Data mining


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Data mining

  1. 1. Ocular Systems|Data Mining Project Topics ListFinal Year ProjectsData Mining Project Topics Ayush Health Club,Navjyot Mahila Society, Tambe Nagar,MIDC-Baramati, Pune, 413 133Our Branches: Baramati, Pune, Solapur, Ahmed NagarContact No: 09970186685/ 07385043047Ocular Systems Provides IEEE 2011 Projects For all Final Year Students. We do assist thestudents with Technical Guidance for both the categories. Category 1 : Students with new project ideas. Category 2 : Students selecting from our list. Page 1
  2. 2. Ocular Systems|Data Mining Project Topics ListWhen you register for a project we ensure that the project is implemented to your fullestsatisfaction and you have a thorough understanding of every aspect of the project.OCULAR SYSTEMS PROVIDES YOU THE LATEST IEEE 2011- IEEE2012PROJECTSPROJECTS FOR FOLLOWING DEPARTMENT STUDENTSB.E, B.TECH, M.TECH, M.E, DIPLOMA, MS, BSC, MSC, BCA, MCA, MBA, BBA, PHD,NS-2, GLOMOSIM, MATLAB, JAVA, .NET,B.E ( CSE, IT)B.TECH(CSE, IT)M.TECH(COMPUTER SCIENCE, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING)M.E(COMPUTER SCIENCE, SOFTWARE, ENGINEERING)DIPLOMA (CSE, IT)We also have training and project, R & D division to serve the students and make them joboriented professionalsIEEE TRANSACTION ON DATAMININGA Bounded and Adaptive Memory-Based Approach to Mine Frequent Patterns From 2011 / 2012Very Large DatabasesA Dual Framework and Algorithms for Targeted Online Data Delivery 2011 / 2012 Page 2
  3. 3. Ocular Systems|Data Mining Project Topics ListA Fast Multiple Longest Common Subsequence (MLCS) Algorithm 2011 / 2012A Fuzzy Self-Constructing Feature Clustering Algorithm for Text Classification 2011 / 2012A Fuzzy Self-Constructing Feature Clustering Algorithm for Text Classification 2011 / 2012A Generic Multilevel Architecture for Time Series Prediction 2011 / 2012A Generic Multilevel Architecture for Time Series Prediction 2011 / 2012A GEOMETRIC INTERPRETATION OF THE MONOCHROMATIC REVERSE 2011 / 2012TOP KQUERY TO ACQUIRE AN INTUITION OF THE SOLUTION SPACE.A Hybrid Algorithm of Backward Hashing and Automaton Tracking 2011 / 2012for Virus Scanning.A Link Analysis Extension of Correspondence Analysis for Mining 2011 / 2012Relaional Databases.A Link Analysis Extension of Correspondence Analysis for Mining 2011 / 2012Relational DatabasesA LINK ANALYSIS EXTENSION OF CORRESPONDENCE ANALYSIS FOR 2011 / 2012MININGRELATIONAL DATABASES.A Machine Learning Approach for Identifying Disease-Treatment 2011 / 2012Relations in Short TextsA Personalized Ontology Model for Web Information Gathering 2011 / 2012Adaptive Cluster Distance Bounding for High Dimensional 2011 / 2012Indexing.An Efficient Index for Geographic. 2011 / 2012AN EMPIRICAL METHOD TO ESTIMATE SEMANTIC USING PAGE 2011 / 2012COUNTS AND TEXT SNIPPETS RETRIEVED FROM A WEB SEARCHENGINE.Anonymous Publication of Sensitive Transactional Data 2011 / 2012Answering Frequent Probabilistic Inference Queries in Databases 2011 / 2012Application Study on Bank’s CRM Based on Data Mining Technology. 2011 / 2012Approaching Throughput-Optimality in Distributed CSMA Scheduling 2011 / 2012Algorithms With CollisionsAuthenticated Multistep Nearest Neighbor Search 2011 / 2012Automatic Discovery of Personal Name Aliases from the Web 2011 / 2012Automatic Enrichment of Semantic Relation Network and Its 2011 / 2012Application to Word Sense DisambiguationBranch-and-Bound for Model Selection and Its Computational 2011 / 2012ComplexityCatching Packet Droppers and Modifiers in Wireless Sensor 2011 / 2012Networks.Classification and Novel Class Detection in Concept-Drifting 2011 / 2012Data Streams under Time Constraints Page 3
  4. 4. Ocular Systems|Data Mining Project Topics ListClassification Using Streaming Random Forests 2011 / 2012CoFiDS: A Belief-Theoretic Approach for Automated Collaborative 2011 / 2012FilteringCollaborative Filtering with Personalized Skylines 2011 / 2012Comprehensive Citation Index for Research Networks 2011 / 2012Constrained Skyline Query Processing against Distributed Data 2011 / 2012SitesContinuous Monitoring of Distance-Based Range Queries 2011 / 2012Cosdes A Collaborative Spam Detection System with a Novel E-Mail 2011 / 2012Abstraction SchemeCoupling Logical Analysis of Data and Shadow Clustering for 2011 / 2012Partially Defined Positive Boolean FunctionReconstructionData Leakage Detection 2011 / 2012Data mining based decision support system for supermarket. 2011 / 2012DATABASES RESPONSE POLICIES TO SUPPORT OUR INTRUSION 2011 / 2012RESPONSESYSTEM TAILORED FOR A DBMS.Decision Trees for Uncertain Data 2011 / 2012DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN INTRUSION RESPONSE SYSTEM 2011 / 2012FORRELATIONAL DATABASES.Differential Privacy via Wavelet Transforms 2011 / 2012Discovering Activities to Recognize and Track in a Smart 2011 / 2012EnvironmentDiscovering Conditional Functional Dependencies 2011 / 2012Document Clustering in Correlations imilarity Measure Space. 2011 / 2012Dynamics of Malware Spread in Decentralized Peer-to-Peer 2011 / 2012Networks.Effective Navigation of Query Results Based on Concept 2011 / 2012Hierarchies.Efficient and Accurate Discovery of Patterns in Sequence Data 2011 / 2012SetsEfficient Computation of Range Aggregates against Uncertain 2011 / 2012Location Based QueriesEfficient Periodicity Mining in Time Series Databases Using 2011 / 2012Suffix TreesEfficient Relevance Feedback for Content-Based Image Retrieval 2011 / 2012by Mining User Navigation PatternsEfficient Techniques for Online Record Linkage 2011 / 2012EFFICIENT TECHNIQUES FOR ONLINE RECORD LINKAGE. 2011 / 2012Efficient Top-k Approximate Subtree Matching in Small Memory 2011 / 2012 Page 4
  5. 5. Ocular Systems|Data Mining Project Topics ListEnergy Time Series Forecasting Based on Pattern Sequence 2011 / 2012SimilarityEnhancing the k-means clustering algorithm by Using a O(n logn) heuristic method 2011 / 2012for finding better initial centroids.Estimating and Enhancing Real-Time Data Service Delays: 2011 / 2012Control-Theoretic ApproachesExperience Transfer for the Configuration Tuning in Large-Scale 2011 / 2012Computing SystemsExploring Application-Level Semantics for Data Compression 2011 / 2012Extended XML Tree Pattern Matching: Theories and Algorithms 2011 / 2012Falcons Concept Search: A Practical Search Engine for Web 2011 / 2012Ontologies.Fast Detection of Mobile Replica Node Attacks in Wireless Sensor 2011 / 2012Networks Using Sequential Hypothesis Testing – JAVAFinding Correlated Biclusters from Gene Expression Data 2011 / 2012Frequent Item Computation on a Chip 2011 / 2012HORIZONTAL AGGREGATIONS IN SQL TO PREPARE DATA SETS FOR 2011 / 2012DATAMINING ANALYSIS.Improving Aggregate Recommendation Diversity Using Ranking-Based 2011 / 2012Techniques.Inconsistency-Tolerant Integrity Checking 2011 / 2012Initialization and Restart in Stochastic Local Search: Computing 2011 / 2012a Most Probable Explanation in Bayesian NetworksIntegration of the HL7 Standard in a Multiagent System to 2011 / 2012Support Personalized Access to e-Health ServicesInter temporal Discount Factors as a Measure of Trustworthiness 2011 / 2012in Electronic CommerceIR-Tree: An Efficient Index for Geographic Document Search 2011 / 2012IR-TREE:AN EFFICIENT INDEX FOR GEOGRAPHIC DOCUMENT SEARCH. 2011 / 2012Knowledge Discovery in Services (KDS):Aggregating Software Services 2011 / 2012to Discover Enterprise MashupsLearning Semi-Riemannian Metrics for Semisupervised Feature 2011 / 2012ExtractionLoad Shedding in Mobile Systems with MobiQual 2011 / 2012Locally Consistent Concept Factorization for Document Clustering 2011 / 2012Making Aggregation Work in Uncertain and Probabilistic Databases 2011 / 2012Mining Cluster-Based Temporal Mobile Sequential Patterns in 2011 / 2012Location-Based Service EnvironmentsMining Discriminative Patterns for Classifying Trajectories on 2011 / 2012Road Networks Page 5
