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Winning habits


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Published in: Spiritual
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Winning habits

  1. 1. DEVELOPING WINNING HABITS Presented By Scott Odigie
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE To redefine the powerand principle of winning habits to life and destiny.
  3. 3. DEFINITION OF CONCEPT (Habit) Habits are automatic routines of behavior that are repeated regularly, without thinking. They are learned, not instinctive, human behaviors that occur automatically, without the explicit contemporaneous intention of the person. When you automatically put on your seat belt once you get in your car, thats a habit. When you find yourself biting your fingernails, thats a habit. When you clap your hands after a performance, thats a habit.
  4. 4. DEFINITION OF CONCEPT (winning) victorious or bringing victory To be successful against all odds.
  5. 5. DEFINITION OF CONCEPT (winning habit) Winning habits are automatic routines of behavior that are repeated regularly, without thinking that empowers you to be victorious in all situations.
  6. 6. MECAHNISM OF DEVELOPMENT OF HABITS When you learn something, your brain makes connections that create pathways for neurological activity. When you routinely perform the same actions, your brain learns this pattern of behavior and sets up a pathway. This pathway is a more efficient way for the brain to process the routine, as opposed to a new series of discreet tasks. That is a habit. They are from repeated behaviors, responses and thoughts.
  7. 7. APPLICATION: WHY HABITS?1. There will always be circumstances of failure in life. (Examples are Elijah and Jezebel, David and the Amalekites, Jacob and the Angel he wrestled with). Therefore, even if you failed or lost something does not meanlife has ended. Brace up and take up the challenge and how do you dothat, through developing winning habits.
  8. 8. APPLICATION: WHY HABITS? 2. Apart from havingchallenges; in accomplishing a goal, there is need for winning habits in other toproactive. E.g. Apostle Paul in 1Cor. 9:24-27.
  9. 9. APPLICATION: WHY HABITS?3. Because of the dynamicnature and systems of our contemporary societies; there is need for winning habits in other to birthexcellence on what you do
  10. 10. PURPOSE OF HABITS 1. It brings simplicity in our lives: the basic purpose of habits is to assists in daily living. Imagine if all of us have to consciously think and direct our intentions when doing and going through every single thing in our daily lives.
  11. 11. PURPOSE OF HABITS 2. It helps in multi-tasking: perform multiple tasks at the same time.
  12. 12. WINNING HABIT1. Learning from failures
  13. 13. WINNING HABIT2. Self motivation
  14. 14. WINNING HABIT3. Competitive performance
  15. 15. WINNING HABIT4. Self evaluation
  16. 16. WINNING HABIT5. Strategic planning
  17. 17. WINNING HABIT6. Celebrating little success
  18. 18. WINNING HABIT7. Goal-setting
  19. 19. WINNING HABIT8. Focusing on one thing at a time
  20. 20. WINNING HABIT9. Flexibility to change
  21. 21. WINNING HABIT10. Intercession
  22. 22. HOW TO DEVELOP WINNING HABITS? 1. Know your unique temperament strength and weaknesses.
  23. 23. HOW TO DEVELOP WINNING HABITS? 2. Self analysis: check your repeated behaviors, responses and thoughts you exhibit.
  24. 24. HOW TO DEVELOP WINNING HABITS? 3. Keep an eye on developing the benefit of winning habits.
  25. 25. HOW TO DEVELOP WINNING HABITS? 4. Start now! Avoid procrastination, giving excuses and transferring blames.
  26. 26. CONCLUSION Simplify yourlife…develop winninghabits. Thank you for listening.