Complete Small Business Digital Marketing Under One Platform


Published on is an extremely simple but powerful platform for small businesses to be world class online and on the cloud, the perfect tool to innovate your business.

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  • Daniel Sosa Co-founder of My goal here is to breakdown the fundamentals of modern web terminology as simple as I can. Keep in mind I think about this stuff all day so if it gets complex simply ask me any questions I'd like to keep an open discussion, and I can do example for everything we cover if you'd like. Lastly, I should be able to answer any other terminology you might want to learn about so let me know.
  • Number one and most importantly you want to have a web-presence... as much of it as possible. Web presence is simply your existence online, this can be your website, facebook page, yelp reviews, and more. Today's computer users expect a clean, modern experience. And you have endless options: from Ocoos which is extremely easy to manage, to a templates that the most amature wordpress guys can make
  • See example: It's no coincidence that there are 3 results before google's new feature. So what do we do to move us the ranks to reach the top 3? SEO
  • Blogging is the #1 SEO tools 1 post per week = 52 pages directing to your business Google tells us everywhere that "Content is King" out of its 50k metrics
  • Now that we have spoken of successful web presence, let chat about getting customers 1 bad review is viewed as more important than 20 great ones.
  • We have customers, how do we retain them?
  • Complete Small Business Digital Marketing Under One Platform

    1. 1. Making Digital MarketingSimple and
    2. 2. Terminology introductionA simple introduction into important and powerful web terminology, alongwith how can facilitate and empower you to be better online.• WEB PRESENCE• SEARCH : WEB CRAWLERS AND WEB RESULTS• SEO: SIMPLE STRATEGIES FOR BETTER SEARCH• BLOGGING• SOCIAL MEDIA• EMAIL MARKETING• DATA MINING• CRM SOFTWARE• ANALYTICS• ECOMMERCE• Browsers• CLOUD COMPUTING AND “THE CLOUD”
    3. 3. New Reality
    4. 4. Why should youcare?• 89% of all consumer research begins online• Modern consumers wants to find and interactwith your business seamlessly on the web• "Brick-N-Mortar" is no longer an option.. its"Click-N-Mortar"Bottom-Line: Adapt or you know what
    5. 5. The Problem• Technology moves too fast for people not in thetech world• Consumers are ahead of businesses• Costs and time can be very highHow can small businesses properly stay updated?
    6. 6. The SolutionSimple & PowerfulVisibilityMarketingSmart Modern Business
    7. 7. Web PresenceDefinition: Place online where a specific brand, company, orindividual can be found - Website, Facebook, Etc.Important note: Todays consumers expects a clean, modern andinteractive web presence. Credibility is key!Ocoos: Easy to manage and real-time... no dependenciesVideo:bad sites:Example 1example 2
    8. 8. SearchDefinition: Platform for finding all web presencesExample: Google, Bing, YahooImportant note:• Top 3 results in search receive 88% of clicks• Web Crawlers review your site• Understanding search and your keywords are very importantVideo: (Example)
    9. 9. SEODefinition: Search Engine Optimization. The process ofoptimizing your website to do well in searchExample: Original updated content (Blogging) - CrawlerFriendly - BacklinksOcoos: Instant SEO optimized, always improving (Sample)Important note:• SEO is a never ending battle… and expensive• Platforms are great ways to receive top SEO• (Example)
    10. 10. marketing andconnecting
    11. 11. BloggingDefinition: A discussion or informational post published to the web tocreate discussion and drive website traffic (Ex. Huff Post)Important note:• Active content is vital for SEO• A simple weekly post can do wonders"Content is king"Ocoos: Instant blogging connected to your offeringsTip: Many websites make it extremely easy to Publisha blog
    12. 12. Social mediaDefinition: Online communities where people create,share, exchange, and comment on anything and everythingExample: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp, Angies ListOcoos: Simple 1 click update, point of sale updatesImportant note:• Consumers are learning about your company in newways, and listening to each other• Be active and create a positive social presence andcommunity of followersTip:New business platforms allow you to update many profiles fast and simple
    13. 13. Email MarketingDefinition: Directly marketing a commercial message to a groupof people using emailExample: Constant Contact, MailChimp, GmailOcoos: We gather the data and help you build smart emailcampaigns ...learn howImportant note:• Best direct free marketing• Challenge: Building email list• Track successTip! Segment customers and building smart email campaign
    14. 14. Knowledge isPower
    15. 15. Data miningDefinition: Digging into available information to function smarterExample: Grouping sets of customers, sales info on best/worstmonths of business, what is working and what is not.Ocoos: Auto data collection and easy mining tools: Page visits,Customers information, Sales dataImportant note:• Always collect as much information as possible
    16. 16. CRMDefinition: Client Relationship Management. The process andtools to maintain, track, and build good customer relationshipsOcoos: Automatically gathers customer info: contact, messages,purchase. Also notes and filters... on the cloudImportant note:• Simple follow-ups can drive strong future sales• Cost 10x more to acquire new customer than retain previousVideo: CRM Tools: Easily track customers, andbuild effective e-Marketing campaigns
    17. 17. Web AnalyticsDefinition: Information and numbers on the visitors to yourwebsite or web presenceExample: Google Analytics, Ocoos, FacebookOcoos: Simple Analytics: Home page, Services, BlogImportant note:• Analytics are vital to online success• Google Analytics is extremely complicated.New sites are helping simplify analyticsTip! Simplify your analytics
    18. 18. Modern Tech &Mobility
    19. 19. e-Commerce & e-SchedulingDefinition: Ability to schedule and sell your services onlineOcoos: No merchant account or 3rd party software, smartcalendar, integrated for full efficiency.Important note:• Modern consumers are going online for most purchases• Seamless interaction is keyVideo:Tip! Schedule and offer your services online today!
    20. 20. BrowsersDefinition: Tools to browse the internetExample: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, SafariImportant note:• Browser progression can affect your website
    21. 21. Cloud computing “The cloud"Definition: Simple access to your information anywhere that hasinternet, not just your home computerOcoos: Your management tools are safe and always availableImportant note:• Mobile small businesses can thrive with accessing thecustomer data and calendars on the go.• Its very safe
    22. 22. Join us live! + ContinuedEducation- Certification Lab 1-hour- Free for memberReady to take it to the next level? Check out these greatcontinuing education classes:1. Digital marketing 201: Intro to digital marketing2. Digital Marketing 301: Advanced Digital Marketing
    23. 23. ConclusionBe world-class online today: