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Tratamento de água e de piscinas


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Sistema BIO UV o mais ecológico sistema de tratamento das águas e de piscinas

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Tratamento de água e de piscinas

  1. 1. BIO-UV GO NATURAL CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER WITHOUT CHLORINE BIO-UV ® Water treatment specialist ULTRAVIOLET WATER TREATMENT BIO-UV introduced ultraviolet water sanitation for swimming pools 1. How ultraviolet purifies water page 2 2. Ultraviolet energy chart page 3 3. Remanent procedure page 4 4. Advantages of this type of purification page 4 5. Other water treatment systems page 5 6. BIO-UV package page 5 7. Basic procedures page 6-7 8. Application of the system page 8 9. Warranties page 9 Conclusion page 9 Copyright BIO-UV 20/08/08 1
  2. 2. BIO-UV 1. Ultraviolet purification It has long been known In addition, thanks to the reflection produced by the that ultraviolet lamps at stainless steel (316 L) within the chamber, efficiency a wavelength of 254 is increased by 20 to 30% (« Westinghouse nanometers, or 2537 Technical Manual 1987 »). Angstrom, have high bactericidal, virucidal Micro organisms must, in theory be exposed to the and algicidal radiation for a minimum of 1 second. However, BIO- properties. UV equipment specifications, depending on the flow Type C ultraviolet rates, double the exposure time to 2 seconds, for eradicates germs by optimal disinfecting. aggressively disrupting the cell metabolisms In order not to hinder the action of the UV-C it is leading to their important to have a high filtration quality so that destruction. large particles do not screen the radiation. The filtration times recommended by the professionals must be adhered to. This means that These lamps should not be mistaken for ozone the water may flow through the chambers several producing lamps which operate at different times per 24 hour period (for example, water at 26° wavelengths. requires a filtration time of at least 13 hours). Ultraviolet radiation is measured in micro watts/second/cm². The key elements for efficient disinfecting are based, on one hand on the exposure time (i.e. the ratio between the size of the pool and the flow rate through the filter pump), and on the other hand, on the energy emitted in micro watts/second/cm² at the furthest point from the lamp. Performance is measured in milijoules (mj) by combining the energy emitted by the lamp and the exposure time. The BIO-UV range UV-C lamps work at levels above the minimum required to destroy the principle micro-organisms which may be found in swimming pools or spas. BIO-UV sterilisers perform at levels which are equal to or superior to standards required for drinking water (25 mj) at the recommended flow rates. Copyright BIO-UV 20/08/08 2
  3. 3. BIO-UV Ultraviolet energy level at 254 nanometres required for 99.9 % destruction of various micro-organisms (UV energy in milijoule per square centimetre). Bacteria Aeromonas 4 Agrobacteria tumefaciens 8.5 Bacillus anthracis 8.7 Bacillus magaterium (vegetative) 2.5 Bacillus subtilis (vegetative) 11 Clostridium tetani 22 Corynebacterium diptheriae 6.5 Esherichia coli 7 Legionella bozemanii 4 Legionella dumoffii 6 Legionella gormanii 5 Legionella longbeachae 3 Legionella micdadei 3.5 Legionella pneumophila 4 Leptospira interrogans 6 Mycobacterium tuberculosis 10 Neisseria catarrhalis 8.5 Proteus vulgaris 7 Pseudomonas aeruginosa (lab. strain) 4 Pseudomonas aeruginosa (env. strain) 10.5 Rhodospirilium rubrum 6.2 Salmonella enteritidis 7.6 Salmonella paratyphi 6.1 Salmonella typhimurium 15.2 Salmonella typhosa 6 Saprolegenia hyphae 10 Serratia marcescens 6.2 Shigella dysenteria 4.2 Shigella flexneri 3.5 Shigella sonnei 7 Staphylococcus epidermidis 5.8 Staphylococcus aureus 7 Streptococcus faecalis 10 Streptococcus hemolticus 5.5 Some products and Streptococcus lactis 8.8 Viridans streptococci 3.8 industries protected by Mold spores germicidal lamps : Penicillum expensum 22 Algae Sugar, beverages, dairy products, Chlorella vulgaris 22 baked goods, fruits, water, meats Viruses (processing, packaging, stroring). Bacteriophage 7 Biologicals (vaccines, serums, Hepatitis virus 8 toxoids, ointments. Influenza virus 6.6 Instruments (medical, dental, barber Poliovirus 21 equipment). Rotavirus 24 Industrial liquids (oils, dyes). Hospitals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics… Copyright BIO-UV 20/08/08 3
  4. 4. BIO-UV 3. Remanent procedure : The ultraviolet purification process takes place inside the chamber as the water passes across the ultraviolet lamp. Meanwhile the water in the swimming pool is contaminated by swimmers and other exterior elements, which bring additional micro-organisms into water. The complete procedure, thanks to the association of the BIO-UV ultraviolet light system and the REMANENT will completely sanitize the water. In order to simplify this process BIO-UV has designed an injection pump that automatically injects on a daily basis a very small amount of REMANENT. 4. Advantages : Sanitized water Simple and fast installation Reliable Economical advantages : Reduced maintenance Lamp life 8000 hours It doesn’t prematurely age liners. No chlorine Lengthen life of pump and filter. No salt Low maintenance. No bromine BIO-UV concept needs a very small amount Automatic operation of REMANENT. Environmental friendly Skin and hair do not get dry Unaffected by weather No sinus or eye irritation Reduced calcium problems No ear infections Compatible with all types of pool covers Compatible with all types of filtration systems Does not effect PH No corrosive effects Effective at any temperature No odor Copyright BIO-UV 20/08/08 4
  5. 5. BIO-UV 5. Chlorine and related products : Chlorine : fundamentally with chlorine precise PH regulations is necessary and there are unwanted residuals. Bromine : same chemical family as chlorine. Salt generator : makes chlorine from sodium chloride, very corrosive. Copper/silver ionisation : you need perfect control of the system, not good for liners pools, requires chlorine residual. Ozonation : requires chlorine or bromine residual. 6. BIO-UV NEW RANGE DESCRIPTION UV 170 UV250 UV340 MAXIMUM PRESSURE in use 3 Bar 3 Bar 3 Bar RECOMMENDED REAL OUTPUT in M3/h (after loading losses) 17 25 34 EXPOSURE TIME / seconds 2,15” 2,6” 2,75 PERFORMANCE (in millijoules) of the recommended output above. 25 mj 25 mj 25 mj (required standard for drinking water : 25mj) BALLAST 2 2 2 LAMP (number and power) 2 x 55 W 2 x 55 W 2 x 75 W LAMP DURATION 8000 h 8000 h 8000 h DIMENSION of UV CHAMBERS in cm 58 58 83 DIAMETER 15 20 15 TOTAL HEIGHT in cm 67 68 94 WEIGHT (dry) in kg 7,9 11 14 CAPACITY IN LITRES 1O,30 18,20 26 INPUT / OUTPUT (diameter in mm) 50 63 75 With joints supplied MAX. WATER TEMPERATURE in C° 40 40 40 Copyright BIO-UV 20/08/08 5
  6. 6. BIO-UV Basic procedures : Realizing the function of a swimming pool and its environment it is essential to follow basic fundamental rules of hydraulic patterns, filtration, and water balancing. This is important with any alternate sanitation system in order to meet your expectations, reduce chemical cost, and have healthy water. Prevention = happiness and savings Hydraulic system : There must be adequate water circulation in the swimming pool. The water of the pool must be maintained for the proper amount of water flow as to reduce dead areas in the pool. The pump and filter must be adequate for the volume of water of the pool in order to treat all of the water in a reasonable time (4-5 hours). Bad hydraulics = development of bacteria an algae Filtration : Filtration is essential in water treatment. Its purpose is to retain substances suspended in the water and different particles in the filtering mass. An oversized filter will help you save money and you will be able to space out backwashes. A filter has to be maintained : It is important to back wash the filter when there is a 10 lbs. differential in the operating pressure. Filtration time has to be respected : Basic rules : ½ of the water temperature If above 27’ C add 2 or 3 hours. Above 30 ‘ C 24 hours per day. Floculation : BIO-UV ultraviolet light system does not require floculation except in extreme cases. Warning : never use a floculant with a D. E. Filter. Water balance parameters : PH indicates the acidity or alkalinity of the water. It is generally ideal to maintain a PH at 7.4 (neutral PH). If under 7 : acid water, aggressive to the skin and pool walls. If above 7.8 : uncomfortable swimming conditions (itchy eyes), favors algae growth and calcium deposits. For some type of construction, a slightly higher PH is needed, in that case a calcium sequestrian agent should be used at the beginning of the season. Copyright BIO-UV 20/08/08 6
