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Tumulong Today (Issue 10)


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ICM's January 2010 Newsletter

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Tumulong Today (Issue 10)

  1. 1. tumulong today AN INTERNATIONAL CARE MINISTRIES PUBLICATION JANUARY 2010 - ISSUE NO. 10 icm expands to el nido, palawan It took Pastor Ernesto three attempts to overcome his fear and visit Pang. Pang was known in El Nido Town for his violent drunken outbursts. But Pastor Ernesto was on a mission. To find and help the 25 most vulnerable families in the slum – those living at or below subsistence – and Pang’s family definitely qualified. Pastor Ernesto is from one of 40 churches participating in ICM’s newest region – Northern Palawan. The entire Photo of the El Nido town community where Pang lives community is excited about ICM’s presence. The Mayor has even offered to pay for health insurance for care and livelihood. She all participating ICM pastors and their families. Pastor shared with Pang about Ernesto’s church has grown from 5 families to 27. Another forgiveness and second church has had to break down a wall to make more space chances and grace. for those showing up to hear ICM’s Values Curriculum. In And Pang found hope this remote region, communities receive little help from and started to change. outside. Recipients are beginning to grow vegetables and He gave up drinking become more proactive in their fight against poverty. and started to work on his marriage. His wife And what about Pang? Eight weeks after Pastor Ernesto is thrilled. And the overcame his fear, Pang is a changed man. His wife neighbors are marveling faithfully attended the weekly lessons in values, health at the change. Pang and his wife Two Tickets to the April 3rd 2010 Manchester United vs Chelsea Match ON AUCTION (plus Manchester United hospitality package; does not include flights and accommodation) On April 3rd, 2010, the legendary Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester, England will play host to what has been called the “English Premier League Game of the Year” – Manchester United vs Chelsea. In December 2009, James Grant Sports, Ltd. donated two extremely difficult to acquire tickets to this match, including hospitality provided by Manchester United. The winner of these tickets from the Washington DC ICM Banquet Auction is unable to attend the match and has generously offered them back to ICM to auction to the highest bidder. You can send an email with your bid to by 12:00nn Hong Kong Time on Wednesday, February 10, 2010. Minimum bid is USD2,500. Bids must be made in US dollars. Payment may be made in any currency.
  2. 2. ICM’s Work in Bohol Brian Yen, a photographer from Hong Kong, recently visited ICM’s work in Bohol. His images provide a vivid picture of what poverty actually looks like. Because of the generosity of a Hong Kong sponsor, in June 2009 ICM was able to open the Clarianna Learning Center in the Baclayon community. The primary income of those living in this extremely poor area, is salvaging in the local dumpsite. Dump workers have organized themselves into work groups which function on a round-the-clock schedule. Children as well as adults, scavenge for food, recyclables and usable clothing and anything of value. The Ripdos’ family home is characteristic of those who work the dump site. One benefit of this kind of work is the abundance of usable “stuff ” thrown away by the wealthy. Typical families have five or more children. ICM is extending its Preschool+ Program to this community in partnership with the Libertad Believer’s Fellowship. Twenty-five children from the most vulnerable families (those living at or below the subsistence level) attend the Clarianna Learning Center. Older out-of-school youth are prioritized. Parents are receiving training in values, health practices and livelihood opportunities. A bi-monthly medical clinic is brought to the community as well. Because of ICM, children are given the opportunity to be children. There is new hope for the future of these families.