  6. 6. Ocular Systems|Data Mining Project Topics ListMining Group Movement Patterns for Tracking Moving Objects 2011 / 2012EfficientlyMining Iterative Generators and Representative Rules for 2011 / 2012Software Specification DiscoveryMining Web Graphs for Recommendations. 2011 / 2012Missing Value Estimation for Mixed-Attribute Data Sets 2011 / 2012MISSING VALUE ESTIMATION FOR MIXED-ATTRIBUTE DATA SETS. 2011 / 2012Modeling and Detection of Camouflaging Worm. 2011 / 2012Monochromatic and Bichromatic Reverse Top-k Queries 2011 / 2012On Computing Farthest Dominated Locations 2011 / 2012On the Complexity of View Update Analysis and its Application to 2011 / 2012Annotation Propagation.One Size Does Not Fit All Towards User and Query Dependent 2011 / 2012Ranking For Web DatabasesOntology for Developing Web Sites for Natural Disaster 2011 / 2012management: Methodology and Implementation.Optimizing Resource Conflicts in Workflow Management Systems 2011 / 2012OPTIMIZING RESOURCE CONFLICTS IN WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT 2011 / 2012SYSTEMSUSING AN INNOVATIVE ALGORITHM.Parallel Frequent Itemset Mining with Selective Item 2011 / 2012Replication.Pareto-Based Dominant Graph: An Efficient Indexing Structure to 2011 / 2012Answer Top-K QueriesPrivacy-Preserving OLAP: An Information-Theoretic Approach 2011 / 2012Privacy-Preserving Updates to Anonymous and Confidential 2011 / 2012Databases.Query Planning for Continuous Aggregation Querier Over a Network 2011 / 2012of Data Aggregators.RANKING SPATIAL DATA BY QUALITY PREFERENCES FOR QUERIES 2011 / 2012ANDPROPOSE APPROPRIATE INDEXING TECHNIQUES.Replica Placement for Route Diversity in Tree-Based Routing 2011 / 2012Distributed Hash Tables.RFID Data Processing in Supply Chain Management Using a Path 2011 / 2012Encoding SchemeRumor Riding: Anonymizing Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems 2011 / 2012Scalable Learning of Collective Behavior. 2011 / 2012Securing Topology Maintenance Protocols for Sensor Networks. 2011 / 2012Seeking Quality of Web Service Composition in a Semantic 2011 / 2012Dimension Page 6
  7. 7. Ocular Systems|Data Mining Project Topics ListSelecting Attributes for Sentiment Classification Using Feature 2011 / 2012Relation NetworksSemantic Knowledge-Based Framework to Improve the Situation 2011 / 2012Awareness of Autonomous Underwater VehiclesStraggler Identification in Round-Trip Data Streams via Newton’s 2011 / 2012Identities and Invertible Bloom FiltersSwiftRule: Mining Comprehensible Classification Rules for Time 2011 / 2012Series AnalysisTemporal Data Clustering via Weighted Clustering Ensemble with 2011 / 2012Different RepresentationsText Clustering with Seeds Affinity Propagation 2011 / 2012TEXT: Automatic Template Extraction from Heterogeneous Web Pages 2011 / 2012THE CLUSTER-BASED TEMPORAL MOBILE SEQUENTIAL PATTERNS 2011 / 2012(CTMSPS)AND TO PREDICT THE SUBSEQUENT MOBILE BEHAVIORS.The CoQUOS Approach to Continuous Queries in Unstructured 2011 / 2012OverlaysThe World in a Nutshell – Concise Range Queries 2011 / 2012Towards Situational Awareness of Large-Scale botnet Probing 2011 / 2012Events.Traceback of DDoS Attacks Using Entropy Variations 2011 / 2012Usher: Improving Data Quality with Dynamic Forms 2011 / 2012 Page 7