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Cloud computing

  1. 1. Ocular Systems| Cloud Computing |Grid Computing| Project Topic ListFinal Year ProjectsCloud Computing Project Topics Ayush Health Club,Navjyot Mahila Society, Tambe Nagar,MIDC-Baramati, Pune, 413 133Our Branches: Baramati, Pune, Solapur, Ahmed NagarContact No: 09970186685/ 07385043047 Page 1
  2. 2. Ocular Systems| Cloud Computing |Grid Computing| Project Topic ListOcular Systems Provides IEEE 2011 Projects For all Final Year Students. We do assist thestudents with Technical Guidance for both the categories. Category 1 : Students with new project ideas. Category 2 : Students selecting from our list.When you register for a project we ensure that the project is implemented to your fullestsatisfaction and you have a thorough understanding of every aspect of the project.OCULAR SYSTEMS PROVIDES YOU THE LATEST IEEE 2011- IEEE2012PROJECTSPROJECTS FOR FOLLOWING DEPARTMENT STUDENTSB.E, B.TECH, M.TECH, M.E, DIPLOMA, MS, BSC, MSC, BCA, MCA, MBA, BBA, PHD,NS-2, GLOMOSIM, MATLAB, JAVA, .NET,B.E ( CSE, IT)B.TECH(CSE, IT)M.TECH(COMPUTER SCIENCE, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING)M.E(COMPUTER SCIENCE, SOFTWARE, ENGINEERING)DIPLOMA (CSE, IT)We also have training and project, R & D division to serve the students and make them joboriented professionals Page 2
  3. 3. Ocular Systems| Cloud Computing |Grid Computing| Project Topic List IEEE TRANSACTION ON CLOUD COMPUTING A Assertion Based Parallel Debugging A Hybrid Shared-nothing/Shared-data Storage Architecture for Large Scale Databases A performance goal oriented processor allocation technique for centralized heterogeneous multi-cluster environments A Petri Net Approach to Analyzing Behavioral Compatibility and Similarity of Web Services A Privacy Preserving Repository for Securing Data across the Cloud A Privacy-Preserving Remote Data Integrity Checking Protocol With Data Dynamics and Public Verifiability. A Scalable Method for Signalling Dynamic Reconfiguration Events with OpenSM A Segment-Level Adaptive Data Layout Scheme for Improved Load Balance in Parallel File Systems A Sketch-based Architecture for Mining Frequent Items and Itemsets from Distributed Data Streams A Trustworthiness Fusion Model for Service Cloud Platform Based on D-S Evidence Theory Addressing Resource Fragmentation in Grids Through Network–Aware Meta– Scheduling in Advance APP: Minimizing Interference Using Aggressive Pipelined Prefetching In Multi-Level Buffer Caches ASDF: An Autonomous and Scalable Distributed File System Automatic and Unsupervised Snore Sound Extraction From Respiratory Sound Signals Autonomic SLA-driven Provisioning for Cloud Applications BAR: An Efficient Data Locality Driven Task Scheduling Algorithm for Cloud Computing Building an online domain-specific computing service over non-dedicated grid and cloud resources: the Superlink-online experience Cheetah: A Framework for Scalable Hierarchical Collective Operations Classification and Composition of QoS Attributes in Distributed, Heterogeneous Systems CLOUD COMPUTING FOR LOOSELY COUPLED CLUSTERS. Cloud MapReduce: a MapReduce Implementation on top of a Cloud Operating System CloudSpider: Combining Replication with Scheduling for Optimizing Live Migration of Virtual Machines Across Wide Area Networks Collaborative Writing Support Tools on the Cloud. Data Integrity Proofs in Cloud Storage Dealing with Grid-Computing Authorization using Identity-Based Certificateless Proxy Signature Debunking Real-Time Pricing in Cloud Computing DELMA: Dynamically ELastic MApReduce Framework for CPU-Intensive Applications Detection and Protection against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks in Accountable Page 3
  4. 4. Ocular Systems| Cloud Computing |Grid Computing| Project Topic List Grid Computing Systems Development Inferring Network Topologies in Infrastructure as a Service Clo DHTbd: A Reliable Block-based Storage System for High Performance Clust Diagnosing Anomalous Network Performance with Confidence DIFFERENTIATING REGION-OF-INTEREST IN SPATIAL DOMAIN IM Directed Differential Connectivity Graph of Interictal Epileptiform Discharge Driver Drowsiness Managing distributed files with RNS in heterogeneous Dat DYNAMIC RESOURCE ALLOCATION FOR TASK SCHEDULING AND EXECUTION. Enabling Multi-Physics Coupled Simulations within the PGAS Programming Framework Enabling Public Audit ability and Data Dynamics for Storage Security in Clou Computing Exploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient Parallel Data Processin Cloud. EZTrace: a generic framework for performance analysis Failure Avoidance through Fault Prediction Based on Synthetic Transactions Finite-Element-Based Discretization and Regularization Strategies for 3-D Inv Electrocardiography GeoServ: A Distributed Urban Sensing Platform Going Back and Forth Ef?cient Multideployment and Multisnapshotting on C GPGPU-Accelerated Parallel and Fast Simulation of Thousand-core Platform Grid Global Behavior Prediction Heuristics Based Query Processing for Large RDF Graphs Using Cloud Comp High Performance Pipelined Process Migration with RDMA IMPROVING QUALITY OF HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE VIDEO COMPRE USING TONE-MAPPING OPERATOR. Improving Utilization of Infrastructure Clouds Modified Kinematic Technique for Measuring Pathological Hyperextension a Hypermobility of the Interphalangeal Joints Multicloud Deployment of Computing Clusters for Loosely Coupled MTC Applications. Multiple Services Throughput Optimization in a Hierarchical Middleware Network-Friendly One-Sided Communication Through Multinode Cooperatio Petascale Cray XT5 Systems Neural Control of Posture During Small Magnitude Perturbations: Effects of A and Localized Muscle Fatigue Non-Cooperative Scheduling Considered Harmful in Collaborative Volunteer Computing Environments On the Performance Variability of Production Cloud Services On the Relation Between Congestion Control, Switch Arbitration and Fairnes On the Scheduling of Checkpoints in Desktop Grids Page 4
  5. 5. Ocular Systems| Cloud Computing |Grid Computing| Project Topic List Optimal service pricing for a cloud cache Parameter Exploration in Science and Engineering Using Many-Task Comput Performance Analysis of Cloud Computing Services for Many-Tasks Scientif Computing Predictive Data Grouping and Placement for Cloud-based Elastic Server Infrastructures Resource Allocation for Security Services in Mobile Cloud Computing Resource and Revenue Sharing with Coalition Formation of Cloud Providers: Theoretic Approach Robust Execution of Service Workflows Using Redundancy and Advance Reservations Role-Based Access-Control Using Reference Ontology in Clouds Secure and Practical Outsourcing of Linear Programming in Cloud Computing SLA-based Resource Allocation for Software as a Service Provider (SaaS) in Computing Environments Small Discrete Fourier Transforms on GPUs Techniques for fine-grained, multi-site computation offloading The Benefits of Estimated Global Information in DHT Load Balancing Towards Real-Time, Volunteer Distributed Computing Towards Reliable, PerformantWorkflows for Streaming-Applications on Clou Platforms Towards Secure and Dependable Storage Services in Cloud Computing Utilizing “Opaque” Resources for Revenue Enhancement on Clouds and Grid Weather data sharing system:an agent -based distributed data management. Page 5