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Social diabetes ss16_presentation


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''A new patient experience - Getting good accessible healthcare to the world''
Vertical Stage Moderated by Izanami Martinez, Doctor24
17:00- 17:30 Speakers: Maria Jesus Salido (Social Diabetes), Adam Odessky (Sensely), Anders Hallin (Kry)

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Social diabetes ss16_presentation

  1. 1. Get Your Diabetes Under Control SocialDiabetes South Summit 2016 Madrid
  2. 2. SocialDiabetes
  3. 3. North America and Caribbean 2015 44.3 million 2040 60.5 million South and Central America 2015 29.6 million 2040 48.8 million Africa 2015 14.2 million 2040 34.2 million South East Asia 2015 78.3 million 2040 140.2 million Europe 2015 59.8 million 2040 71.1 million Western Pacific 2015 153.2 million 2040 214.8 million Middle East and North Africa 2015 35.4 million 2040 72.1 million Estimated number of people with diabetes worldwide and per region in 2015 and 2040 (20-79 years) World 2015 415 million 2040 642 million DIABETES – A GLOBAL EMERGENCY Source:  IDF  Diabetes  Atlas  2015.  Interna9onal  Diabetes  Federa9on  
  4. 4. SocialDiabetes …is   a   digital   health   pla?orm   for   Diabetes   management,   complete   with   a   mobile   app   and   a   desktop   solu/on   that   empowers  pa9ents  to  ac9vely  engage  in  their  own  care. Empowering  pa/ents  toward  Fundamentally  Change  the  Diabetes  Care  Paradigm  
  5. 5. One of the best tool in the market…
  6. 6. Universal  Device   Integra9on.   Connec9vity:  IoT   Smart  Data   Exploita9on   Integrated  with   Health  Care  Team/ Systems   Adap9ve   algorithm.   Personalisa9on     Integral  LifeStyle   support  :                 Sport,  Diet   Radical  User   Experience   Innova9on   Entertainment   Gamifica9on   Content   Educa9on   Socia  Network   Community   Engagement   Family  Roleplay   Context   Your diabetes Your body Your data Your life Your feelings Social Clinic Holistic
  7. 7. E P I C Engagement Accessible and encourage involvement Personalisation Tailored to you, your life, your data, your needs Integration With your life, with educational resources, with clinical systems Communication Connecting you to the people who can help and support you SD-EPIC Framework
  8. 8. •  +100.000  worldwide  downloads.     •  User  rate  4.5/5   •  Global  industry  recogni9on  :  Menarini,  ABBOTT   •  First  contracts:  Hospital  Sant  Joan  de  Deu   Project  .  Barcelona   •  UK  NHS    preference  provider     •  Winner  UNESCO  –  WSA  to  the  best  applica9on.   Abu  Dhabi  2013   •  Winner  APPCircus  –  Los  Angeles  2013  
  9. 9. We are Patients We are Digital We are Commitment We are Community
  10. 10. @Odilas / @socialdiabetes Madrid 2016