow. The transition also shares all its documents in SharePoint presented Trimo with an opportune time to Server 2010 document libraries, on implement server virtualization and to take departmental sites. Trimo employees now advantage of its existing management find information quickly, the first time, software, Microsoft System Center using SharePoint 2010 Search. Particularly Operations Manager 2007, to further helpful to employees are an improved streamline IT administration. Trimo relevancy ranking model, similarity search, developers worked with Microsoft Services and search refinements. (Search to implement the new intranet, using refinements are clickable options that sort Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and search results into useful categories such as Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010. type of content, location, author, or date last modified.) Now, Trimo employees are Customizing Workflows getting richer search results and are The implementation included customizing spending less time combing through several business applications. Trimo documents in SharePoint libraries. “With developers found it easy to create custom SharePoint 2010 Search, employees can see workflows for a help-desk application with who authored a document, when it was the enhancements to workflow design
  4. 4. modified, what the topic is, and much SAP business management software atmore—at a glance,” says Kuznik. Trimo. Trimo can then produce a combined view of actual and projected sales figuresAfter Trimo begins to take advantage of as an Excel PivotTable, and use Microsoftenhanced metadata services in SharePoint Office Web Apps, the lightweight onlineServer 2010, search will become even easier versions of Office 2010 applications, to viewfor employees. The company plans to it in the SharePoint Server 2010create a corporate taxonomy to ensure that environment.content is tagged with keywords that willhelp users quickly sort results by Deployment and Managementdepartment, product, author, customer, and Trimo will continue to use its Microsoftmore. Trimo is also in the process of System Center Operations Manager 2007deploying Microsoft Office 2010, which will software in the new environment, havingenable users to apply metadata through implemented the Microsoft SharePointMicrosoft Office 2010 client applications. Server 2010 Management Pack for SystemTo ensure that metadata is added to each Center Operations Manager 2007. “Trimodocument, the functionality for uploading a has a small IT team, so we needdocument to a SharePoint site will only management tools that helps us monitorbecome available to the user when the our systems proactively and whichmetadata step is completed. minimize our operational overhead. Adding SharePoint Server farms to be monitoredTrimo uses coauthoring in SharePoint through System Center OperationsServer 2010 and Office 2010, so that Manager 2007 is a standard task, so wemultiple users can collaborate on could see the results immediately. We useddocuments, no matter where they are the management pack to compile ourlocated. They can edit technical documents, farm’s solution design, including alladd to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations dependencies,” says Kuznik.for sales meetings, and enter information inMicrosoft Excel worksheets for sales Trimo has deployed the new intranetreporting, all at the same time. solution to all of its employees and subsidiaries across Europe, and has alreadyWeekly Reporting started to deploy Microsoft Office 2010 toTrimo uses SharePoint Server 2010 to its employees.automatically produce weekly performancereports, which used to be compiled by Benefitshand and delivered through email, for the Trimo is boosting its efficiency and isTrimo Board of Directors. At the end of operating more successfully. Usingeach week, the sales staff enters planning SharePoint Server 2010, Trimo hasnumbers for the upcoming week into a implemented an intranet solution thatSharePoint list. Using SharePoint Designer helps employees publish web content more2010, Trimo aggregates all of the planning easily, find information faster, collaborateinformation from each division of the more efficiently, and take advantage ofcompany into a unified report. The automated workflow, to ensure thatplanning information is then combined, stakeholders can access data and deliverthrough the use of a custom-developed information to customers seamlessly. Theapplication based on the Microsoft .NET new intranet capabilities will make theFramework, with actual sales data from the company even more competitive by
  5. 5. “With SharePoint Server"Our SharePoint Server 2010- reducing administrative chores for the IT SharePoint Server 2010, our business users department, and by improving business can create and edit pages easily, find and2010, the help-desk avoidbased intranet helps us staff process efficiency overall. upload images, and publish immediately.” Trimo estimates that the publishing processcan focus on moremany annoyances and keep Greater Employee Efficiency for references is 20 percent faster now.strategic issues.”business running smoothly, Business users now find the process of “With SharePoint Server 2010, sales people creating and publishing customer can point to customer successes muchat a low cost, which is crucialMatjaz Vidovic, System Analyst at Trimo references much more straightforward. faster, and the IT department spends 20 Employees also find information and percent less time on content updates,” saysin this economy.” documents quickly with the solution’s Vidovic. enterprise search features, so that teams can produce proposals faster and respond Streamlined Environment quickly to customers. Trimo anticipates that With SharePoint Server 2010 and this will help keep the company’s overall SharePoint Designer 2010, along with service ratings and deal closure rates high. Visual Studio 2010, Trimo can develop new Trimo has measured the efficacy of applications for the business very quickly. searches on the new platform, and reports “Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint that the number of searches performed Designer 2010 provide us with an daily has doubled. It also has found that the integrated application development click-through rate for searches, which platform for building applications with indicates that an employee finds the automated workflow,” says Vidovic. “Now, information he or she was searching for, we can work within a single environment so has increased by 30 percent. we can package and deploy new code very quickly.” Easier Collaboration Other features, such as coauthoring, boost Trimo has constructed a highly reliable, efficiency through improved collaboration. low-cost collaboration and content Stepancic says, “With the coauthoring management solution using Microsoft features of SharePoint Server 2010 and System Center Operations Manager 2007 Microsoft Office 2010, we no longer check to monitor its SharePoint Server 2010 documents in and out or spend time environment, and with server virtualization sending versions back and forth. Many in place. “Intranet outages can interfere employees can work on a document at with weekly reporting, and users once, no matter where they are located, immediately begin to call the help desk which means that we can produce when they can’t access our extensive stores proposals and contracts 20 percent faster.” of technical documents, product information, and marketing material. The IT Resources More Available calls become a huge burden on IT,” says Coauthoring also frees up significant time Stepancic. “With System Center Operations for the small IT team at Trimo. Users no Manager 2007, we are alerted in advance of longer call the help desk for help opening a potential issues with the network or with document that is locked for editing. “With our SharePoint sites. Our SharePoint Server SharePoint Server 2010, the help-desk staff 2010-based intranet helps us avoid many can focus on more strategic issues,” says annoyances and keep business running Matjaz Vidovic, System Analyst at Trimo. smoothly, at a low cost, which is crucial in The same is true for publishing customer this economy.” references. “With wiki page editing in
  6. 6. For More Information Microsoft Office 2010For more information about Microsoft Microsoft Office 2010 gives your peopleproducts and services, call the Microsoft powerful, timesaving tools to do their bestSales Information Center at (800) 426- work from more places. With new9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft capabilities and insightful updates to Excel,Canada Information Centre at (877) 568- PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook, Office2495. Customers in the United States and 2010 offers the complete package—withCanada who are deaf or hard-of-hearing familiar, intuitive tools. Now you cancan reach Microsoft text telephone express ideas, solve problems, connect with(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234. people, and create amazing results—in theOutside the 50 United States and office, at home, or on the go.Canada, please contact your localMicrosoft subsidiary. To access For more information about Microsoftinformation using the World Wide Web, Office, go to:go to: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010For more information about Trimo Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is theproducts and services, call 386 07 3460 business collaboration platform for the200 or visit the website at: Enterprise and the Internet. For more information about Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, go to: Software and Services − Microsoft System Center Operations  Microsoft Office Manager 2007 − Microsoft Office Professional Plus  Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 − Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate − Microsoft Office Web Apps  Microsoft Server Product Portfolio − Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 − Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010This case study is for informational purposes only.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.Document published September 2010