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Core-java- application-projects-ocularsystems.in_

  1. 1. Ocular Systems| Core Java Project Topics for BCA/ BCS/ Diploma StudentsFinal Year ProjectsCore Java Project Topics Ayush Health Club,Navjyot Mahila Society, Tambe Nagar,MIDC-Baramati, Pune, 413 133Our Branches: Baramati, Pune, Solapur, Ahmed NagarContact No: 09970186685/ 07385043047 Page 1
  2. 2. Ocular Systems| Core Java Project Topics for BCA/ BCS/ Diploma StudentsOcular Systems Provides IEEE 2011 Projects For all Final Year Students. We do assist thestudents with Technical Guidance for both the categories. Category 1 : Students with new project ideas. Category 2 : Students selecting from our list.When you register for a project we ensure that the project is implemented to your fullestsatisfaction and you have a thorough understanding of every aspect of the project.OCULAR SYSTEMS PROVIDES YOU THE LATEST IEEE 2011- IEEE2012PROJECTSPROJECTS FOR FOLLOWING DEPARTMENT STUDENTSB.E, B.TECH, M.TECH, M.E, DIPLOMA, MS, BSC, MSC, BCA, MCA, MBA, BBA, PHD,NS-2, GLOMOSIM, MATLAB, JAVA, .NET,B.E ( CSE, IT)B.TECH(CSE, IT)M.TECH(COMPUTER SCIENCE, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING)M.E(COMPUTER SCIENCE, SOFTWARE, ENGINEERING)DIPLOMA (CSE, IT)We also have training and project, R & D division to serve the students and make them joboriented professionals Page 2
  3. 3. Ocular Systems| Core Java Project Topics for BCA/ BCS/ Diploma Students Core Java Project :- 1. Group Communication software 2. Chatting software 3. Chat Server 4. Charting 5. Communication Management Protocol 6. Communication System For Project Development 7. Download Accelarator 8. Desktop VideoConference 9. Group Communication 11. Imaginationz (similar to photoshop software) 12. Misuse Detection & Monitoring-ORACLE 13. office management system 14. Remote Network Administration 15. Secured Network Conferencing using VOIP 16. SNMP Simulator 17. Steganography 18. Text Editor 19. Tic Toe Game 20. Virtual Class room 21. Virtual Network Monitoring System 22. Exam Suite 23. File Compression (GZIP Algorithm) 24. File compression Huffman algorithm 25. Library Management System 26. Student Management System 27. Vehicle Management System 28. INTRANET CHATTING IN LAN NETWORK 29. A wireless Intrusion detection system and a new attack model 30. Banking systems 31. Image Compression and De-compression 32. Routing Simulator in Java 33. Desktop Sharing using authorized access to the remote system 34. Stock Agent - A Java stock market trading program 35. JFSecurity over stand-alone system using Rijndael algorithm for APTS 36. File Transfer Protocol Client 37. File Transfer Protocol Management 38. Network Proxy Server 39. Domain Name System Server 40. Interactive Classroom System 41. Communication System (java) 42. Digital Image Processing 43. FTP server & client 44. IMAP4 – Protocol Implementation 45. Java Chat Systems Page 3
  4. 4. Ocular Systems| Core Java Project Topics for BCA/ BCS/ Diploma Students 46. Layer 2 Forward Protocol implementation 47. Neural Network processing 48.POP3 Mail Filter 49. STEGNOGRAPHY 50. TCP Congestion Control Implementation 52. Video Conferencing 53. Web Application Security Assessor 54. Gover Lan Scanner 55. Coupling based metrics for measuring the quality of a software 56. Routing Simulator 57. Security in large Networks Using Mediator Protocols 58. CryptoSystems using RSA and DES Encryption 59. Data Packets Analyzer and Controller LAN 60. Image Stegnography 61. Video Stegnography 62. Multi User Chat System 63. Network Banking 64. Telephone Directory 65. AES Based Crypto Channel 66. Efficient Routing System 67. Secure Encryption System 68. Data Transmission Using Multi-Tasking-Sockets 69. Efficient Key Management For Threshold-Multi Signature In DistributedSystem 70. INCREASING EFFICIENCYIN WIRELESS NETWORK 71. Active Source Routing Protocol For Mobile Networks 72. Distributed Cycle Minimization Protocol 73. College Attendance System 74. Congestion Control Using NETWORK BASED PROTOCOL 75. Client-Server Protocol Implementation 76. Effective Transmission of Data through RBPH for Group Communication 77. Empowering the RMI in Java Approach 78. Error Control System In Network Environment 79. Error Tracking System 80. Natural Language Processing 81. Image Enhancement Software 82. Java CHAT Systems 83. J-TEXTEDITOR 84. LAYER TO FORWARD PROTOCOL 85. LOAD BALANCING 86. Health Center Management system 87. NetSurey Simulation 88. NETWORK BORDER PATROL SELECTION 89. Network Proxy Server 90. Network Routing Simulator 91. Proposed Key Generation For Multimedia Application Page 4
  5. 5. Ocular Systems| Core Java Project Topics for BCA/ BCS/ Diploma Students 92. SECURITY SYSTEM FOR DNS USING CRYPTOGRAPHY 93. Self-Interested Routing In Online Environments 94. Terminode remote routing 95. Video Conferencing System 96. Web Desk Authentication 97. Distributed Cycle Minimization Protocol 98. Bank Account Management Simulator 99. Chat Server system 100. Student Management System 101. Stegnography 102. Kerberos protocol Implementation 103. Network discovery and security analysis 104. CROSS PLATFORM INTEGRATION TOOL FOR ACCESS-MONITORINGAND CONTROL OF LINUX AND WINDOWS THROUGH JAVA 105. HIGH-LEVEL NETWORK SECURITY USING PACKET FILTERING 106. Social Networking (Standalone Orkut) 107. Image Enhancement Techchnology 108. Simulation of Network Concept 109. Network Border Patrol Section 110. Java FTP Proxy Server 111. Network Topology Routing Simulator 112. Hospital-managment System 113. Location Based Routing For Distance Nodes 114. Client Server Protocol Implementation 115. Congestion Control Using NETWORK BASED PROTOCOL 116. Data Transmission Using Multi-Tasking-Sockets 117. Easy Splitter System in Java 118. Standalone Orkut Application in Java 119. Digital Encryption System 120. Design of framework for software distribution Page 5