Media A2 Evaluation


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Media A2 Evaluation

  1. 1. Drafts of magazine front cover andposter2 drafts which were myfirst ideas at thebeginning of theproject, the front coverhad changed throughoutthe entire project.Front cover draft Poster draft
  2. 2. Magazine front cover• In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge formsand conventions of real media products?.My magazine Official Empire magazineContinue to next slide
  3. 3. • The empire magazine uses a blue glow with digital tiles in the background which symbolisea 3D digital world from 80’s pop culture. where as mine is blood red and looks similar tothe flesh being ripped apart from a body in the bottom corners and blood pouring downthe page.• Sticking to its horror genre, adding an eerie lighting effect above the title as if it were aspotlight in the middle of a cloudy street as I used a cloud effect to create more of anatmosphere that having it pitch black. The use of “Taivia, The Greek God of Film.” the word“Film” in Greek language is “Taivia” and adding “Greek God” into the tagline as Greek Godsare believed to be powerful and feared, I also chose it as a parody of the title “Empire”.• The use of white font in the title of the film makes it stand out from existing text on thecover where as the white font is stencil to make it look military related. Compared to theEmpire magazine, Tron Legacy is in the colour of blue and white as it.• The yellow cross symbolises a plug as it is acknowledging that there are is moreinformation in the magazine about different topics, similar to that of the Empire magazinecover which also uses a cross.
  4. 4. Comparison to existing postersMy poster Dawn of the Dead(1978) poster28 Days Later poster
  5. 5. • The font used on mine and existing posters is bold and easily stands out from the rest ofthe poster as the other colours are faded into the background to make the images usedseem blended in with one another, such as the use of the sunrise on the Dawn of the Deadbeing a zombie head, 28 Days Later having infected eyes, I was influenced by using a CD toreflect that of a zombie, flesh wounds and different shade originally used for the eyes.• As for the hand, I was influenced by the Left 4 Dead cover art as it uses a zombiehand, making it easy to distinguish as a horror. Similar to the hand used, I thought it wouldbe more effective having a CD with a reflection, using adobe Photoshop, I took ideas fromthe two existing posters and the Left 4 Dead cover to create something new.• The use of a tagline to summarise a subplot as Dawn of the Deaduses ”when there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth”and 28 Days Later using “Your days are numbered”. I used “Dying is stageone. reanimation is stage two” as it shows the course of zombification,I used the same font used for the title as it resembles the military,believing that the zombie outbreak is a military experiment.
  6. 6. Main product and ancillary task• How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillarytexts?My front cover My poster
  7. 7. • As my main task was to create a movie teaser trailer, that was my main objective throughout the courseof our project, having plenty of ideas for my magazine and front cover from the start, I changed the plotdrastically, the zombie horror genre stuck as it was the easiest to do.• The combination of my teaser trailer and my magazine cover/poster is very effective, as I have used thesame basic formula that existing products, Dawn of the Dead uses the zombie as the sunrise, the zombieis also featured in the film, where as mine, the teaser trailer features me fighting a zombie at the veryend and the very same zombie is shown on both the poster and magazine cover• I keep a consistent house style throughout all three tasks which distinguishes them from other projectsand they can easily be linked together with the same font used on each task, using the Stencil font as thetitle.• The images that we took on set that show that there are a range of scenes used, although, the magazinecover is clouded to create a much more haunting setting instead of a carpark which isn’t the least scary.• There are a range of characters throughout the teaser trailer, magazine cover and poster, this shows thatthere is more than one plot, subplots from each survivor and zombies as in the teaser, there aredialogue that states “three ordinary students with no skillset retake Britain” showing that they comefrom similar backgrounds but shown from their appearance, you can tell they have different backstories.• Seen in all the tasks, the characters used are young adolescence, this can distinguish the target audienceas teenagers and above. Most horror films that include zombies are that of a 18+ rating, where as theactors are younger and less gore or harsh language can be used in my teaser trailer
  8. 8. • What have you learned from your audience feedback?We asked 10 people about our teaser trailer, magazine cover and poster, the feedback was veryuseful.1.Was the teaser trailer enjoyable and teasing to watch?9 out of 10 people enjoyed the teaser trailer, 1 person did not. This could be as they havedifferent taste from the other 9.2.Is there a clear genre represented within the teaser trailer?Everyone understood the genre of that it was a action horror, which was helpful as I wassceptical that people would not acknowledge the zombie in the final scene and take moreinterest in the beginning news room scene and map scene.3.Was the dialogue clearly heard?Most of the answers we got were that the dialogue was very clear, although on scene had quitefast dialogue and people were confused that the word “Town” was “Time”4.Did the audio match appropriately to the video?The answers we got were that the audio matched the teaser appropriately, in the action scenethe music faded in and was at an action pace.5.Please can you suggest any areas of improvement?People said they were confused with the green screen as they don’t understand why it wasgreen and thought it was an error, some had difficulty reading the titles as they weren’t on thescreen for long, a wider range of sound effects could have been used throughout but as therearen’t that many, it’s quite abnormal.
  9. 9. • How did you use media technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages?• I read and watched existing movie trailers via Youtube .com and short fan made stories as research for the plot of the teaser trailer, I was heavily influenced by Dawnof the Dead(1978) as the survivors are on the run from the undead and use a shopping mallas a base.• Throughout the planning, I drew many storyboards and rewrote a few plot synopsis’ as theideas I had were a mixture between thrillers and horrors, I was influenced by 28 days lateras near the end of the film, a character goes on a rampage and kills some militarypersonnel, which influenced one of my plot synopsis.• I had some experience with Photoshop beforehand so it was easy to create the basiceffects used in both the magazine cover and poster, the use of blood splatter in the posterwith a glow plus noise added to make it look like infected blood.• I used the website to explain genre research, the codes and conventions ofdifferent genres of films. I also used PowerPoint to create my magazine analysis and thewebsite Sideshare .net to embed the powerpoint onto my Blog. Microsoft Word played abig part in the analysis of trailers and production schedule as I use of tables for thedifferent scenes.