  3. 3. Youth leaders from McLean Bible Church (Virginia, USA) spent a week with ICM in November. Their packed schedule included providing pastor training for leaders from Bacolod churches, speaking at a city-wide Christian youth rally, encouraging several preschools, speaking at slum churches supported by ICM, and building at the GK build site. The group went home exhausted but dedicated to partnering with ICM future projects. Kids Against Hunger, a humanitarian food aid organization, whose goal is to feed starving children around the world, has donated 1,000,000 food parcels (equaling 5 million meals!) to ICM. The KAH food parcels are replacing the rice in ICM’s Preschool+ and Transform programs. Of much higher nutritional value than plain rice, the KAH meals contain a blend of rice, high protein soy, goings on at icm six vegetables and 21 essential vitamins and minerals. Colgate-Palmolive has made ICM’s preschoolers smile. As a part of their Bright Smiles Bright Futures program, Colgate-Palmolive donated hundreds of sachets of Colgate toothpaste and sets of educational materials.   Box of Hope, a charity project Pioneer dentist from the US, Dr. that provides useful/educational Doug Leung, is committed to gifts to underprivileged children improve dental health of the poor in Hong Kong and Asia, facilitated in the Philippines. In January, the donation of 1000 shoeboxes 2010, Dr. Leung organized a filled with gifts for ICM’s preschool dental clinic in partnership with students. Jackie Banasing, our local dentists in Koronadal and Preschool Program in-charge on General Santos, Mindanao. The the ground shared that none of the clinic trained ICM staff and kids have ever received presents as volunteers in dental cleaning and   nice, and they are all very grateful. tooth sealing procedures. More Thank you for bringing Christmas than 500 children and adults were joy to poor children (and their treated during the 7-day event. This parents). program will eventually become a standard feature of ICM’s Transform and Preschool+ programs. Queenie Tran and friends provided a donation of 1,000 pairs of flip-flops (or thongs to you Australians). This footwear was greatly appreciated by ICM program recipients all across Negros Occidental.   Progress at the GK   Build site in Bacolod continues, as teams from Hong Kong International School, Macquarie Bank, and Island ECC made trips to build.
  4. 4. Thank you for your support. 2009 banquet report This past fall, for the first time, the ICM hosted three about ICM and sought help. ICM organized medical banquets to raise awareness of and support for ICM’s attention for Susan in the US, where she received a series programs for the poor in the Philippines. The response of reconstructive surgeries to free her arm and neck from was overwhelmingly supportive, and generous donors in scar tissue. Susan now lives at the ICM Dumaguete Manila, Hong Kong and Washington DC, USA, gave a Children’s shelter, is fluent in English, is excelling at total of HK$8.4m (US$1.08m; Php50m) well on our way public school and wants to be a nurse. Susan shared toward achieving our pre-crisis annual budget of HK$16m how God has enabled her, not only to have hope again (US$2m; Php96m). for her future, but to find the love to forgive her father. The HK ICM team joins ICM staff in the Philippines, ICM Outcomes of the Banquets: Partnering pastors and thousands of recipients who will 123 Transform Communities found sponsors. benefit from your generosity, in saying THANK YOU! (27 more communities left to fund!) 51 Special Medical Case funds have been established The highlight of the evenings was Susan Entong’s graceful (Enabling more people like Susan to be healed) sharing of her story of recovery and forgiveness. Susan At least 70 Preschools will open their doors to 1750 was severely burned as a child when her father, in a fit students beginning in June 2010. of anger, threw a kerosene lamp at her. At the age of 13, after 3 years without adequate medical care, Susan heard Thank you for making this possible. (from left to right) Red-Rope product display, Guests bidding at Hong Kong banquet, Susan speaking at the Washington DC banquet upcoming trip opportunities ICM Kid’s Camp: April 4-10, 2010 You and your kids can serve together in this week long Kid’s Camp, where ICM supporters from Hong Kong, Australia and the UK team up to create a fun-filled, action-packed, song-singing, story-telling, tummy-filling, wet-and-wild week of kid heaven for poor children in the Philippines. Contact Transform Weekends: April 16-18, 2010 and April 23-25, 2010 If you are a Transform Community sponsor (or are simply interested in seeing ICM’s work), we invite you to participate in one of these weekend trips to visit your community and see the transformation and hope you have made possible. Contact Island ECC Build Trip: September 28, 2010 - October 3, 2010 Come and work with this team from Island ECC, Hong Kong, to build homes at the GK site in Bacolod. Families with children over 7 are welcome. Part of the trip will be spent visiting and encouraging ICM programs and recipients. Contact or For questions or comments, please contact: MERRYL TAN (Communications Manager - Hong Kong) Email: Office No.: +852-3470-3009 Address: 22A Lockhart Centre, 301-307 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Website: