Lavette Super New Generation


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Going Spotless With Nonwoven WipesAt Chicopee®, we\'re obsessed with cleaning. Always have been, probably always will be. Small wonder, then, that for over 40 years we\'ve focussed on developing the widest range of wipes and solutions for a variety of cleaning applications for the professional market.

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Lavette Super New Generation

  1. 1. Lavette Super New Generation With Antibacterial activity AS WELL AS FCC (Food Contact Clearance) approval, Lavette Super New Generation offers unique benefits like no other wipe available! Lavette Super New Generation wipes have been granted the Certificate of Compliance by the testing institute ISEGA for direct food contact. This means that this product was examined according to EU test methods. ISEGA has checked raw materials, fabrication additives, special finishing agents as well as the release of substances which might endanger health. Lavette Super New Generation wipes passed all the tests and are in compliance with the rules and regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 of the European Parliament on materials and articles intended to With Lavette Super New Generation come into contact with food. wipes you ensure optimal cleanliness The ultimate solution to prevent as well as safety. bacterial growth! • Open structure - Superior dirt pick-up • Easy to rinse & dry quickly - Wipe stays Independently tested according to ISO 20743/2007, fresher for longer Lavette Super New Generation fulfilled all the • Antibacterial activity conditions required by the standard, qualifying it with • Bulky - Comfortable to use antibacterial activity. • Colour coded - Helps you achieve HACCP Lavette Super’s unique fibre and binder composition creates an antibacterial performance preventing compliance bacteria growth, thus ensuring the cloth is safe to use. • Machine washable - ready for use over Thanks to its open structure the wipe dries quickly and over again and thus remains fresher for longer providing optimal • Durability - Excellent value for money hygiene and limited odours. • Strong and safe to use - FCC approved!! Use Lavette Super New Generation And be Safe! Chicopee is a registered trademark of
  2. 2. Lavette Super New Generation What is FCC? FCC: Certificate of Compliance for direct food contact, is an EN regulation no. 1935/2004 applicable for all materials and articles that come in direct or in-direct contact with Food. The general requirements for this What is Antibacterial Activity? standard are that the articles will NOT: In addition, Lavette Super New Generation • Endanger human health was independently tested according to the ISO • Bring about an unacceptable change in the 20743/2007 standard which measures bacteria composition of the food growth in nonwoven products. • Deteriorate the organoleptic characteristics The test was performed using the following stains: (taste/odour) of the food • Staphylococcus aureus – ATCC 6538 • Klebsiella pneumoniae – ATTCC 4352 What does this mean? It means that it’s safe to use Lavette Super New Generation wipes as a Lavette Super New Generation fulfilled all the cleaning cloth even if the wipe comes into direct conditions required by this standard qualifying it or in-direct contact with dry, moist or non-fatty with antibacterial activity. The unique fibre and foodstuffs. There is no danger for health and safety. binder composition creates the antibacterial Thus, if cleaning in areas where food is prepared or activity, preventing bacteria from growing in the otherwise present, it is in your best interest to make wipe. This way the wipe remains fresher for longer sure that an FCC approved wipe is used. providing the ultimate hygienic result!. Art. No. Size (cm) Colour Content Prod. Type Dispenser 74464 51 x 36 6 x 25 wipes Folded wipes D2 74465 51 x 36 6 x 25 wipes Folded wipes D2 74466 51 x 36 6 x 25 wipes Folded wipes D2 74467 51 x 36 6 x 25 wipes Folded wipes D2 74468 51 x 36 6 x 25 wipes Folded wipes D2 74474 51 x 36 12 x 10 wipes Folded wipes D2 Chicopee® Keeping it clean. . PGI . Lange Oijen 16 . 5433 NG Katwijk T + 31 485 398 426 E. PO Box 15 . 5430 AA Cuijk . The Netherlands F + 31 485 398 425 Chicopee is a registered trademark of