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Instagram in the Archives. Between acquisition, user involvement and outreach (Offene Archive 2.2)


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Bente Jensen, Offene Archive 2.2,

Published in: Science
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Instagram in the Archives. Between acquisition, user involvement and outreach (Offene Archive 2.2)

  1. 1. Bente Jensen, Aalborg City Archives and Aalborg University Tekst Instagram in the Archives Between Acquisition User involvement and Outreach Siegen 2015 TekstTekst
  2. 2. General reflections on social photography Cases Conclusion Perspective
  3. 3. Istanbul, Marseille, Oslo, everybody is doing it – swombies?
  4. 4. Auch in Siegen :)
  5. 5. Helsinki Memory institutions as archives and museums can choose to ignore smart phone photography or they can grasp the possibility and consider mobile photography as an opportunity to involve new user groups, to communicate, and to be a part of the documentation of the contemporary world
  6. 6. 1. memory, narrative and identity 2. creating and maintaining relationships 3. self- representation 4. self-expression. Personal photography today is primarily pursued for four overlapping reasons:
  7. 7. Gymnasium class works with archives and town history using Instagram #
  8. 8. From Pinterest
  9. 9. Statistics 150 Million Monthly Active Users 16 Billion Photos Shared in total 1.2 Billion Likes and 55 Million Photos shared every day Source: Instagram press page …
  10. 10. ¨¨ Germany : Universitätsarchiv Leipzig : Leipziguniversityarchives
  11. 11. Mobile devices make it possible to connect to and comment on the and interpret the topography on the spot. The relation between archives and the user is extracted into the city- and landscapes .
  12. 12. #archive20 #christmasinaalborg #archivalsummer Examples of tags #myaalborg # #onthisday #archiveshelfie
  13. 13. #juliaalborg15
  14. 14. Aalborg City Archives: #myaalborg – focus on Life in town
  15. 15. Instawalk with Instagramers Aalborg in the empty Art Museum; Kunsten, facilitated by the City Archives (photo: Klaus Holm Neve).
  16. 16. Conclusion: Experimental zone Aesthetics and technology New networks Which has led to a new Nordic funded project->
  17. 17. The nightmare of the archivist : Snapchat
  18. 18. Project blog: