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How to succeed anywhere, anyday & anytime?


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How to succeed anywhere, anyday & anytime?

  2. 2. OBJECTIVETo redefinesuccess.
  3. 3. REFERENCE46John 1:46(KJV)
  4. 4. ANALYSIS OF CONCEPTSuccess is “who youare” and not“materialism.” Thatis, it is more of “intrinsicvalues& quality” ratherthan “extrinsic.”Successis in you!
  5. 5. APPLICATIONPastor Adeboyeonce said, “if yourelocate me to thedesert, I will build abetter RedemptionCamp.”
  6. 6. WHY YOU CAN SUCCEEDANYWHERE, ANYDAY & ANYTIME?1. “Principles”cannot bebroken; theyare universalin their designand capacity.
  7. 7. WHY YOU CAN SUCCEEDANYWHERE, ANYDAY & ANYTIME?2.Success isin “whoyou are.”
  8. 8. MYTHS ABOUT SUCCESS1. Success is afunction of luck
  9. 9. MYTHS ABOUT SUCCESS2. Some “few” were bornbetter and destined tosucceed. It is not a gift!
  10. 10. MYTHS ABOUT SUCCESS3. Success is a function oflocation, profession, position, race, andage.
  11. 11. KEYS1. Discover a dreamfor your life; findsomething you arepassionate about,; alife-time purpose youcan be committedwith
  12. 12. KEYS2. Possibility mentality:success is not given but taken.You must dare to succeedwithout accepting failure foran answer irrespective ofyourlocation, profession, positionetc.
  13. 13. APPLICATION: SUCCESS STORIES1. Henry Ford failed formore than 1 year beforeachieving his V8 enginecar.2. Barrack Obamadecided to succeedirrespective of hislimitation. 3.
  14. 14. KEYS3. Do not look forwho or what toblame for yourfailures ormistake-takeresponsibility.
  15. 15. APPLICATION: SUCCESS STORIES1.Cosmas Maduka-was given#200 as his benefit as anapprentice to punish him. ( Ibelieve life is not so muchabout what happens toyou, but about theopportunities and obstaclesGod puts in your way to getthe best out of you”, he says.)
  16. 16. KEYS4. Set strategic goals;start from “where”you are, with “what”you have, but yourdream/passion inview.
  17. 17. APPLICATION: SUCCESS STORIES1. Cosmas Maduka: From hisexperience, Cosmas advises:“You can start any mean job asa stepping stone to where youwant to be. The best skill youneed is simply the ability tomanage money properly andrely on God for grace.Blackberry is somebody’s brainchild; same with Nokia.
  18. 18. KEYS5. Specialize inan area; upgradeand keep onupdatingyourself. Majoron “major.”
  19. 19. APPLICATION: SUCCESS STORIES1. CosmasMaduka-Automobile.2. Dangote-Manufacturing
  20. 20. KEYS6. Build your own system of “values.” values such asdiligence, accountability, innovation, excellence, integrity etc.“Values” keep you on track!
  21. 21. CONCLUSIONSuccess is in“you.”