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Sonata Retail: Driving Retail's Foot Traffic


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Presentación de Álvaro del Castillo (TAPTAP Networks) en Off/On Commerce Day 2013

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Sonata Retail: Driving Retail's Foot Traffic

  1. 1. sonata Retail Driving Retail’s Foot Traffic
  2. 2. Who are we? Friendly, Hardworking, Mobile Media Experts work here Founded at the beginning of 2010, based in Madrid and with over 40 employees. TAPTAP is a company dedicated to offering services and technology in the mobile advertising industry with a clear wager on innovation and strong investment in R&D. TAPTAP is currently in the process of going international with the opening of offices in LATAM and the USA in 2013.
  3. 3. My experience
  4. 4. Physical World
  5. 5. Virtual World Analytics Behavioral Targeting Real ROI Retargeting LTV
  6. 6. …but now, increasing smartphone penetration provides new opportunities… Source: comScore
  7. 7. …specially in mature markets where mobile+GPS brings location Source:Business Intelligence 1.2 Billion Smartphones Worldwide 770M GPS-enabled
  8. 8. What s near is more relevant: Mobile local ads work better 48% CTR Lift 40% CTR Lift 26% CTR Lift 5% CTR Lift Less Than 1 Mile Source:Business Intelligence 1 to 2 Miles 2 to 5 Miles 5 to 10 Miles
  9. 9. That s the reason why local mobile advertising is the fastest growing media segment worldwide Increasing from 2012 $1.2B to $9B in 2017 in the US alone Source:Bia/Kelsey
  10. 10. Next Big Thing
  11. 11. How Big is the Opportunity? e-commerce Sales vs. Total Retail $1,0 Trill < 5% Global E-commerce Global Commerce
  12. 12. Enter sonata Retail Driving Retail’s Foot Traffic
  13. 13. What is sonata Retail? Sonata Retail is the first global platform designed specifically to drive foot traffic to local businesses.
  14. 14. Customer Journey Step 1 Client sees your local ad while browsing on a smartphone/tablet Step 2 Your ad shows distance to business and information on your offer Step 3 Customer arrives at your local business
  15. 15. Who is it for? Aimed at local businesses with limited knowledge of the internet It’s fast and easy Local businesses do not need a website In three easy steps and in less than 5 minutes any local business can start reaching local customers on their mobiles and tablets
  16. 16. A very simple process to create a mobile local Campaign in 3 simple steps and in under 5 minutes 1. Register your business 2. Determine Time and Location for your campaign 3. Create your ad
  17. 17. Step 1: Easily define your business location(s) One, several, hundred or thousands of locations. Works worldwide.
  18. 18. Step 2: Define campaign influence areas By business location, competitors areas, high-traffic areas, by day of week, hour…
  19. 19. Step 3: Create Your Mobile Ad / Landing Page No need for Tech or Creative expertise. sonata Retail takes care of it.
  20. 20. Real Time Reporting You can monitor your campaigns and optimize them on the fly
  21. 21. A Performance Model for the Physical World Local Businesses only pay for the highest valued event
  22. 22. Local Businesses Pay for the Highest Valued Event Bringing real performance to local businesses
  23. 23. Demand based pricing means local businesses bid on time and space Pricing varies based on demand conditions, day of week, time of day...
  24. 24. How we do it? Our retail-optimized RTB algorithm does all the hard work for you Bids for local inventory RTB - 100 milliseconds Ads show on mobiles and tablets near local businesses Worldwide AdExchange Ecosystem TAPTAP Premium Network Arrive to Local Business Local Customers
  25. 25. Actively looking for Resellers
  26. 26. Alvaro del Castillo Founder & CEO