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Mayhughs December Newsletter


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Mayhughs December Newsletter

  1. 1. The Mayhugh Newsletter exciting, painful, exhausting, joyful and almost any other adjective you can think of. Even if you were well acquainted with ICM’s work in the past, you could be confused with what we’re now up to. Even some of our partnering pastors are having a challenge It’s been a while since our last newsletter and catching up with our new programs. The we have lots to share. One reason for the easiest way to understand is by visiting delay is we’ve been contemplating what the then click on ‘Programs’. new year will hold for us. We’ve now made But if you need a quick summary, it’s VHL: plans to go back to Hong Kong in late Values, Health and Livelihood. All of our January for a few months. We’re hoping our community-based programs now include our time in Hong Kong will allow us to take a bit new VHL curriculum. Every week each of a break and reconnect with our supporting church. Daniel will be able continue to maintain his role as director of livelihood while away. Family You may be wondering if our family has had a recent addition. In our last newsletter we were hoping to be matched with a baby for adoption around August. Although we thought we were ready it turned out not to be. We’ve recently found out that some changes are being made to the Philippine law recipient receives 1 and a half hours of in order to make adoptions more simple. practical teaching in these areas. Even Until those though we are just 4 months into our new changes are programs, I can honestly say that the vast made our case majority of our recipients love our new VHL has been put curriculum. It’s simple yet practical teaching on hold. which helps them to improve their day to day Although lives. waiting is VHL: Values never easy we We’ve adopted and slightly modified a local appreciate that course called Discover. It has similarities having a new with the Alpha course, and is a basic baby would not introduction to what Christianity is all about. have been easy We think this will be a better fit with our during the community development approach and look busyness of the forward to hearing feedback on it in the last 6 months. future. Pastor Dan Mijaris, from Bacolod, is Although the new Director of Values. information is a little difficult to find, we don’t expect that there will be a matching within the next few months. If we hear matching’s have resumed, we’re prepared to return early from Hong Kong. New ICM & Logo (above) It was just over 6 months ago that ICM began refocusing its vision. It’s been intense,
  2. 2. VHL: Health of course our Bohol staff party. This ICM is now teaching a UN standard year Anna decided to cash in on the primary health curriculum. Again, festive mood and has been baking we’ve modified it slightly to better cookies to order for the staff. What serve our clients. Helen Turner, started as a fun idea quickly turned from Australia, is the new Director into a business and we now have of Medical. 200+ cookies to bake in the last week before Christmas. With an unreliable Daniel’s many roles… oven that can only bake 18 at a time, As we mentioned in our last we’re not yet decided if ‘Anna’s newsletter, Daniel had just been Cookies’ will return after the holidays. asked to be the national director of Another opportunity Anna has had livelihood. In these 6 month, he co- this year is to help our friends from wrote (with a lot of help from Unbroken International Malcolm Wood) 3 versions of our ( to livelihood curriculum. The shorter buy Christmas gifts for disadvantaged version, for Uplift, has had around 6 or 7 kids. Using money raised in the US we were rewrites, because we are learning so much. able to buy presents for 37 children and Daniel’s been able to travel to each of the 5 teenagers at a local orphanage. We look bases at least twice in the last 6 months and forward to delivering them next week. he learned a lot: both the good and the bad. Fortunately, those who received our 1st Hong Kong help edition still have many success stories. We are looking forward to catching up with One of Daniel’s other roles is managing the many friends and family while in HK. We are Uplift and Leader Care programs in Bohol. still looking for accommodation for our time As great as it’s been to gain firsthand experience of our programs, he’s realized he can’t do all of his roles adequately. So this past month he’s been training 1 of his staff to oversee the Uplift program. Photo shoot Last month we had the opportunity to meet a new ICM volunteer photographer. Brian there, so if you know anywhere we can visited Bohol for a weekend to take some housesit / rent for a low price or even for free pictures of the people who ICM works with. please contact us. As of now we’re not sure He took some really great shots which can be how long we’ll be there but we expect seen at: between 1-3 months. If you want to get an idea of who we work Website? with then take a look. Some of you may have noticed that our website has been down. And that’s because it Christmas Time no longer exists. With Facebook and our Although in the personal blogs, we realized our website Philippines Christmas wasn’t getting much of our attention so we preparations begin in decided not to renew it and save ourselves September (it’s the $100. For those not yet on Facebook, sorry. first ‘ber’ month) it’s We hope these newsletters will keep you just been the last few updated. weeks that everything at ICM has been Contact feeling festive. You can Email: see our photos from the various preschool Phone: +(63)918-47-65-305 Christmas parties and Mail: 181E St. Joseph Village, Dampas, Tagbilaran City, Bohol 6300, Philippines