  7. 7. BIO-UV TH : This is water hardness, the calcium and magnesium content of the water. If the water temperature is higher than 30’ F. It might be necessary to add a calcium sequestrian agent once per season. A water to hard might add calcium deposits and damage plumbing. A water to soft (acid) is more corrosive. Elements present in swimming pool water : Algae : these micro-organisms are mainly transported by air and develop in the pool. To fight them you would prefer a sanitising product that contained an algaecide, for that reason BIO-UV REMANENT contains an algaecide. Organics : swimmers, nature and the environment mainly bring these into the swimming pool. Organics will be retained by the filtration system and other water treatment procedures. Micro-organisms : bacteria, virus and fungus are introduced into the water by almost every way possible. These micro-organisms can be detrimental to your health. The purpose of the BIO-UV ultraviolet chamber is to destroy these micro-organisms. The injection of REMANENT avoids the development of these micro-organisms with a 2 seconds exposure time within the ultraviolet chamber. Avoid well water Applications of the system : For more details on installing the system and technical aspects of installation, see the installation guide for BIO- UV products. The BIO-UV ultraviolet chamber has to be installed after the filter and before the heater. It is recommended to have the water enter the vessel at the bottom and exit at the top. While performing any work on any of BIO-UV’s products, switch off the product and unplug it from the electrical source. The BIO-UV products have to be wired in conjunction with the filtering system so both work at the same time. All BIO-UV products have to plug into a 220 volts circuit and protected by a ground fault interrupter circuit. The BIO-UV injection pump has to be installed on the return line after the ultraviolet chamber and heater. It has to be plugged into a 220 volt circuit with the brown wire in the filter box (to avoid injection while the filter isn’t working). Periodically check the clock on the injection pump to be sure it is at the same time as the filter clock. In case of using no automatic PH regulation, check the PH every week and adjust it. We recommend the use of an automatic pool cleaner to take care of dead zones in the pool. If using a rolling pool cover, do not use it for several days, most of all if the temperature is high. When starting the BIO-UV system, carefully, clean the pool and shock it with hydrogen peroxide : BIO-UV CHOC at a rate of 1 litter / 10 m3, you will start the pool under ideal conditions. Shock also at the beginning and end of each pool season. Copyright BIO-UV 20/08/08 7
  9. 9. BIO-UV 9. WARRANTIES BIO-UV SA offers a 5 year warranty on the stainless steel chamber and a full one year warranty on all others components (including UV lamp) from the date of purchase by the original retail purchaser. This warranty is conditional on the BIO-UV system being installed and operated as directed in the “Instructions for use”. BIO-UV SA’s obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement, at the companies option, of any BIO-UV ultraviolet chamber which shows evidence of a manufacturing defect within the warranty period. Replacement parts furnished in connection with this warranty shall be warranted for a period equal to the unexpired portion of the original warranty. This warranty does not apply to appearance or accessory items including, but not limited to, damages due to handling, transportation, unpacking, set-up, installation, repair or replacement of parts supplied by other than an authorized BIO-UV dealer, improper maintenance, incorrect line voltage, modifications or repair by the pursacher, abuse, misuse, neglect, accident, fire, flood, or other Acts of Gods. This warranty becomes void the event serial numbers are altered, defaced, or removed. BIO-UV SA reserves the right to make changes in design or to make additions or improvements to the BIO-UV ultraviolet chamber without incurring any obligation to install the same on products previously manufactured or sold. The foregoing is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. In no event shall BIO-UV SA be liable for special or consequential damages arising from the use of this product, or for any delay in the performance of this warranty due to causes beyond our control. Every BIO-UV ultraviolet chamber has been fully tested and inspected before leaving the factory, however should you encounter problems with your BIO-UV ultraviolet chamber after installation, please contact your local BIO-UV ultraviolet chamber dealer or contact the company direct for prompt service. Warning : The quartz tube is not warranties if it breaks. The BIO-UV injection pump and PH regulator are warranties for 1 year – except the PH probe. CONCLUSION The BIO-UV system gives you the comfort of knowing that your water quality is superior to that of any other type of water treatment. Ease of installation, virtually no maintenance and optimum reliability. Happy swimming From The BIO-UV Team Société BIO-UV SA ZAC DE LA PETITE CAMARGUE 34400 LUNEL Tel + 33 (0)4 99 133 911 Fax + 33(0)4 99 133 919 Email : Copyright BIO-UV 20/08/08 9