College Life


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College Life with or without technology? Office 365 University can make life even easier:

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College Life

  1. 1. SOCIOLOGY COMPUTER SCIENCE ECONOMICS PH YSICS INTRO TO ROBOTICS COM M UNICATIONS College Life Okay, technology is definitely a pain sometimes. Your phone battery dies, or your 3G is painfully slow, or your Wi-Fi won’t connect. But next time you’re ready to throw your device at the wall, think about how college students used to have to get through school. Then give your router a hug. Register for Classes Research Write a Paper Socialize Everyone hoards into the gym and lines up at the fold-up table with the appropriate sign for the right class. So, that’s your afternoon right there. Enjoy! Without Tech: University Log In Registration Registration Complete! Technology can’t help bump your registration time, unfortunately, but all you have to do is log on at the right time and punch in your class codes. In Fall 2012, nearly 80% of California community college students faced waiting lists for their desired classes, so don’t be late! With Tech: Card catalogues, microfiche — hours spent in the library, glued to old volumes that can’t even be checked out. You might even have classmates hovering, waiting for the resource you’re using. Without Tech: Our handwriting was a lot better... but the hand cramps definitely weren’t. Writing papers by hand took ages. Even the typewriter was tough: loud keystrokes, ugly correction tape. Without Tech: Look up anything, anywhere, on Wi-Fi or data plans, tablets or PCs, in coffee shops or bed. Ahhh... bed... With Tech: You’d call your friends, or just stop by to see if they were home. Maybe if you got really lucky, you’d even run into them somewhere! Without Tech: From texting to Facebook, it’s so easy to tell where anyone is. Don’t leave it up to chance. Because — how embarrassing is it when you have to leave a voicemail?! Ugh. With Tech: Paper Sent Done! Teenager Grace Pak set a World Record for texting 264 characters in under 57 seconds. The average college student isn’t far behind. Long live the word processor! With Tech: Checking in at I Love Tea Steve checked in at I Love Tea, 50 yards away. So the next time you’re frustrated that you have to write a paper... remember how much college would suck without technology. SOURCES: With Technology vs. Without Check out Office 365 University to make life even easier. Microsoft Office Update Complete!